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Fortunate Son (Star Trek: Enterprise) Quotes

Fortunate Son (Star Trek: Enterprise) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Fortunate Son stopped airing in 1970.

It features Dawn Valazquez as producer, and Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Fortunate Son (Star Trek: Enterprise) Quotes

  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "The Earth cargo ship: "Fortunate". Y-class freighter. Maximum speed warp 1.8. Crew complement 23."
  • (Ensign Travis Mayweather) "Not counting newborn babies."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "Ensign?"
  • (Ensign Travis Mayweather) "I grew up on a J-class. A little smaller, but the same basic design. And one thing I can tell you is that at warp 1.8, you got a lotta time on your hands between ports. That's how my parents wound up with me."
  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "Do you have any helpful information on this vessel beyond its -- recreational activities?"
  • (Ensign Travis Mayweather) "Never thought I'd see a Y-class running from any ship I was on. When I was growing up on the Horizon, anything that happened on board, you handled yourself. If someone on the crew got into a fight, you just worked it out. You took care of your own. If Starfleet suddenly showed up and told my father what he could and couldn't do on his own ship --"
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "Things are changing. Ryan's gonna have to figure that out."
  • (Ensign Travis Mayweather) "Maybe he already has, and just doesn't like it."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "You're not sneaking up on an old freighter this time. This is an NX-class starship. Take a good look, because you'll be seeing more of them. Now, you can reconsider my offer, or you can take your chances."
  • (Nausicaan Captain) "If you think you can convince them to return our crewman, do it quickly. Otherwise we'll be forced to take our chances."
  • (Lieutenant Malcolm Reed) "Get down."
  • (Dr. Phlox) "Under the circumstances, I defer to your experience."
  • (Captain Keene) "My family's been on the Fortunate for three generations. Now, I'm gonna need at least a warp three engine to stay in business."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "Maybe that's not so bad. At warp three, help's a lot closer than before. You won't have to go it alone."
  • (Captain Keene) "Going it alone's all we've ever done. For some of us, it's the reason we're out here; a chance to prove ourselves."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "I think you've already done that."
  • (Nausicaan Captain) "Our scans show you have one of our crewmen aboard. I assume you're here to return him."
  • (First Officer Matthew Ryan) "He's our prisoner."
  • (Nausicaan Captain) "He won't be for long."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "Human beings have a code of behavior that applies whether they're Starfleet officers or space boomers. And it isn't driven by revenge. Just because someone isn't born on Earth doesn't make him any less human."

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