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Enough (film) Quotes

Enough (film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Enough ended in 1970.

It features Rob Cowan as producer, David Arnold in charge of musical score, and Rogier Stoffers as head of cinematography.

Enough (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Enough (film) is 116 minutes long. Enough (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Juliette Lewis as Ginny, Tessa Allen as Gracie, Jennifer Lopez as Slim, Billy Campbell as Mitch, Michael Byrne as Desk Sergeant, Tessa Allen as Gracie Hiller, Bruce A. Young as Instructor, and Noah Wyle as Robbie.

Enough (film) Quotes

Billy Campbell as Mitch

  • (Billy Campbell) "You wanna fight me, man to man?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Woman, Mitch."
  • (Billy Campbell) "You'll never see Gracie again."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "You never will."
  • (Billy Campbell) "You know, love is a scary thing. How powerful it is, what it does to you. That's what happened here. You see, if I ever think of -- I just, I can't -- I refuse to live without you. I think you understand what I'm saying."
  • (Billy Campbell) "All right, man against woman. Is that really fair?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Fair for whom?"
  • (Billy Campbell) "Do you have any idea how bad things can get?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Educate me."
  • (Billy Campbell) "Slim, I'm a determined man. I was determined to have you, and I did. This house. My company. I am, and always will be, a person who gets what he wants."

Jennifer Lopez as Slim

  • (Jennifer Lopez) "I'm not the kind of girl who's husband beats her up."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "-- but you cannot call me Slim."
  • (Tessa Allen) "But I never call you Slim. I don't think you are that slim."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Oh, thanks a lot."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "I'm your wife and you cannot do this to me anymore."
  • (Billy Campbell) "What? I can't hit you?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "No you can't."
  • (Billy Campbell) "You want to fight? I'm a man, honey. It's no contest. You have to understand, Slim, and I thought you did. I make the money here, so I set the rules, right? It's my rules. You with me?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "It's your rules."
  • (Billy Campbell) "Yeah."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "What if I don't like the rules?"
  • (Billy Campbell) "If you don't like them? Well come on Sweetie, life isn't just stuff we like, is it? We have to take the good with the bad, don't we? That's what marriage is. So today for you, maybe it's a bad day, but tomorrow may be great."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Tomorrow will be great."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Hi, I have a friend whose husband beats her up."
  • (Michael Byrne) "She should come in here and file a complaint. If there's physical evidence of the abuse on her part, we'll come out and arrest him."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "And if he has money, he can bail himself out, right?"
  • (Michael Byrne) "That's correct."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "And then he's free 'til it goes to trial?"
  • (Michael Byrne) "If it goes to trial. It's up to the district attorney whether to prosecute."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "So -- she comes in here, has him arrested, and -- pisses him off, and there's no guarantee that he won't come after her?"
  • (Michael Byrne) "She could get a restraining order."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "What's that? A little piece of paper that says he can't come around?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "And when he comes around -- what does she do? Throw it at him?"
  • (Michael Byrne) "She calls us."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "And what about the kid? Is the paper good for the kid, too?"
  • (Michael Byrne) "There's a child involved?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Yeah."
  • (Michael Byrne) "Well that's a matter for the family courts to decide, but unless she can prove he's a danger to the child, she cannot legally bar him access --"
  • (Michael Byrne) "-- Miss -- Miss."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "I tried to remember the last time I felt safe -- and I thought of you."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "So do we like it here?"
  • (Tessa Allen) "Why? Are we moving again?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "No --"
  • (Tessa Allen) "GOOD. 'Cause I'm sick, and tired to death, of moving."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "You know, I've gotta make you a promise, Grace. You know ever since you were born, well, just one day I started thinking about all the awful things that could happen. People who you'd love would die, or leave you, or betray you, or break your heart, or a guy would hurt you in some way. And I thought to myself, if I could protect you from that, even once -- If I could just absorb any of that myself -- Here it goes."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Are you scared?"
  • (Billy Campbell) "Of what?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Of me."

Bruce A. Young as Instructor

  • (Bruce A. Young) "Can you lose?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "No."
  • (Bruce A. Young) "Can he hurt you?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "No."
  • (Bruce A. Young) "Even though he's bigger --"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "He's a lot bigger --"
  • (Bruce A. Young) "Even though he's stronger --"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "He's a lot stronger --"

Tessa Allen as Gracie

  • (Tessa Allen) "I like going by Grandma's, but do we have to drive for 55 hours, just to reach some phone booth? Can we call Daddy this time?"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "No."
  • (Tessa Allen) "PLEASE, PLEASE --"
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Stop begging, you look like a dog."
  • (Waitress) "Hi sweetie, what's your name?"
  • (Tessa Allen) "I don't know."
  • (Tessa Allen) "What's "tainted", is that like "painted"?"

Juliette Lewis as Ginny

  • (Juliette Lewis) "He likes you."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "He's a dick."

Noah Wyle as Robbie

  • (Noah Wyle) "Give me the soup, turkey burger, coleslaw, no fries and a couple extra slices of tomato."

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