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Eric and Ernie Quotes

Eric and Ernie is a TV show that appeared on TV in 2011 on BBC Two. Eric and Ernie ended in 1970.

It features Tim Bricknell as producer, and Jessica Dannheisser (orchestrator) as theme composer. Eric and Ernie is created by Piers Wenger,.

Eric and Ernie is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Eric and Ernie is 89 minutes long.

The cast includes: Victoria Wood as Sadie Bartholomew, Vic Reeves as George Bartholomew, Daniel Rigby as Eric Morecambe, Bryan Dick as Ernie Wise, Jonah Lees as Young Eric, Clara Darcy as Usherette, and Thomas Atkinson as Little Eric.

Eric and Ernie Quotes

Victoria Wood as Sadie Bartholomew

  • (Victoria Wood) "Do you know what's holding 'em back?"
  • (Vic Reeves) "The War?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "I can't show me face outside the house. I think we're going to have to move. I told you time and time again to trust your own material. I drummed it into you. And what do you do the moment me back's turned? You forget everything."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Can I borrow your bike?"
  • (Vic Reeves) "Where are you planning on going?"
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Anywhere that they don't have televisions."
  • (Vic Reeves) "You could try Barrow-on-Furness. You'll soon be back; people'll forget."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "They won't forget this."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Here, read that."
  • (Vic Reeves) ""Definition of a TV; the box they buried Morecambe and Wise in last night". You know what I think. There's nothing harder to find than yesterday's paper."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I'm Eric Morecambe's mother."
  • (Clara Darcy) "I'm afraid I can't let you in without a ticket."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I don't need a ticket; I'm his mother."
  • (Clara Darcy) "How do I know that?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "Did you see their television show? D'you think I'd own up to that if it wasn't true."
  • (Victoria Wood) "How long are you going to keep this up; this sulking malarkey. You used to sulk when I made you wear that schoolboy outfit; right up till when it got you a big laugh."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Television isn't about dressing up as a schoolboy and singing, you know."
  • (Victoria Wood) "Well it certainly isn't about being funny. Not if what I saw you two do is anything to go by."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Don't go easy on me just because we're related, will you."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I don't know how to soft-pedal; it's not in me nature."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "You don't have to tell me that."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I'm hard on you because you and Ernie are better than that. When I saw you on that television show, doing that tripe -- Biggest break? Your chance? You forgot everything. You and Ernie know what's funny. You know what plays funny, you know what tells funny. You must have known deep-down that material was not funny."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "What d'you want me to say?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "You could start by telling me I'm right."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "I'm sorry if you feel we've let you down."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I'll get over it. Will you?"

Daniel Rigby as Eric Morecambe

  • (Daniel Rigby) "What do you think of it so far?"
  • (Unnamed) "Rubbish."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Was it dark?"
  • (Bryan Dick) "Was what dark?"
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Hiding in Churchill's cigar box until the War was over."

Thomas Atkinson as Little Eric

  • (Thomas Atkinson) "Ma. I can see Ma."
  • (Victoria Wood) "And she's not laughing."
  • (Thomas Atkinson) "Just entertaining the lads."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I'll entertain you in a minute."
  • (Victoria Wood) "You can't play Cowboys and Indians all your life."
  • (Thomas Atkinson) "Can't I?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "Home. Now. Or you'll be late for your dance class."

Bryan Dick as Ernie Wise

  • (Bryan Dick) "Poor Arthur."
  • (Daniel Rigby) "He must've tripped over Des O'Connor."
  • (Bryan Dick) "Fourth on the bill. That's the magic of television."

Vic Reeves as George Bartholomew

  • (Vic Reeves) "Never mind, son. Happen you'll lose next time."
  • (Victoria Wood) "I heard that."
  • (Vic Reeves) "What the bloody hell are you doing?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "Finding them new material. I'll get Eric to go round to Ernie's tomorrow. Bash their heads together."
  • (Vic Reeves) "No, Sadie."
  • (Victoria Wood) "What do you mean, "no"? Push, push, push. That's what I do. It's what our Eric needs."
  • (Vic Reeves) "Well maybe it's time you stopped pushing."
  • (Victoria Wood) "You saying I pushed him into it?"
  • (Vic Reeves) "Nobody's saying that, Sadie. You were right to push him and I'm glad you did. But -- what I saying is -- He's got to do the pushing now. He's got to go down to Ernie. He's got to do it for himself. He's got to want to do it himself."
  • (Victoria Wood) "Well, beggar me. You don't put your foot down for twenty-five years of married life, and when you finally do, you're wrong."

Clara Darcy as Usherette

  • (Clara Darcy) "So, what went wrong with the telly show, lads?"
  • (Daniel Rigby) "Scripts, cast, music, director, lighting."
  • (Clara Darcy) "Apart from that, it were great, eh?"

Jonah Lees as Young Eric

  • (Jonah Lees) "Touring the country? When will I see my mates?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "You'll make new mates; Variety mates; mates with a bit of something about them."
  • (Jonah Lees) "I don't want Variety mates. I've got a gang here; and an air-gun."
  • (Victoria Wood) "Eric, d'you want to be tied to a whistle all your life, like your dad?"
  • (Jonah Lees) "Well --"
  • (Victoria Wood) "Eric, listen to me. You make people laugh, you're a lovely dancer, and you can hold a tune. But more than that, and I mean this as the mother who carried you and nursed you and raised you, you aren't any good at anything else."

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