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Five and Ten Quotes

Five and Ten is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Five and Ten stopped airing in 1970.

It features Marion Davies as producer, and George Barnes (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Five and Ten is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Five and Ten is 88-89 minutes long. Five and Ten is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Marion Davies as Jennifer Rarick, Richard Bennett as John G. Rarick, Mary Duncan as Muriel Preston, George Irving as Mr. Brooks, and Lee Beranger as Leslie.

Five and Ten Quotes

Marion Davies as Jennifer Rarick

  • (Marion Davies) "Poppa, did you tell them to put my picture in the society column?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "I'm not supposed to sleep in a case like this."
  • (Marion Davies) "No?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Oh, dear me, no. No, no. No. The gentleman on these occasions always sits by the bedside, to keep those coyotes away."
  • (Marion Davies) "No you don't. I've got to do some gold digging, first."
  • (Marion Davies) "Good night."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "I bet you do some fancy snoring."
  • (Marion Davies) "I've never had any complaints."
  • (Marion Davies) "Berry."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "So you would hold out on me, wouldn't you?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Get out of here. Can't you see I'm not dressed?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "That's all right. I don't mind. Not bad either, if I do say so."
  • (Marion Davies) "Have you gone mad?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Something's come over me. Maybe that's it."
  • (Marion Davies) "Berry --"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "That's how I like to see you -- all shaky -- instead of that devilish look you usually have."
  • (Marion Davies) "I'm not shaking."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Says she; her knees knocking."
  • (Marion Davies) "They're not knocking."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "They're adorable knees, Jenny."
  • (Marion Davies) "What if somebody came in here?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Not a chance -- they're all dressing. They'll be busy for hours."
  • (Marion Davies) "Berry, please go."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "All right -- I'll go. I'll go -- whenever you say."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Want me to go now?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Yes --"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Liar --"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "What kind of woman are you to make a man forget his fiancée?"
  • (Marion Davies) "What kind of man are you to make a woman forget a man's fiancée?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Don't think, boy, it doesn't rest so well on your brow."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "There's somebody here, isn't there?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Well, there must be."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "If there isn't, we're in a pickle."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Here, are you one of those women who fire a man with ambition?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Of course, I am."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Then you and I, quit right now."
  • (Marion Davies) "Yeah?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Oh yes, there's much too much fun in life to take these things seriously. Besides, one must have time for polo and, eh --"
  • (Marion Davies) "Women?"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Women. Yes, women take a little time too. By the way, Rarick, how would you like to share a small part of my working hours?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Not interested in part time boys."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Ah, dear, dear, I was afraid of that."
  • (Marion Davies) "I've got to have all; or nothing."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Has it ever occurred to you that the buffalo is practically extinct on Manhattan island?"
  • (Marion Davies) "And the common titmouse, if allowed to multiply, could in no time obliterate the entire earth."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "How true."
  • (Marion Davies) "Well, I guess I'll be running along."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Well, I'll come with you."
  • (Marion Davies) "Oh, don't bother. Thanks for the cocktail."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "I want to be myself for a bit. Couldn't you make use of an excellent rotter?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Why, I've been looking all over for an excellent rotter."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Don't. Don't encourage me girl. It's hard enough now to stick to these things. My self-control positively amazes me."
  • (Marion Davies) "It amazes me too; Berry."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Look here, do you want to get out of her a respectable woman? I'm at the breaking point now. Look at my hand."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Look at it."
  • (Marion Davies) "Oh, but, its such a nice hand."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Rarick, girl, you're about to be kissed."
  • (Marion Davies) "Oh, I'm shaking."
  • (Marion Davies) "Thanks Berry. Now I know you love me."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "You're talking out of turn, young lady."
  • (Marion Davies) "I only thought so before, but now I know it -- I'm terribly glad."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Do you wanna be spanked?"
  • (Marion Davies) "Look at me, darling."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "I'll do no such thing."
  • (Marion Davies) "Deny it if you can --"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "I'm gonna get out of here before I'm attacked --"
  • (Marion Davies) "Berry --"
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Little devil. You made me fall in love with you."

Richard Bennett as John G. Rarick

  • (Reporter on Train) "Will you remain in the five and ten cent store business, Mr. Rarick?"
  • (Richard Bennett) "Ha-ha. Well, I see no reason why I shouldn't. The business has been very profitable, so far. Of course, later on I may expand and put in a higher grade of merchandise. In that case, we'll charge fifteen cents. Ha-ha."

Mary Duncan as Muriel Preston

  • (Mary Duncan) "Just a minute, you don't seem to realize that Berry is engaged to me, Miss Rarick."
  • (Marion Davies) "Is he?"
  • (Mary Duncan) "Yes. And in our set it isn't very sporty to play around with a man who belongs to someone else. Of course, you wouldn't be expected to know that. You don't like to hear the truth, do you? Just because you bought yourself into a weekend, doesn't mean that you belong. Berry may step outside his own class, to play around. But, that's all it means."

Lee Beranger as Leslie

  • (Lee Beranger) "Hello, Rarick. Good to see you. I can't shake hands with you, I'm all dripping."
  • (Lee Beranger) "So, you know Jennifer Rarick, don't you? She's a new patron at my home for wayward girls."
  • (Mary Duncan) "Oh, really, how interesting. Come on, Berry, let's go for a swim."
  • (Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes) "Could I get a room there?"

George Irving as Mr. Brooks

  • (George Irving) "Is it your opinion that great wealth has a demoralizing influence on the family?"
  • (George Irving) "Demoralizing? Family? Oh, what nonsense. Take my son, for instance, he's exactly the same as I was at his age. Studious. Attentive to his business. My daughter, democratic, totally unspoiled. My wife, same sweet small town girl that she always was. Unselfish. Loyal to a fault almost. Oh, she's exactly the same today as she was then. Same loyalty, same regard for my welfare. Why, she's wrapped up in family and the children."

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