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Fame (1980 film) Quotes

Fame (1980 film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Fame completed its run in 1970.

It features David De Silva; Alan Marshall as producer, Michael Gore in charge of musical score, and Michael Seresin as head of cinematography.

Fame (1980 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Fame (1980 film) is 133 minutes long. Fame (1980 film) is distributed by United Artists#tag:ref and MGM released the film theatrically through United Artists, which is credited as a distributor in the film's promotional materials..

The cast includes: Maureen Teefy as Doris Finsecker, Paul McCrane as Montgomery McNeil, Barry Miller as Ralph, Albert Hague as Shorofsky, Lee Curreri as Bruno Martelli, Maureen Teefy as Doris, Antonia Franceschi as Hilary van Doren, Laura Dean as Lisa Monroe, Gene Anthony Ray as Leroy Johnson, Sal Piro as Rocky Horror Announcer, Irene Cara as Coco Hernandez, Eddie Barth as Angelo, Joanna Merlin as Miss Berg, Debbie Allen as Lydia, Maureen Teefy as Mrs. Finsecker, Anne Meara as Mrs. Sherwood, Jim Moody as Farrell, Steve Inwood as François Lafete, and Antonia Franceschi as Sheila.

Fame (1980 film) Quotes

Irene Cara as Coco Hernandez

  • (Irene Cara) "Sometimes I wonder where I've been, Who I am, Do I fit in. I may not win, But I can't be thrown, Out here on my own --"
  • (Irene Cara) "Remember my name. Fame. I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly; high."

Joanna Merlin as Miss Berg

  • (Joanna Merlin) "Where's the sweat, Lisa?"
  • (Laura Dean) "I'm working on it."
  • (Joanna Merlin) "Pulled tendons, shin splints, swollen toes, smelly tights."
  • (Joanna Merlin) "Where's his application?"
  • (Debbie Allen) "He doesn't have one."
  • (Joanna Merlin) "Well, get him one."
  • (Joanna Merlin) "What do you call that?"
  • (Debbie Allen) "Wicked."
  • (Joanna Merlin) "Dance is the hardest department in the school."

Eddie Barth as Angelo

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Barry Miller as Ralph

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Steve Inwood as François Lafete

  • (Steve Inwood) "Some performers can make love to the camera. I mean, Garbo did. Monroe did. So could you."
  • (Steve Inwood) "François Lafete must have total control of the creative product; like, eh, Godard. Jean-Luc Godard. Did you ever hear of that guy?"

Maureen Teefy as Doris Finsecker

  • (Maureen Teefy) "Barbra Streisand didn't change her name."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "I don't want to talk about it any more."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "Well, I'll call you Doris, like I always have."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "Well, I won't answer."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "It's a perfectly good name."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "Yeah, for a perfectly good person. A skinny, boring, nondescript, perfectly good person."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "I'm about as flamboyant as a bagel."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "Doris. We're in."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "Everybody falls in love with their analyst. They have a word for it, don't they?"
  • (Paul McCrane) "Yeah. Homosexual."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "You know, the Silverman's know some very important people. They really have connections. You know they mishpocha with Soupy Sales. Oh, listen, your nice white blouse is ironed and its on your bed. Or, you could wear your pink dress? With the ribbon? You look so pretty in that."

Paul McCrane as Montgomery McNeil

  • (Paul McCrane) "You wanna get a pizza? We could split an Angie's special; with anchovies."
  • (Barry Miller) "Anchovies? Man, f*** anchovies. Man, I died out there and you're talking about f***ing pizza?"
  • (Paul McCrane) "No, I'm talking about eating pizza."
  • (Paul McCrane) "'A pie in the face comes with the job.' That's what my mom says; she should know."
  • (Maureen Teefy) "I don't get it."
  • (Paul McCrane) "A real artist must never be afraid of what other people are gonna say about him."
  • (Paul McCrane) "What do you want, insurance? You know, back in the Middle Ages, actors; they didn't even want to bury us."
  • (Paul McCrane) "I'm always worried maybe people aren't going to like me when I go to a party. Isn't that crazy? Do you ever get a kind of a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you dread things? Gee, I wouldn't want to miss a party for anything, but, every time I go to one, I keep feeling like the whole world's against me."
  • (Paul McCrane) "It's funny, gay used to mean such a happy kind of a word, once."

