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Ella Enchanted (film) Quotes

Ella Enchanted (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Ella Enchanted stopped airing in 1970.

It features Susan Miller, and Jane Startz as producer, Nick Glennie-Smith in charge of musical score, and John de Borman as head of cinematography.

Ella Enchanted (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, Ireland, and United Kingdom. Each episode of Ella Enchanted (film) is 96 minutes long. Ella Enchanted (film) is distributed by Miramax Films.

The cast includes: Anne Hathaway as Ella, Lucy Punch as Hattie, Jennifer Higham as Olive, Alvaro Lucchesi as Koopooduk, Joanna Lumley as Dame Olga, Minnie Driver as Mandy, Jim Carter as NiSSh, Jimi Mistry as Benny, Cary Elwes as Edgar, Steve Coogan as Heston, Cary Elwes as Girl, Heidi Klum as Brumhilda, Parminder Nagra as Areida, and Vivica A. Fox as Lucinda Perryweather.

Ella Enchanted (film) Quotes

Anne Hathaway as Ella

  • (Anne Hathaway) "I wonder if my opponent is basing her opinion on the Prince's politics or how cute she thinks his butt is?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I've met Prince Charmont, and I think he might be different from his uncle."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Why? Cause he's a hunk?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "No --"
  • (Slannen the Elf) "What is he, about 6 foot?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Yeah, about."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Yeah, I hate the guy already."
  • (Char) "Traveling with an elf? What? Your boyfriend couldn't make it?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "No."
  • (Char) "Oh."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Because I don't have a boyfriend."
  • (Char) "Oh."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "What about you? Your girlfriend doesn't mind being left alone?"
  • (Char) "I don't have a girlfriend."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh."
  • (Char) "I have many."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh."
  • (Char) "I'm kidding, you shouldn't believe everything you read in Medieval Teen."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I think you're gonna be a great king some day."
  • (Char) "You're the first maiden who hasn't swooned at the sight of me."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Then maybe I've done you some good."
  • (Char) "Ella, tell me how you really feel about me."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I love you."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Drop that crown."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "You know Char and his uncle are responsible for the segregation of the kingdom."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Who cares, he's dreamy."
  • (Fairy Administrator) "Can I help you?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Hello. I'm looking for Lucinda Perryweather. Actually, its kinda urgent."
  • (Fairy Administrator) "Sorry toots, she was kicked out last week."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Do you know where I can find her?"
  • (Fairy Administrator) "Nope."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "No, you don't understand. If I don't find her by tonight, something terrible is going to happen."
  • (Fairy Administrator) "Finding her would be something terrible."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "You're about to become king. You'll have the power to make a difference in the world, and you don't even care."
  • (Char) "It's not like I asked to become king. I have no say in the matter."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Well thanks to your uncle, there are a lot of people who have no say in the matter. Nobody should be forced to do things they don't want to do. Take it from somebody who knows."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Slannen doesn't sing."
  • (Alvaro Lucchesi) "Well what about you then?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh no -- I couldn't -- I; - please don't."
  • (Alvaro Lucchesi) "Sing."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh, I forgot. The elfin restrictions Sir Edgar passed."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "No elf can be engaged in any profession other than singing, juggling or --"
  • (Slannen the Elf) "-- tomfoolery."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh, my stepsister Hattie would die if she knew I was here. She's the, uh, the president of your fan club you know."
  • (Char) "Oh, Hattie, yah. Thank you. Now I know what name to put on the restraining order."
  • (Char) "I can't believe I'm saving you, after you tried to kill me."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I didn't try to kill you."
  • (Char) "You stay away from her."
  • (Char) "What, so that dagger you were about to plunge in my back was just an early wedding present?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Okay, maybe I did try to kill you, but that wasn't me."
  • (Char) "What?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Okay, maybe it was me, but it wasn't my fault."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "-- then Edgar found out about the curse and he ordered me to kill you."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "And the only way I could think of to stop it was to break up with you, even though I'm pretty sure that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "And that crown he's about to put on your head --"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "It's a trick. It's poisoned."
  • (Char) "Duck."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Whoa."
  • (Char) "Edgar's trying to kill me?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Yes. I; hold on."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Uh, Char, there's one more thing."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "He killed your father --"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I don't need your chivalry, thanks. And I have no intention of curtsying either, so you can forget it."
  • (Char) "Kiss me --"
  • (Char) "That wasn't an order."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I know."
  • (Char) "Tell me do you get a kick out of near death experiences?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "No, I was fine, I had things will in hand."
  • (Char) "Oh yes, I could see that as you were dangling over the boiling cauldron. No doubt lulling the ogres into a false sense of security."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Look, I think it's only fair to warn you that I'm practiced in the ancient art -- of Origami."
  • (Bluto) "Paper folding?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh -- I was hoping you wouldn't know what that was."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Into the forest of certain death goes Slannen."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Thank you."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Say no to ogreside."
  • (Parminder Nagra) "Stop the Giant land grab."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "What was that?"
  • (Jimi Mistry) "Probably something that wants to eat us."
  • (Char) "Ella of Frell you're not like other girls."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "You have no idea."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Prince Charmont."
  • (Char) "Please, call me --"
  • (Char) "-- call me Char."

