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Fade to Black (1980 film) Quotes

Fade to Black (1980 film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Fade to Black stopped airing in 1970.

It features George G. Braunstein as producer, Craig Safan in charge of musical score, and Álex Phillips Jr. as head of cinematography.

Fade to Black (1980 film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Fade to Black (1980 film) is 102 minutes long. Fade to Black (1980 film) is distributed by Compass International.

The cast includes: Eve Brent Ashe as Aunt Stella Binford, Dennis Christopher as Eric Binford, Mickey Rourke as Richie, Norman Burton as Bart, James Luisi as Capt. M.L. Gallagher, Tim Thomerson as Jerry Moriarty, Gwynne Gilford as Officer Anne Oshenbull, and Norman Burton as Marty Berger.

Fade to Black (1980 film) Quotes

Dennis Christopher as Eric Binford

  • (Dennis Christopher) "Mornin' Stella."
  • (Eve Brent Ashe) "Have you looked at yourself lately? You look like hell."
  • (Eve Brent Ashe) "Stop making those faces at me. I'll tell you something, if you don't listen to me and start taking care of yourself you'll never reach age 30."
  • (Eve Brent Ashe) "When I took you in after your sweet mother died while giving birth to you I had no idea you'd be such a trial. Your mother was a beautiful woman. She was a great talent. Hollywood was at her feet. Important men were begging to marry her. Then she met your father, that bastard. With that, it was the end of our dance team. You know, I was a fine dancer, the best."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Yeah, you're the greatest, Aunt Stella. You tell me that all the time. Magnificent."
  • (Eve Brent Ashe) "It's your fault I'm in this wheelchair. You made me leave that party 20 years ago. Your little trouble-making belly aching. If it wasn't for you, I'd still have my legs."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "I still can't believe your still bringing that up after all these years. I didn't ask the babysitter to call you. I was sick that night. I was only four years old. You were drunk and you should not have been driving --"
  • (Eve Brent Ashe) "Shut up. You're a loser, Eric. You're worthless just like your father was before he ran out on us."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Yeah, I know."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Start dancing."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Say your prayers."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Hey, come on. What did I do? I'm sorry, I --"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "On your knees. Both knees."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Please, why are you doing this? I didn't do anything to you."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "How does it feel now, Ritchie?"
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Binford?"

Norman Burton as Marty Berger

  • (Norman Burton) "You think the cops suspect me of killing Ritchie even though I was his best friend?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "The cops are paid to suspect everyone but catch no one. That Gallagher is just another flatfoot."
  • (Norman Burton) "What about that Moriarty character and his tests that he ran with us?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Just a half-wit shrink with a bunch of stupid questions."
  • (Norman Burton) "They even had Mr. Berger in here last night questioning him about Ritchie's murder. He's a nervous wreck and he has to go into the hospital next week for his operation."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "What operation?"
  • (Norman Burton) "Bypass operation. His heart's worse, man. But he refuses to slow down and continues to smoke and drink. He won't listen to anyone about his heart."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "I didn't think he had one."
  • (Norman Burton) "Never mind that. How are they going to find Ritchie's killer?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Bart, if you can't identify him, who can?"
  • (Norman Burton) "Where the hell have you been, Binford? I could have you arrested for stealing company property."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "I needed wheels, Mr. Berger."
  • (Norman Burton) "That's not an answer. Why can't you buy a car with the insurance money that your aunt left you?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "That's none of your business."
  • (Norman Burton) "You shut up. I've been hearing all kinds of things about your lately, Binford."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "You mean like my wedding?"
  • (Norman Burton) "Now that is one I haven't heard. I can't picture the creature who'd want to marry you. Tell me, who is this unlucky girl?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "She's a famous actress."
  • (Norman Burton) "And who may this famous actress be?"
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Marilyn Monroe."
  • (Norman Burton) "That's it. Hand over the key to the Vespa, Binford."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "It's Cody. Got it? Cody Jarrett and don't ever forget it."
  • (Norman Burton) "Snap out of it, Binford, You name is not Cody. And get your god**** hands off me. You're fired."
  • (Dennis Christopher) "Too late. I quit."

James Luisi as Capt. M.L. Gallagher

  • (James Luisi) "Moriarty, what the hell are you trying to pull behind my back? We questioned all those CFF employees very carefully. Normal police procedure. Now, who the hell gave you the authority to go behind my back and test them?"
  • (Tim Thomerson) "I cooked up this questionnaire to flush out a suspect."
  • (James Luisi) "Flush? That's exactly the right word I'm feeling about your actions. You don't run this police station. I do. For your information, this revolver we found in the back alley where that Ritchie kid was gunned down is the only real f***ing piece of evidence we have."
  • (Tim Thomerson) "I don't agree."
  • (Gwynne Gilford) "Captain Gallagher, Moriarty really has something here."
  • (Tim Thomerson) "Three of them took the test. Eric Binford, Maria Valdez, and Herman --"
  • (James Luisi) "Maria Valdez? That spic broad who works in the shipping department is a killer? That's terrific, thank you Sherlock."
  • (Tim Thomerson) "Also, the newspapers think there is a link between the Dracula killing last week and this cowboy killer last night."
  • (James Luisi) "One of the victims was a stock boy in an advertising firm and the other was a hooker. Where's the connection?"
  • (Tim Thomerson) "I don't know yet. It's obviously that we need find this killer to stop --"
  • (James Luisi) "We? What do you mean "we"? You're not a cop. When did you join the police force? I brought you in as a shrink to interview delinquents, not form your own investigation."
  • (Tim Thomerson) "I'm just trying to help out."
  • (James Luisi) "I don't need your help, or any of your psycho babble tests to help me find a killer. Just in case you didn't notice, nobody is asking for your help. So, just knock it off and leave the case to the cops."
  • (Tim Thomerson) "Captain, I know I'm onto something. I know the human mind, especially the sick ones."
  • (James Luisi) "f*** the sick minds and f*** yours. Stay out of my way, and stay out of police business."
  • (Tim Thomerson) "What an asshole."

Eve Brent Ashe as Aunt Stella Binford

  • (Eve Brent Ashe) "Eric. Get up. Well, lookie here. Mister Smart Mouth fell asleep with his nose buried in the screen again. Your one-eyed monster is gonna soften your eyes, much less rot your brain. You spend all your time day dreaming and watching those silly movies on the TV and on your projector."

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