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Epidemiology (Community) Quotes

Epidemiology (Community) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Epidemiology ended in 1970.

Epidemiology (Community) Quotes

  • (Rich) "His symptoms are progressing even faster than everyone else's."
  • (Annie Edison) "How much of that taco meat stuff did you eat, Star-Burns?"
  • (Star-Burns) "I didn't eat any. My name's Alex."
  • (Annie Edison) "Whoa, it must have transferred through Pierce's bite."
  • (Rich) "I think you're right. Hey, you make quite the little nurse."
  • (Annie Edison) "Thank you, Rich. You are quite the banana."
  • (Star-Burns) "Why don't you guys just get a room?"
  • (Señor Chang) "Guess who I am."
  • (Señor Chang) "Or don't."
  • (Troy Barnes) "That's right. Witness the power of imagination."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Okay. I don't know why I thought this would work."
  • (Rich) "Hey, Jeff. It's me, Rich from pottery class. Doc Potterywood, remember?"
  • (Annie Edison) "Rich, not now. Guys, there's some kind of infection at the party that's making people act weird and bite others. We need to coordinate an orderly evacuation without causing unnecessary panic."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Holy crap. Leonard's a zombie."
  • (Rich) "I thought that maybe I was special."
  • (Britta Perry) "Special? You're not special. I'm special."
  • (Britta Perry) "I was bit ten minutes ago and I'm --"
  • (Jeff Winger) "Oh, great; nobody's special."
  • (Señor Chang) "Guess who I am."
  • (Britta Perry) "Michelle Kwan?"
  • (Señor Chang) "Wrong."
  • (Jeff Winger) "Kristi Yamaguchi?"
  • (Señor Chang) "Peggy Flemming. And you have just been proven racist by the racist prover."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Annie. My, what big fists you have. In your face."
  • (Abed Nadir) "Where's your costume?"
  • (Troy Barnes) "Trying something new."
  • (Abed Nadir) "But our costumes go together. If you're not who you are, then I'm just some guy in a spandex suit and a bike helmet."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Well, I'm a sexy Dracula."
  • (Abed Nadir) "You mean vampire."
  • (Troy Barnes) "I don't need to know which Dracula to know I'm a Dracula. Nerd."
  • (Rich) "A hundred and two. This may be food poisoning."
  • (Dean Pelton) "Rich. What did I tell you?"
  • (Rich) "To rule out food poisoning."
  • (Dean Pelton) "Yes, that's true. But especially don't say it out loud."
  • (Star-Burns) "Who wants to walk my plank, huh?"
  • (Rich) "Okay, I'm ruling out food poisoning."
  • (Abed Nadir) "There. There's a window. If we climb that chain-link fence, we can get up the wall and squeeze through it."
  • (Jeff Winger) "I vote we take the door."
  • (Abed Nadir) "He doesn't want to dirty his suit."
  • (Troy Barnes) "For real?"
  • (Jeff Winger) "Clothes make the man, Troy. What the hell?"
  • (Jeff Winger) "That's my jacket. My jacket. You're stretching it. You're stretching it."
  • (Jeff Winger) "Quiet, nerds. Do you hear something?"
  • (Jeff Winger) "Jeez."
  • (Jeff Winger) "It was just a cat. Let's keep going."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Holy crap."
  • (Jeff Winger) "What is up with that cat?"
  • (Troy Barnes) "Is someone throwing it?"
  • (Abed Nadir) "Keep going."
  • (Jeff Winger) "You know, let's not keep going. Because there's an insane cat down here."
  • (Troy Barnes) "But what about the zombies?"
  • (Jeff Winger) "Back burner, Troy. This cat must be dealt with."
  • (Abed Nadir) "Make me proud. Be the first black man to make it to the end."
  • (Annie Edison) "Guys? Shirley's costume is once again unintentionally ambiguous. I don't know who she's supposed to be, but she's definitely not Miss Piggy. Repeat: not Miss Piggy. You're on your own."
  • (Shirley Bennett) "Leonard, behave yourself. I'm a Christian woman."
  • (Shirley Bennett) "Leonard, you better back that pumpkin ass up or I'm gonna make a pie."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Shouldn't we be barricading the doors?"
  • (Abed Nadir) "No, I think we're okay."
  • (Abed Nadir) "Let me help you."

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