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For Colored Girls Quotes

For Colored Girls is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . For Colored Girls ended its run in 1970.

It features Tyler Perry as producer, Aaron Zigman in charge of musical score, and Alexander Gruszynski as head of cinematography.

For Colored Girls is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of For Colored Girls is 133 minutes long. For Colored Girls is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Loretta Devine as Juanita, Richard Lawson as Frank, Janet Jackson as Jo, Thandie Newton as Tangie, Whoopi Goldberg as Alice, Michael Ealy as Beau Willie, Kimberly Elise as Crystal, Phylicia Rashad as Gilda, Anika Noni Rose as Yasmine, Kerry Washington as Kelly, and Omari Hardwick as Carl.

For Colored Girls Quotes

Phylicia Rashad as Gilda

  • (Phylicia Rashad) "Ordinary, brown-braided woman with big legs and full lips -- you become yourself."

Loretta Devine as Juanita

  • (Loretta Devine) "Somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff and didn't care enough to send a note home saying "I was late for my solo conversation" or "two sizes too small for my own tacky skirts". What can anybody do with something of no value on an open market? Did you get a dime for my things? Hey, man. Where are you going with all of my stuff? This is a woman's trip and I need my stuff to "Ooh" and "Ah" about. Honest to God, somebody almost ran off with all of my stuff and I didn't bring anything but the kick and sway of it. The perfect ass for my man and none of it is theirs. This is mine, Juanita's own things. That's my name. Now give me my stuff. I see you hiding my laugh and how I sit with my legs open sometimes to give my crotch some sunlight. This is some delicate leg and whimsical kiss. I gotta have to give to my choice. So you can't have me unless I give me away. And I was doing all that till you ran off on a good thing. And who is this you left me with? Some simple bitch with a bad attitude? I want my things. I want my arm with the hot iron scar. I want my leg with the flea bite. Yeah, I want my things. I want my calloused feet and quick language back in my mouth. I want my own things. How I loved them. Somebody almost ran off with all of my stuff and I was standing there looking at myself the whole time. It wasn't a spirit that ran off with my stuff. It was a man whose ego walked 'round like Rodan's shadow. It was a man faster than my innocence. It was a lover I made too much room for. Almost ran off with all my stuff and the one running with it don't know he got it. I'm shouting, "This is mine." and he don't even know he got it. My stuff is the anonymous ripped-off treasure of the year. Did you know somebody almost got away with me? Me, in a plastic bag under his arm. Me, Juanita Sims. Somebody almost walked off with all my stuff."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Hi. I'm Juanita Sims, and I'm so glad"
  • (Loretta Devine) "you took this meeting. Now I'll be quick, because I know you're very busy."
  • (Loretta Devine) "I read in your magazine about your upbringing. I just knew that this would be a program that you would respond to. First of all, I'm a nurse, and I have just opened a free health and wellness clinic in a community center in one of the poorest neighborhoods in this city. Oh, forgive me. I'm just a little nervous. As you know --"
  • (Janet Jackson) "Where do I come in?"
  • (Loretta Devine) "Well -- It's a little non-profit, and everything I do I do out of my own pocket and --"
  • (Janet Jackson) "Let me stop you right now. I give to cancer, I give to Africa, I give to education. Those are my charities of choice."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Well, those are all very good charities, but there is so much need in our own community."
  • (Janet Jackson) "'Our?' We are all afforded the same opportunities in 'our' community. What they do with theirs, it is not my issue. Your answer is no. End of conversation."
  • (Loretta Devine) "End of conversation?"
  • (Loretta Devine) "Crystal, show Miss Simmons out."
  • (Janet Jackson) "It's Sims. Miss Juanita Sims."
  • (Kimberly Elise) "Right this way."
  • (Loretta Devine) "No. I've been waiting out there in that damn lobby of yours for over an hour for you. Now, it's cool, you don't want to give any money, I get that. But this attitude, this blatant disrespect for other people's time and feelings, well, honey, that's just ridiculous. Does it take all of this for you to be that? Then, honey, if it does, then you may be paying just a little too much. And I can see myself out of this tacky-ass place. Ain't got no color up in here, all this white. No color up in this place, including you."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Tacky-ass heifer. Wait till I tell everybody how tacky you are. I can show my own self out, thank you very much."
  • (Loretta Devine) "How do I open this damn door?"
  • (Loretta Devine) "Ever since I realized there was someone called a colored girl, or an evil woman, a bitch, or a nag, I've been trying not to be that, and leave bitterness in someone else's cup."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Frank, open the door. I know you're in there. You got a woman in there? Fine, I am sick of your mess. Without any assistance or guidance from you, I have loved you assiduously for 8 months, 2 weeks, and a day. I been stood up 4 times, left 7 packages on your doorstep, 40 poems, 2 plants, 3 handmade notecards, and I had to leave town to send them. You call at 3 am in the morning on weekdays -- charming, charming. But you have been of NO assistance. I want you to know what this has been an experiment -- to see how selfish I could be. To see if I could really carry on to snare a possible lover. To see if I was capable of debasing myself for the love of another. To see if I could stand not being wanted when I want to be wanted and I can not, so without any further guidance or assistance from you, I am ending this affair."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Now, how many times have you heard your man say it don't feel the same? My love is too beautiful to have it thrown back on my face."
  • (Anika Noni Rose) "I like that."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Try one."
  • (Anika Noni Rose) "What?"
  • (Loretta Devine) "Well, I do it all the time in my class. You just say, "My love is too ____," and you just fill in the blank."
  • (Phylicia Rashad) "My love is too sanctified to have it thrown back on my face."
  • (Kerry Washington) "My love is too magic to have it thrown back on my face."
  • (Thandie Newton) "My love is too "Saturday Night" to have it thrown back on my face."
  • (Janet Jackson) "My love is too complicated to have it thrown back on my face."
  • (Anika Noni Rose) "My love is too music to have it thrown back on my face."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Yes, and you remember that when a man tries to walk off with all your stuff."
  • (Loretta Devine) "I got a real dead loving here for you now, because I don't know anymore how to avoid my own face wet with my tears. Because I had convinced myself that colored girls have no right to sorrow."
  • (Richard Lawson) "I guess this is goodbye."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Like you've never seen it before."

