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Force 10 from Navarone (film) Quotes

Force 10 from Navarone (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Force 10 from Navarone completed its run in 1970.

It features Oliver A. Unger as producer, Ron Goodwin in charge of musical score, and Christopher Challis as head of cinematography.

Force 10 from Navarone (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Force 10 from Navarone (film) is 118 minutes (release) long. Force 10 from Navarone (film) is distributed by Columbia-Warner Bros. Distributors (UK).

The cast includes: Robert Shaw as Mallory, Edward Fox as Miller, Harrison Ford as Barnsby, Alan Badel as Maj. Petrovitch, Michael Byrne as Maj. Schroeder, Franco Nero as Lescovar, Carl Weathers as Weaver, and Richard Kiel as Drazak.

Force 10 from Navarone (film) Quotes

Harrison Ford as Barnsby

  • (Harrison Ford) "I did your job. Now help me do mine."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Sorry about Marko."
  • (Franco Nero) "Thank you. It's a risk we all take. He was a brave man and a good friend. Then he got careless."
  • (Robert Shaw) "You think that big sergeant spotted him as a partisan?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "I can't buy that. The sergeant wasn't that bright."
  • (Harrison Ford) "He saluted you; you're wearing a corporal's uniform. That doesn't rate a salute in the German army."
  • (Robert Shaw) "Not in anybody's army. Why do you think he saluted you, Lescovar?"
  • (Franco Nero) "Perhaps he recognized my natural superiority."
  • (Robert Shaw) "Yes, perhaps."
  • (Harrison Ford) "What happened to you?"
  • (Carl Weathers) "He bit me in all the excitement. But damn it to hell, we did it, Colonel. We did it."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Yes we did, Sergeant. Yes we did."
  • (Edward Fox) "And a merry Christmas."
  • (Robert Shaw) "Yes, gentlemen, we did it."
  • (Robert Shaw) "But before we can start awarding ourselves Victoria Crosses and Congressional Medals of Honor and so on and so forth and such like -- I think I'd better point out that one, we're now on the wrong side of the river. That two, we have no hope whatsoever of rejoining the partisans. That three, this neck of the woods will soon be crawling with very bad-tempered Germans. And that four, I don't think our little genius Sergeant Miller there has even got a box of matches left in his suitcase. And so I think we can take it, gentlemen, that we're going to have a very long walk home."

Michael Byrne as Maj. Schroeder

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Richard Kiel as Drazak

  • (Richard Kiel) "Partisan BITCH. Always so kind to the men with burns -- But they HAVE no burns."

Robert Shaw as Mallory

  • (Robert Shaw) "I don't support they taught you German at that awful school of yours?"
  • (Edward Fox) "What, instead of Latin? Heaven forbid, old boy."
  • (Robert Shaw) "May I talk to you personally, sir?"
  • (Alan Badel) "You are talking to me personally."
  • (Robert Shaw) "No I mean alone."
  • (Alan Badel) "No. The People's army does not conduct military business in secret."
  • (Robert Shaw) "You're Nikolai -- You're the man who blew us in Greece."
  • (Robert Shaw) "You ever hear of penicillin?"
  • (Michael Byrne) "No."
  • (Robert Shaw) "No, well, I'm not surprised. It's a new developement It's a drug that prevents wounds from becoming infected."
  • (Robert Shaw) "Next time, you can play the corpse. You seem pretty handy with that thing, though."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Could've been luck."

Carl Weathers as Weaver

  • (Carl Weathers) "s***, what's this? Another one of his toys?"
  • (Carl Weathers) "Damn, ain't that something? Dog turds, snakes --"

Edward Fox as Miller

  • (Edward Fox) "Don't worry, old chap. Been handling this stuff ever since I blew up the nursery with my first chemistry set. Poor old Nanny."
  • (Edward Fox) "Well we can't just stand here like 'ducks in thunder'."

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