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First Time in New York Quotes

First Time in New York is a television program that first aired in 1970 . First Time in New York completed its run in 1970.

First Time in New York Quotes

  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "This can't happen. She's my baby sister, okay? She should be watching The Little Mermaid and drinking Yoohoo, and not having sex."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Come on, you were only 16 when you had sex. I was 17."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "We were 18."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Barney was probably 12."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Good one, Ted. I was, uh, six -- fourt -- How old were you again?"
  • (Ted Mosby) "17."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Dude, me, too."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "You know what? You gave it away too early. You're an "I love you" slut."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Yeah, well you're an "I love you" prude. You know what? I'm taking mine back."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "You can't do that."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Just did. In fact, I'm giving it away, because I'm a slut."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Hey, I love you."
  • (Stranger) "Thanks, man. I came in here to jump. I really needed that."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "Speaking of first times, we never got to hear your virginity story."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "That's right, I almost forgot."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Okay. I was 16, and it was in a baseball dugout --"
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."
  • (Barney Stinson) "I mean, I was in a subway with a high-priced call girl --"
  • (Ted Mosby) "Risky Business."
  • (Barney Stinson) "I was accidentally hacking into NORAD'S computer --"
  • (Ted Mosby) "That's War Games, and there's not even a sex scene in it."
  • (Barney Stinson) "All right."
  • (Barney Stinson) "I was 23, and it was with my mom's 45-year-old divorced friend, Rhonda. She called me "Barry" the whole time, and for two weeks, my comforter smelled like menthol cigarettes. You happy?"
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "Hey -- Why don't you tell us again about your first time at the camp in the Catskills."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Baby and her family spent every summer at Kellerman's. Her dad did not approve of our love."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Did anyone put Baby in a corner?"
  • (Barney Stinson) "Oh, God, no. What can I say, I -- had -- the time of my life. True story."
  • (Narrator) "But, kids, later that night, Katie did it, and she got pregnant -- with quintuplets -- and she lived out her days in a trailer park -- where she died an alcoholic. So the moral here, kids, don't have sex until you're married. Maybe even, like, wait a year or two into marriage."
  • (Son) "DAD."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "You know, Katie, I have wanted to come to the Empire State Building for so long, but I waited to come here with someone special."
  • (Katie Scherbatsky) "Oh, here we go."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "Marshall and I have never been to the Empire State Building either. But I'm so glad I waited to do something so important with my fiancee."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "Speaking of waiting, I signed an abstinence pledge in high school. It's totally cool to wait. And stay away from drugs -- other than pot."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "Katie, I'll admit, maybe I'm not in any place to lecture you on romantic relationships, but -- but I just don't want you to make the same mistakes that I've made."
  • (Katie Scherbatsky) "Oh, believe me, Kyle is not gay."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "You only get one shot at losing your virginity. And even though I just barely had sex, it counts."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "What do you mean just barely?"
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "Well, he didn't dive all the way into the pool, but he -- splashed around in the shallow end."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "Then you didn't lose your virginity to him. Just barely doesn't count."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "Yes, it does."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "No, it doesn't."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "Yes, it does."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "No, it doesn't. It doesn't count. End of story."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Ooh, why, Lily Aldrin, you saucy little harlot. Could it be that before Marshall took a swim, someone else tested the water?"
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "Okay but, if relationships are like a freeway, then saying "mm hmm hmm" is like, getting into the carpool lane. And, I don't want to take an exit but at the same time I'm not ready to get into the carpool lane. Because what's in the carpool lane? Oh, it's a big diamond."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Discouraging pre-marital sex is against my religion."
  • (Katie Scherbatsky) "You are such a hypocrite. You lost your virginity when you were sixteen."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "How did you know that?"
  • (Katie Scherbatsky) "I read your diary. I found it in your old room slash my new room."
  • (Barney Stinson) "I'll give you $10,000 for that diary."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "Instead of telling Ted you love him, you said "falafel"?"
  • (Barney Stinson) "Watch your step when you get up kids, 'cause I'm about to drop some knowledge. Relationships are like a freeway."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "Wait a minute. A month ago you told me relationships were like a traveling circus."
  • (Barney Stinson) "No, this is new, this trumps that. Freeways have exits, so do relationships. The first exit, my personal favorite, is six hours in. You meet, you talk, you have sex, you exit when she's in the shower."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "So, every girl you have sex with feels the immediate need to shower? Actually yeah, I get that."
  • (Barney Stinson) "The next exits are four days, three weeks, seven months; That's when you guys"
  • (Barney Stinson) "are gonna break up, mark your calendars."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Hey."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "What?"
  • (Barney Stinson) "Then a year and a half, eighteen years, and the last exit: death, which, if you've been with the same woman for your entire life, it's like "Are we there yet?""

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