Anne Meara as Mrs. Sherwood

  • (Anne Meara) "This is no Mickey Mouse school. You're not getting off easy. Because you're talented, you'll work twice as hard. Now, I don't care how well you dance or how many colored tutus you have. If you don't give your academic subjects equal time, you're out."
  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "Bull sh t."
  • (Anne Meara) "What about your book report?"
  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "I done it."
  • (Anne Meara) "You did it."
  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "Yeah, one thousand words and I counted 'em too."
  • (Anne Meara) ""The Best of Playboy" is not a book report."
  • (Anne Meara) "In the future, Mr. Johnson, I'd like you to leave your ghetto blaster at home, please."

Lee Curreri as Bruno Martelli

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Gene Anthony Ray as Leroy Johnson

  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "Where I come from, it don't pay to read and speak white."
  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "I told you I done it and I forgot it."
  • (Anne Meara) "My hearing is fine. Its your homework that's missing. And these couple of pages I have are unintelligible."
  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "Its a secret language, all right? It ain't meant for whiteys to understand."
  • (Gene Anthony Ray) "I's young, I's single, and I loves to mingle."

Laura Dean as Lisa Monroe

  • (Laura Dean) "I love your coat. I saw that in Bendel's window"
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "My stepmother bought it for me."
  • (Laura Dean) "Really? I wouldn't mind that kind of step mother."
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "She didn't do it for me. She wants my father to think she cares. Besides, she loves shopping. She gets multiple orgasms every time she buys something."
  • (Laura Dean) "Sounds great. I think I like her."
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "You can have her."
  • (Laura Dean) "I sing the body electric, I celebrate the me yet to come, I toast to my own reunion, When I become one with the sun."
  • (Irene Cara) "And I'll look back on Venus, I'll look back on Mars, And I'll burn with the fire of ten million stars, And in time, And in time, We will all be stars."
  • (Paul McCrane) "I sing the body electric, I glory in the glow of rebirth, Creating my own tomorrow, When I shall embody the earth --"
  • (Laura Dean) "I like your nose ring. Did it hurt, or is that ethnic?"

Jim Moody as Farrell

  • (Jim Moody) "Diction. Watch your diction, Ralph. You're slurring your words."
  • (Barry Miller) "What? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Marlon Brando slurred his words, you know. Montgomery Cliff slurred his words. James Dean slurred his words. They were the greatest actors in the whole world and nobody could understand a word they said."
  • (Jim Moody) "There are 50,000 people walking around calling themselves actors and maybe 500 are making a living at it. Most of those do commercials to pay the rent. The rest wait tables, clean other people's apartments, living on welfare and hope. And don't think talent's enough to get you through. You've gotta have a strong technique, a good agent, and, most of all, a thick skin; because, now you're part of an underprivileged minority and you're going to suffer."

Sal Piro as Rocky Horror Announcer

  • (Sal Piro) "Boy is he in for a surprise."
  • (Sal Piro) "This is the show. If you don't like it, go to the one in Staten Island."

Antonia Franceschi as Sheila

  • (Antonia Franceschi) "You see, I was offered this place in the San Francisco Ballet. I haven't told anyone yet, but I'm gonna take it. I don't care what they think. I'm a good dancer. Better than good. Maybe even the best in the school. And that's not conceit, it's just simple honesty. If I stay in New York, everyone will think I bought my way into ABT. And I'm not starving myself for Balanchine's City Ballet. Not that I mind doing the corps de ballet bulls***. I'd sooner do it out of town. I'll pay my dues on the west coast, come back to New York a star. You see, I've always had this crazy dream of dancing all the classical roles before I'm twenty-one. I want Giselles and CoppÈlias coming out of my feet. And Sleeping Beauties, and the Swan. I want bravos in Stuttgart and Leningrad and Paris. Maybe even a ballet created especially for me. You see? There's no room for a baby."
  • (Nurse) "Will this be Master Charge or American Express, honey?"
  • (Unnamed) "What are you going to do?"
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "I'm doing "The Towering Inferno"."
  • (Unnamed) "What?"
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "You know, the movie."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh."
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "Alright, see I'm playin' O.J. Simpson, alright? And I'm in this building. Okay, there's fire all around. Alright, so I go to the elevator."
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "Son derriere noir -- c'est formidable."
  • (Laura Dean) "Wow, I love your accent. What did you say?"
  • (Antonia Franceschi) "I dig his black ass."

Albert Hague as Shorofsky

  • (Albert Hague) "No. No. No. Hold the bow like this. Not like this. This isn't your dick you're holding. It's a violin bow. Hold it with respect, like --"
  • (Lee Curreri) "-- Your dick?"
  • (Albert Hague) "Music is the hardest profession of them all."

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