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Fighting Mad Quotes

Fighting Mad is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Fighting Mad stopped airing in 1970.

It features Roger Corman as producer, and Bruce Langhorne in charge of musical score.

Fighting Mad is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Fighting Mad is 88 minutes long. Fighting Mad is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Harry Northup as Sheriff Len Skerritt, Philip Carey as Pierce Crabtree, Harry Northup as Snaker, Lynn Lowry as Lorene Maddox, Noble Willingham as Senator Hingle, Ted Markland as Hal Fraser, Harry Northup as Starr, and Peter Fonda as Tom Hunter.

Fighting Mad Quotes

Noble Willingham as Senator Hingle

  • (Noble Willingham) "I read this paper on the plane today coming back from Washington. When I first read it, I got sad. Then I got mad. Ambrose was a friend of mine. Let me tell you something, boy. You better watch out fro the IRS, the internal revenue, everything."
  • (Philip Carey) "Good night, Josh."
  • (Noble Willingham) "I'm gonna get you and not good night, good-bye."

Harry Northup as Sheriff Len Skerritt

  • (Harry Northup) "No, man, cool it. I came here to talk to you. They're coming after you. You got no chance. If I were you, I'd pack up and get out of town."
  • (Peter Fonda) "Well, why should I pay attention to you, asshole?"
  • (Harry Northup) "I don't really give a flying f*** what you want to believe. I've said my piece and I'm getting the hell of here."
  • (Harry Northup) "DON'T f*** WITH ME."
  • (Harry Northup) "Everybody freeze."
  • (Harry Northup) "Drop that iron."
  • (Harry Northup) "Or am I going to have to start kicking asses and taking names?"

Lynn Lowry as Lorene Maddox

  • (Lynn Lowry) "Tom."

Philip Carey as Pierce Crabtree

  • (Philip Carey) "You play, sheriff?"
  • (Philip Carey) "I don't play games."
  • (Philip Carey) "It's not a game. It's a sport."
  • (Harry Northup) "Don't have time for them, either."
  • (Philip Carey) "I told you to arrest the Hunter boy."
  • (Philip Carey) "Not half the people in the valley. You know, sheriff, a lot of folks didn't like the looks of all those old people being brought into town in handcuffs."
  • (Harry Northup) "You didn't tell me to make any arrests, Mr. Crabtree. I acted on by a complaint from a citizen. You."
  • (Philip Carey) "What about my bulldozer? You could have held him on that, at least."
  • (Harry Northup) "I don't know that he did it. Whoever did do it, they did a damn good job. Didn't leave a trace."
  • (Philip Carey) "I hate to say it, sheriff, but perhaps I should call on the FBI since this sabotage is too much for you local boys."
  • (Harry Northup) "My oldest brother's in the FBI. You can get back to your game, now, Mr. Crabtree. I'll just be running along."
  • (Philip Carey) "Just a minute, sheriff. You should take up tennis. You might learn to like it."
  • (Philip Carey) "Hunter's temper is going to be the death of him."

Ted Markland as Hal Fraser

  • (Ted Markland) "Court or no court, Crabtree's paying for this. I'll blow his frickin' head off."

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