Alvaro Lucchesi as Koopooduk

  • (Alvaro Lucchesi) "That's a fine young man you have here."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh, he's not fine; I; I mean, mine. He is fine, but uh-uh-never mind."

Jimi Mistry as Benny

  • (Jimi Mistry) "Looks like she's getting herself an FWI."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "An FWI?"
  • (Jimi Mistry) "Flying while intoxicated."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Oh no -- The rustling always comes before the screaming and the running. I knew this was gonna happen. They're just gonna find pieces of us scattered across the forest."
  • (Jimi Mistry) "Oh, a bunny. You know, the last known case of a bunny attack was, well, never."

Jim Carter as NiSSh

  • (Jim Carter) "It will only hurt for a moment, I promise. I'm a fast eater."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Excuse me, what is going on here?"
  • (Jim Carter) "Well, can we at least have him to go?"
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Put the nice man down."
  • (Jim Carter) "You, into the pot."
  • (Slannen the Elf) "Forget them."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Who are you?"
  • (Jim Carter) "I am the ogre, NiSSh. We just did this. Didn't we just do this? All right. That's enough fun and games. Now keep your mouth shut --"
  • (Jim Carter) "-- and don't move."

Cary Elwes as Edgar

  • (Cary Elwes) "I trust you found everything to your satisfaction?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Yes, thank you."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Good, good."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Oh, dear. How clumsy of me. Pick it up."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Very good. Now touch your toes."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Oh, no."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Oh, yes. And while you're about it, why don't you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Now jump up and down."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Please stop."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Wait. Perhaps you know this one."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Put your left foot in --"
  • (Cary Elwes) "-- put your left foot out --"
  • (Cary Elwes) "-- put your left foot in --"
  • (Cary Elwes) "-- and shake it all about. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Shake your booty. Shake your booty."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Oh ho. This is fabulous."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Hate to be a party pooper, but Edgar, evil plans, remember?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Yes, you're right"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Okay, stop."
  • (Fan Club Girl) "He tried to kill Prince Char."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Get him."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Oh, no."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Ow."
  • (Cary Elwes) "You vile little girl."
  • (Cary Elwes) "So, Ella of Frell is your sister."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Step-sister, actually."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Really? Tell me what do you know about her?"
  • (Lucy Punch) "What's in it for me?"
  • (Steve Coogan) "How about that your eyeballs remain inside your head?"

Lucy Punch as Hattie

  • (Lucy Punch) "What my unworthy opponent fails to realize is Sir Edgar has done a fantastic job. He has driven the ogres out, and he has put giants and elves to work as laborers and entertainers. Therefore, if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have today's thriving free-enterprise system."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "It's only free because we've enslaved the poor creatures and they work for nothing. Edgar is a monster, and I don't hold out much hope for his nephew, either."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Well that shows what you know aka nothing. Prince Char will be the greatest king ever. Right girls?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I wonder if my opponent has based her opinion on the prince's politics or how cute she thinks his butt is."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Humph. Oh just admit your stupid and don't know what you're talking about"
  • (Char) "Tell me about your sister."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Olive? Idiot."
  • (Char) "Uh, no. Ella."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Oh. Hmmmph. I don't want to talk about her, she's so dreary."
  • (Lucy Punch) "I just want to talk about us."
  • (Char) "Us."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Olive, have you noticed anything strange about Ella?"
  • (Jennifer Higham) "No, not really."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Have you noticed it gets darker at night then lighter when the sun comes up?"
  • (Jennifer Higham) "That's because of Ella."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Never mind."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Just admit you're stupid and don't know what you're talking about."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "I'm stupid and I don't know what I'm talking about."
  • (Lucy Punch) "It's me he's going to have at his coronation."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Yeah, in the middle of the table with an apple in your mouth."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Ella stop kissing him. You are never to kiss him again."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "You wanna bet?"
  • (Char) "Marry me?"
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Now that I'll do."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Show us where Char showers."
  • (Jennifer Higham) "I bet he showers naked."
  • (Lucy Punch) "Hold your tongue, Ella."
  • (Prof. Edith) "Ella."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "My tongue itches."
  • (Prof. Edith) "Well, if you're not going to take this seriously, I will have to appoint the winner as Hattie."

Joanna Lumley as Dame Olga

  • (Joanna Lumley) "A felon in my own family. I could die from embarrassment."
  • (Minnie Driver) "Promises, promises."
  • (Joanna Lumley) "I want to look 25 at tonight's ball. What do you suggest?"
  • (Minnie Driver) "A time machine?"
  • (Make-Up Artist) "May I recommend our newest procedure? Bat feces and oxen blood. Battox."

Vivica A. Fox as Lucinda Perryweather

  • (Vivica A. Fox) "I have a no-return policy."

Heidi Klum as Brumhilda

  • (Slannen the Elf) "You know, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you're much prettier than I would've expected."
  • (Heidi Klum) "Oh, I know. Giants are supposed to be big, ugly and mean. It's because of stories like "Jack and the Beanstalk." Stinking Grimm Brothers."

Minnie Driver as Mandy

  • (Minnie Driver) "I love you too, my little pookie pages."
  • (Jimi Mistry) "Not as much as I love you, cuddlebuns."
  • (Minnie Driver) "Ohh, I love you more."
  • (Anne Hathaway) "Okay. Lots of love, moving on."

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