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Fat Albert (film) Quotes

Fat Albert (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Fat Albert stopped airing in 1970.

It features John Davis (producer) as producer, Richard Gibbs in charge of musical score, and Paul Elliott (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Fat Albert (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Fat Albert (film) is 87 minutes long. Fat Albert (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy, Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert, Fonzworth Bentley as Salesman, Kyla Pratt as Doris, Keith Robinson as Bill, Alphonso McAuley as Bucky, Marques Houston as Dumb Donald, Catero Colbert as Lead Teen, Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold, Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth, Jeremy Suarez as Bill Cosby, and Raven-Symoné as Danielle.

Fat Albert (film) Quotes

Fonzworth Bentley as Salesman

  • (Fonzworth Bentley) "That'll be $10,428 and 22 cents."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Uh, I -- I don't have any money."
  • (Fonzworth Bentley) "Why didn't you tell me that?"
  • (Kenan Thompson) "You didn't ask."
  • (Fonzworth Bentley) "Hey, I know big, and you my friend -- are big."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "-- and Fat, I'm Fat Albert."
  • (Fonzworth Bentley) "Well, when I'm done with you, you're gonna be -- big Al."

Alphonso McAuley as Bucky

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth

  • (Jermaine Williams) "My hebba hurt."

Kyla Pratt as Doris

  • (Kyla Pratt) "Hi, guys."
  • (Marques Houston) "You look TIGHT."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "What did you just say?"
  • (Marques Houston) "Oh, I learned it at the mall."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Don't talk about Doris like that."
  • (Kyla Pratt) "Fat Albert, wait. I finally figured out who you remind me of. You remind me of my grandfather."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Hey, hey, hey, that's a nice thing to say."

Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold

  • (Aaron Frazier) "What did he say?"
  • (Jermaine Williams) "Budeep a bubba da beep my lubba."
  • (Aaron Frazier) "You watch your mouth."

Marques Houston as Dumb Donald

  • (Marques Houston) "Are you ready? 'Cause when I buck-buck, you better duck-duck."
  • (Catero Colbert) "Are you gonna buck-buck, or are you just gonna talk talk?"
  • (Marques Houston) "Buck buck number 6, Comin'."
  • (Catero Colbert) "Yes. We held. Now we're the buck-buck champions."
  • (Keith Robinson) "Hold on. We've still got one more guy."
  • (Catero Colbert) "Bring him out then."
  • (Keith Robinson) "Come on out, Fa-a-a-at Albert. He loves to hear us call his name."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Hey, hey, hey. Who wants to play?"
  • (Catero Colbert) "Oh, no. Run. I got a bad back."
  • (Kid in Classroom) "Why are you wearing that hat?"
  • (Marques Houston) "I don't have a face"
  • (Kid in Classroom) "Right"
  • (Kid in Classroom) "Man, what's his problem?"
  • (Marques Houston) "I know a dog named Doris."

Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert

  • (Kenan Thompson) "You can't let fear keep you from caring about someone, because, caring about someone -- is wonderful. A person you think about, and they think about you, and you both know you're thinking of each other -- , and it's just fantastic to know that there is somebody out there in the world thinking about you."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Oh. I can't take off my sweater because --"
  • (Kenan Thompson) "I don't know what's under it."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Hey, hey, hey. Who wants to play?"
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Hey, hey, hey."

Keith Robinson as Bill

  • (Keith Robinson) "Hey, hey, HEY. Friends don't let friends fade away."
  • (Unnamed) "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Coming soon on DVD."
  • (Keith Robinson) "Look. That's who we are."
  • (Shedrack Anderson III) "Yeah, and it says we're coming out on dividee."
  • (Alphonso McAuley) "What's dividee"
  • (Marques Houston) "I don't know."
  • (Alphonso McAuley) "I know you don't know, I wasn't talking to you."
  • (Marques Houston) "I wasn't talking to you."
  • (Keith Robinson) "Guys, cut it out."
  • (Keith Robinson) "Look."
  • (Keith Robinson) "See? THAT'S who we are."
  • (Shedrack Anderson III) "Yeah, and we're coming out on "divda.""
  • (Alphonso McAuley) "What's "divda?""
  • (Marques Houston) "I don't know."
  • (Alphonso McAuley) "I --"
  • (Keith Robinson) "Don't start. We don't belong here."

Jeremy Suarez as Bill Cosby

  • (Jeremy Suarez) "Oh, people wait 'til you get to the top of the stairs, then they knock. WHO IS IT?"
  • (Kenan Thompson) "It's Fat Albert."
  • (Jeremy Suarez) "Yeah, right."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Hello. I'm looking for Mr. Cosby. Are you his dad?"
  • (Kenan Thompson) "I'm -- I'm Fat Albert."
  • (Kenan Thompson) "Whoa. Uh -- Help. He --"

Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy

  • (Shedrack Anderson III) "You're like school on Saturday: no class."

Raven-Symoné as Danielle

  • (Raven-Symoné) "I have done guest spots on Bugs Bunny and The Jetsons and I have never been treated like this. I am so out of here."

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