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Evil Under the Sun (1982 film) Quotes

Evil Under the Sun (1982 film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Evil Under the Sun ended its run in 1970.

It features John Brabourne as producer, Cole Porter in charge of musical score, and Christopher Challis as head of cinematography.

Evil Under the Sun (1982 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Evil Under the Sun (1982 film) is 117 minutes long. Evil Under the Sun (1982 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures-EMI Films-Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Maggie Smith as Daphne Castle, Peter Ustinov as Poirot, Roddy McDowall as Rex Brewster, Emily Hone as Linda Marshall, and Denis Quilley as Kenneth Marshall.

Evil Under the Sun (1982 film) Quotes

Maggie Smith as Daphne Castle

  • (Maggie Smith) "I've just had a phone call from His Majesty and he is very pleased with --"
  • (Peter Ustinov) "The king of Tyrania?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "He is very pleased with the matter being cleared up so quickly and so discreetly. He is so pleased he is awarding you the Order of Saint Gudrun the Inquisitive."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Saint Gudrun the Inquisitive?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "First class."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "How many classes are there?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "Couldn't we make this a private investigation? You know how peculiar people can be about a spot of murder."
  • (Arlena Stuart Marshall) "Oh, dear. I'm the last to arrive."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Have a sausage. You must be starving having to wait all that time in your room."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Clean it, clean it. Don't just lean on the thing."
  • (Maggie Smith) "I've just had a telephone call from your friend Sir Horace. He says he's having trouble with his -- his -- his piffle valve?"
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Such a valve still has to be invented, Madame."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Oh, well I dare say you're right, I wasn't paying that much attention, anyway the result is he'll be 24 hours late."
  • (Maggie Smith) "The whole world knows that you are a man of enormous discretion --"
  • (Maggie Smith) "I was wrong about cherchez la femme. sorry about that. but it's just got be cherchez le fruit."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Oh, you; you must be Sir Horace Blatt's friend; perhaps; perhaps you'll sign in?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "Oh, so you're the famous Hercule Poirot eh?"
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Ah you are too amiable madame."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Perhaps; I hope you haven't come here to practice your sleuthing games on my guests; they've all got far too many skeletons in their cupboards to join in with enthusiasm."

Peter Ustinov as Poirot

  • (Patrick Redfern) "It's funny to think if Giuseppe Verdi had been an Englishman his name would have been Joe Green."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Yes, I suppose it would, yes."
  • (Patrick Redfern) "Well it used to make the boys laugh when I was trying to din some Latin into them when I was a school teacher."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Little boys laugh easily if it keeps them away even for a moment from their study of Latin."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "It is not me that is hiding, it is you who are lying."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "A picture of innocence."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "You see, it is folly to try and trick Hercule Poirot -- even in a dead language."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "The "Arlena Stewarts" of this world do not count; their domination is of the moment. Really to count, a woman must have either goodness or brains."
  • (Christine Redfern) "You can't actually believe that men care for either of those things, can you?"
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Oh yes I do, madam."
  • (Mr. Flewitt's Secretary) "Hercules Parrot, sir."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Poirot, Mademoiselle, pucker your lips as though about to bestow a kiss. Poi-rot."
  • (Christine Redfern) "I'm better now. In fact, I'm determined to enjoy myself. It's so blissful here, so tranquil, so far from all violence and trouble."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Yes, you are right, Madame; the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and yet you forget that everywhere there is evil under the sun."

Denis Quilley as Kenneth Marshall

  • (Denis Quilley) "It's a little difficult to accept your condolences, Poirot -- when in the same breath you accuse me of murdering my wife because she was unfaithful."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "I can understand that, of course."

Roddy McDowall as Rex Brewster

  • (Roddy McDowall) "And how is your lovely mother, this morning?"
  • (Emily Hone) "She's not lovely and she's not my mother."
  • (Roddy McDowall) "Anyway darlings, it must have cost you a pretty bundle closing a hit show like that. Would either of you care to comment on that?"
  • (Odell Gardener) "Why don't you go and play with yourself."
  • (Myra Gardener) "Excessively."
  • (Roddy McDowall) "Is coarseness a substitute for wit, I ask myself?"

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