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Epic Movie Quotes

Epic Movie is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Epic Movie stopped airing in 1970.

It features Paul Schiff as producer, Edward Shearmur in charge of musical score, and Shawn Maurer as head of cinematography.

Epic Movie is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, and Canadacn Each episode of Epic Movie is 85 minutes long. Epic Movie is distributed by 20th Century Foxefn and Logo isn't shown on the main film or on any promotional material.

Epic Movie Quotes

  • (Edward) "Chuck Norris rules."
  • (Lucy) "Holy s***, a talking beaver."
  • (Edward) "Whoa, Stifler's mom."
  • (Peter) "We may not have the numbers on our side or the weapons she possesses, but we have something far more powerful."
  • (Lucy) "Perky breasts?"
  • (Harry Beaver) "May I present the kings and queens of Gnarnia. Peter the Heroic. Susan the Just. Edward the Loyal. And Lucy the Dumb s***."
  • (Borat) "Jagshemash. You did it. You make moviefilm have happy ending."
  • (Borat) "NOT."
  • (Narrator) "This is the story of four orphans brought together by fate. They didn't know it yet, but there was something more greater in store for them, something epic."
  • (Nacho Libre) "NACHO -- cheese Doritos are delicious."
  • (Ashton Kutcher Look-Alike) "Yeah. We just punked Edward. Shwam. That was awesome."
  • (Peter) "Tomorrow we fight. So tonight -- we party."
  • (Samuel Jackson Look-Alike) "I have had it with these god**** snakes on this god**** plane."
  • (Susan) "Oh, I know, please help."
  • (Samuel Jackson Look-Alike) "I have had it with these god**** snakes on this god**** plane."
  • (Susan) "I know --"
  • (Samuel Jackson Look-Alike) "I have had it with these god**** snakes on this god**** plane."
  • (Susan) "Why do you keep saying that?"
  • (Samuel Jackson Look-Alike) "Because internet bloggers love when I say, "I have had it with these god**** snakes on this god**** plane.""
  • (Susan) "Why are you yelling?"
  • (Samuel Jackson Look-Alike) "Shut up, bitch. I'm always yelling. I'm Samuel god**** Jackson."
  • (Susan) "Bitch?"
  • (Peter) "Badonkadonk."
  • (Bink) "Take that, Kumar."
  • (Peter) "Look. Nicole Richie."
  • (Silas) "I'm gonna go Jackie Chan on your ass."
  • (White Bitch) "Behold, my white castle."
  • (Edward) "White Castle? I feel like I've been there before."
  • (Willy) "Children, do you wanna know what makes all my candy taste so special?"
  • (Edward) "Uh-huh."
  • (Willy) "It's a special secret ingredient. It's real human parts. There's gonna be a little itty bitty piece of each and every one of you inside of the yummy yum candy, literally."
  • (Edward) "A chocolate river. Mmm. Mmm. Chocolate. Hahahaha."
  • (Willy) "That's actually the sewer line."
  • (Willy) "Who wants to play with Willy?"
  • (Kanye West Look-Alike) "The White Bitch doesn't care about black people."
  • (Susan) "What are you doing?"
  • (Lucy) "Willy told me he wanted his knob polished."
  • (Susan) "Dumbass."
  • (Peter) "Monobrow. Monobrow."
  • (Peter) "King wants a monobrow."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Nice hair, Rogue."
  • (Silas) "I'm gonna go Jackie Chan on Yo Ass."
  • (Aslo) "ARRRRRRGH."
  • (Aslo) "Great News, I just saved a bunch of Money on My Car Insurance."
  • (Peter) "We have something the White Bitch doesn't."
  • (Lucy) "Perky breasts?"
  • (Peter) "Oh my god. You shot me in the f***ing eye. Oh, that really hurt. Why would you do that? That was so unneccesary."
  • (Lucy) "I'm sorry, was the fight over?"
  • (White Bitch) "God, I hate those f***in' kids"
  • (Peter) "I want flabby grandma arms."
  • (White Bitch) "Let's start things off with a bang, shall we?"
  • (Edward) "But you'll kill millions."
  • (White Bitch) "Billions. Come on. Let me hear you say it."
  • (Edward) "My family will stop you."
  • (White Bitch) "WRONG."
  • (Silas) "I'm Rick James, Bitch."
  • (Silas) "Beat me like Bobby beats Whitney. Allegedly."
  • (Cyclops) "He's unleashing his powers."
  • (Storm) "He's gonna spread angel wings."
  • (Mystique) "More like chicken wings."
  • (Magneto) "Break it up. Break it up. You all know Peter is too much of a p***** to stand up for himself."
  • (White Bitch) "This crystal will finally put an end to the resistance. I will start a series of earthquakes that will collapse all of Gnarnia and grow a new continent where only I and my followers will live."
  • (Bink) "Yo, Bitch, that's pretty much the plot of Superman Returns."
  • (White Bitch) "Pretty much, yeah."
  • (Peter) "We will create a democratic society, and give her a fair trail, and --"
  • (Captain Jack Swallows) "Take that, Bitch."
  • (Peter) "Ah, screw her anyways."

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