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Forgiving (Angel) Quotes

Forgiving (Angel) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Forgiving ended in 1970.

Forgiving (Angel) Quotes

  • (Charles Gunn) "This is making even less and less sense. You expect us to belive that Wesley -- OUR Wesley just walked up to Holtz and handed him Connor?"
  • (Lorne) "They've been meeting secretly for over a week now. I read that much before Wesley attacked me."
  • (Charles Gunn) "Then you read him wrong. Wesley wouldn't betray us for no reason."
  • (Lorne) "But he did. He was not taking Connor out for a stroll, Charles. When he left here with that child, he wasn't planning on coming back -- ever."
  • (Sahjhan) "Angel. I guess I have you to thank for the whole mortal coil thing. Making me corporeal once again."
  • (Angel) "Yeah. I'll tell you what. You take me to the Quor'toth world, help me find my son, we'll call it even."
  • (Sahjhan) "Really? You and me? Buddy cops, latest summer release movie. We iron out our wacky differences and bond? Don't think so."
  • (Angel) "You're taking me there."
  • (Sahjhan) "Couldn't even if I wanted to."
  • (Angel) "You're lying."
  • (Sahjhan) "No, I'm telling you the truth about that. Your kid's gone for good. I can open the Quor'toth exactly one time. That's why I chose it. Try again, the whole universe could go kaplooey. Bad for me, bad for America."
  • (Lorne) "Hey, I talked to a couple of different sources like you asked. Angel, the news isn't good. This -- this "Quor'toth" dimension is -- well, everyone that I spoke to is afraid of it. And these are not easily rattled people, and -- that's not all. The portal you saw opened? It wasn't a portal because there are no portals to Quor'toth. And for a very good reason. It's probably the most hellish of all the demon dimensions in this known plane of existence. The only way to Quor'toth is to rip right through the fabric of reality. This isn't a matter of finding an interdimentional hot spot or conjuring an opening with a simple incantation. To punch through to Quor'toth would require dark, dark magic's -- the kind of power it takes centuries to build. Angel, I know this isn't easy for you, but you got to hear it. If you somehow manage to get in -- finding Connor in there would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A haystack the size of China."
  • (Angel) "Needles. Should have thought of that."
  • (Lorne) "We don't have the resources to conjure up that much dark power."
  • (Angel) "Oh, I think we do."
  • (Fred) "Where is he? Will you just tell us?"
  • (Justine) "Heaven? Hell? I slit his throat."
  • (Angel) "Hey, Wes. I just; I want you to know I understand why you did it. I know about the prophecies and I know how hard it must have been for you to -- do what you did. You thought I was gonna turn evil and kill my son. I didn't. It's important you know that. This isn't Angelus talking. It's me, Angel. You know that, right?"
  • (Angel) "Good."
  • (Angel) "Son of a bitch, you're gonna pay for what you did. You took my son. You son of a bitch. You bastard. You think I'd forgive you? Never. You're gonna die. You hear me? You're gonna pay."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey."
  • (Angel) "You took my son, YOU TOOK MY SON."
  • (Fred) "Stop it."
  • (Angel) "You took my son."
  • (Charles Gunn) "Angel, stop."
  • (Angel) "Never. Never."
  • (Charles Gunn) "Come on, man. Stop."
  • (Angel) "I'll kill you. You're dead. You're a dead man, Pryce. You're dead. I'll kill you. I'll kill you. You're a dead man. Dead. Dead."
  • (Fred) "Don't you think she would want us to call? Shouldn't we tell her what happened? Maybe she could help."
  • (Angel) "No."
  • (Fred) "Angel --"
  • (Angel) "She'll be back soon. And when she does, she'll have presents for Connor. And he's gonna be here so she can give them to him. Okay?"
  • (Sahjhan) "Do I look like I need more skin problems?"

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