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Folks! Quotes

Folks! is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Folks! stopped airing in 1970.

It features Steve Golin; Monty Montgomery (producer) as producer, and Michel Colombier in charge of musical score.

Each episode of Folks! is 107 minutes long. Folks! is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Robert Pastorelli as Fred, Tom Selleck as Jon, Don Ameche as Harry, Anne Jackson as Mildred, Wendy Crewson as Audrey, Jon Favreau as Taxi Driver, Christine Ebersole as Arlene, and Michael Murphy as Ed.

Folks! Quotes

Tom Selleck as Jon

  • (Unnamed) "How'd you say this happened?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "My father accidentally put the car in the wrong gear and then he accidentally got his foot stuck on the accelerator."
  • (Tom Selleck) "I wanna tell you something, Pop, I missed you."
  • (Don Ameche) "You know I have to tell you something too. I don't know who the hell you are."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Sure you do."
  • (Don Ameche) "No, I don't."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Still a kidder, aren't you Dad? It's me, Jon."
  • (Don Ameche) "Jon? Jon. My boy."
  • (Tom Selleck) "This morning he named every member of his fighter squad like it was yesterday."
  • (Anne Jackson) "1943 he remembers like it was yesterday. It's yesterday he can't remember like it was yesterday."
  • (Tom Selleck) "You let your patients smoke in here?"
  • (Head Nurse) "Honey, they all gonna die of something sooner or later."
  • (Tom Selleck) "That's it, Arlene, I am retiring as executioner."
  • (Tom Selleck) "I'm perfect if anybody wants a one-balled, deaf, blind, unemployed vagrant with a limp."
  • (Tom Selleck) "You're not gonna kill yourself. I'll kill you if you kill yourself."
  • (Officer) "This whole experience must really be trying."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Yes, I feel horrible."
  • (Officer) "I meant for them."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Oh yeah, them too."
  • (Tom Selleck) "You work too hard, Ed. Get a girl."
  • (Tom Selleck) "This is special agent Jon Aldrich reporting."
  • (Tom Selleck) "This is Jon Aldrich to J. Edgar, come in, big guy."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Hello, Ed, can you hear me?"
  • (Unnamed) "Lucky those cops saw you. There wasn't any time to waste, I felt we should operate."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Operate?"
  • (Unnamed) "Lot's of men only have one testicle."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Did you say I have only one testicle?"
  • (Unnamed) "That's right."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Nope, nope."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Oh no."
  • (Unnamed) "Don't be upset, one is all you need. The other is just sort of a back up. It won't affect your sex life."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Thanks, Pop, I got one nut. Thank you very much."
  • (Don Ameche) "You're welcome."

Don Ameche as Harry

  • (Don Ameche) "McDonnells."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Hungry, Pop?"
  • (Don Ameche) "Um, yeah."
  • (Don Ameche) "I told you you're fired."
  • (Don Ameche) "I'm happy."
  • (Don Ameche) "You sold the shoe store? You sold the shoe store?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "I'm sorry, Pop, I just couldn't find the right way to tell you."
  • (Don Ameche) "Tell me what?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "That I sold the shoe store."
  • (Don Ameche) "You sold the shoe store?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "The neighborhood was changing and it wasn't worth anything."
  • (Don Ameche) "It's worth half a million dollars. See? McDonnell's."
  • (Tom Selleck) "You hungry again, Pop?"
  • (Don Ameche) "Yeah."
  • (Don Ameche) "This is a Good shoe."
  • (Don Ameche) "Don't worry, Lenny, the hook will catch the wire."

Christine Ebersole as Arlene

  • (Christine Ebersole) "I'm 35 years old, Jon."
  • (Tom Selleck) "You're not 35 years old, I'm 40 and you're older than I am."
  • (Christine Ebersole) "I'm 35. I'm got two obnoxious teenage boys and no husband. I have to compete with firm young women and there's only so much plastic surgery can do for me."
  • (Christine Ebersole) "Look who's here, Uncle Jon."
  • (Unnamed) "The asshole from Chicago?"
  • (Christine Ebersole) "That's him."

Robert Pastorelli as Fred

  • (Robert Pastorelli) "Hey, ball sac, they're towing your car. What am I supposed to drive?"
  • (Robert Pastorelli) "Hey, one-nut. Wanna beer?"
  • (Robert Pastorelli) "Hey, laughing boy, you didn't pay your bill. But then again you ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer."

Anne Jackson as Mildred

  • (Anne Jackson) "I'll put'im in the closet."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Sara wouldn't like that."
  • (Anne Jackson) "I meant Harry."
  • (Anne Jackson) "We're so disappointed, no one would kill us."
  • (Anne Jackson) "You're so much nicer than Jon's first wife."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "You were married before?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "Um --"
  • (Wendy Crewson) "You were married before and you didn't tell me?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "Didn't I tell you? I thought I told you. I told somebody. Ha ha."

Wendy Crewson as Audrey

  • (Wendy Crewson) "I'd have blown Hitler to get out of that house."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "What about your sister?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "The bitch?"

Michael Murphy as Ed

  • (Michael Murphy) "Look, this is tough on me too."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Well gee, I feel sorry for you, you back-stabbing pig."

Jon Favreau as Taxi Driver

  • (Jon Favreau) "My parents stay here too. They ain't never gonna die. It's the air conditioning. It's like they're in cold storage."

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