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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Quotes

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions ended its run in 1970.

It features Marta Timón as producer.

Each episode of FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions is 82 min. long. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions is distributed by FortKnox Audiovisual.

The cast includes: Anne-Céline Auche as Angeline, Marta Timón as Metacontrol Inspector, Anna Diogène as Number 3, and Manuel Solàs as Head Insurgent.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Quotes

Anna Diogène as Number 3

  • (Anna Diogène) "All you men are dogs, but you are the worst I've ever seen. Lift your leg."

Marta Timón as Metacontrol Inspector

  • (Marta Timón) "The stance of Paris on this matter is ethically unclean. This 300-metre tower that they have beside the river is a monstrous, subversive phallic symbol, and should be dynamited. Blown up, disintegrated, as if it had never existed. Sometimes the Parisians let themselves be carried away by nostalgia. But we don't need nostalgia, do we?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, no --"
  • (Marta Timón) "Tomorrow you will vote in favour. Is that clear? In favour of the dynamite. And I won't hear any more about it. An architectural castration, that's what we need --"
  • (Marta Timón) "Doctor, what do you plan to do with her nails?"
  • (Unnamed) "The same as always --"
  • (Marta Timón) "Do you want them? -- Come on, don't be shy. Do you want them or not?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes. This is the happiest day of my life."
  • (Marta Timón) "Fine. I will wait for you outside. Don't be too long, we haven't much time. And be more careful this time, don't swallow them."

Anne-Céline Auche as Angeline

  • (Anne-Céline Auche) "Everything living is lethal, Life is dangerous, and kills. To eat, you die a little each time. To keep living is to move towards death. But my thoughts tell me that death is only apparent, that only the flesh rots. That perhaps this is not the only reality. That a sweet dream awaits us at the end of this agitation. A sweet dream --"
  • (Anne-Céline Auche) "We will leave tomorrow to spend a few days in the North Pyrenees nature reserve. I need to relax. Unwrap the cat, we will take it with us."

Manuel Solàs as Head Insurgent

  • (Unnamed) "Listen, why don't we do a text scene? Without dialogues, we become mere sex objects, we never say anything -- She, apart from being a female, is also a person. Are we people, or simply instruments of masturbation for drooling spectators?"
  • (Manuel Solàs) "You mean you're on her side. Just what we needed. You are going to do exactly what I tell you, and I will not leave you be until I get hard. Vous comprenez, mademoiselle? -- And stop being so Actor's Studio. The Antiterrorist Law is going to get us before we finish -- We're going to lose the satellite."

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