Janet Jackson as Jo

  • (Janet Jackson) "Another song with no singers, lyrics -- no voices. Unseen performances --"
  • (Janet Jackson) "I went to my gynecologist, and before you, every level in my body was fine."
  • (Omari Hardwick) "Baby, are you sick? Talk to me."
  • (Janet Jackson) "Tell me the truth, Carl. Who have you been sleeping with?"
  • (Omari Hardwick) "Jo, I promise you since -- Since you and I have been together, I have not slept with another woman, and I promise you that."
  • (Janet Jackson) "What about a man?"
  • (Omari Hardwick) "What the f*** did you just ask me?"
  • (Janet Jackson) "I see the way you look at them when you think I'm not paying attention. I see it. The pool boy in the Hamptons, my driver, the guy the other night at the opera. I see it all, Carl."
  • (Omari Hardwick) "You have no idea how much I hate coming up into this motherf***ing house sometimes. Every day, Joanna, if it ain't you telling me what to wear, how to look, calling the shots over my head."
  • (Janet Jackson) "Are you gay?"
  • (Omari Hardwick) "How you gonna ask me a question like that?"
  • (Janet Jackson) "How did you marry a woman, and then turn around and let a man bend you over?"
  • (Omari Hardwick) "Ain't nobody bending me over."
  • (Janet Jackson) "So you doing the bending? Is that what it is?"
  • (Omari Hardwick) "I don't wake up holding another man, walking down the street holding some man's hands. That's gay, okay? That ain't me."
  • (Janet Jackson) "You're saying a lie, Carl. You're saying a lot without saying nothing at all."
  • (Omari Hardwick) "I'm saying that your husband is a man, Jo. I'm a man every day of the week. I'm a man. I'm just a man who enjoys having sex with another man, Jo. No attachments, no f***ing -- No relationship, just sex, you know? That's what I'm saying, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jo, for my truth."
  • (Janet Jackson) "Save your "sorry." One thing I don't need are anymore apologies. I got sorry greeting me at the front door. You can keep yours. I don't know what to do with them -- I can't even -- I have to throw some away. I can't even get to the clothes in my closet for all the sorries. I'm not even sorry about you being sorry."

Whoopi Goldberg as Alice

  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "He only left you that money, so you could control me like he did. He used to put his hands on my dress. Told me I was the only one he needed. Told me I was ugly. And when I was 15, he gave me to a white man. Said he wanted beautiful granddaughters -- not like me."

Michael Ealy as Beau Willie

  • (Michael Ealy) "You love me?"
  • (Kimberly Elise) "Man, I've loved you since I was 14."

Anika Noni Rose as Yasmine

  • (Anika Noni Rose) "A rapist doesn't have to be a stranger to be legitimate. Someone you never saw. A man with obvious problems. But if you been public with him, danced one dance, kissed him goodbye lightly with a closed mouth, pressing charges will be as hard as keeping your legs closed while five fools try and run a train on you. These men friends of ours, who smile nicely, take you out to dinner, then lock the door behind you --"

Thandie Newton as Tangie

  • (Thandie Newton) "You don't know me."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I do."
  • (Thandie Newton) "Being alive and being a woman is all I got, but being colored is a metaphysical dilemma I haven't conquered yet."

Kimberly Elise as Crystal

  • (Kimberly Elise) "There's a part of me that knows it happened, but most of me feels like I'm dreaming. Am I awake? This must be what death feels like."

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