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Four Sheets to the Wind Quotes

Four Sheets to the Wind is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Four Sheets to the Wind ended its run in 1970.

It features Chad Burris as producer, Jeffery Johnson in charge of musical score, and Fredrick Schroder as head of cinematography.

Four Sheets to the Wind is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Four Sheets to the Wind is 84 minutes long. Four Sheets to the Wind is distributed by First Look Studios (United States).

The cast includes: Mike Randleman as Sonny, Cody Lightning as Cufe Smallhill, Tamara Podemski as Miri Smallhill, Laura Bailey as Francie, Jon Proudstar as Jim, Jeri Arredondo as Cora Smallhill, and Richard Ray Whitman as Frankie Smallhill.

Four Sheets to the Wind Quotes

Richard Ray Whitman as Frankie Smallhill

  • (Richard Ray Whitman) "People come around in circles. Never ending circles, but you're never that far away from home. You always come back. My Grandmother used to always tease me about her stories. She'd say, 'You better learn how to exaggerate and tell stories. How do you expect your children to learn anything?' I don't know if I taught Cufe and Miri much. People all of my life have said, 'You never talk. I just like listening I guess.'"

Tamara Podemski as Miri Smallhill

  • (Tamara Podemski) "Don't f*** up my car Cuf."
  • (Cody Lightning) "I won't damn."
  • (Tamara Podemski) "I know it runs like s*** but it's all I got."

Cody Lightning as Cufe Smallhill

  • (Cody Lightning) "You ever feel like, just getting f*** out of here?"
  • (Jon Proudstar) "Yeah. But where would I go? I mean, this is home."
  • (Cody Lightning) "You think it'd be stupid if I wore the suit or --"
  • (Tamara Podemski) "No -- it's like an artsy party. You can go naked if you wanted."
  • (Cody Lightning) "I need a style."
  • (Tamara Podemski) "You look good. Since when do you start caring about how you looked anyway?"
  • (Cody Lightning) "Since I started getting invited to parties."
  • (Cody Lightning) "You know mom really misses you. You should come around more often."
  • (Tamara Podemski) "No she doesn't. She just wants you to feel sorry for her."
  • (David) "Cufe? Cufe? Wow. Parents weren't f***ed up when they named you, were they?"
  • (Cody Lightning) "Actually, it was my grandfather's name and he's dead."
  • (David) "Oh. Ah I was just kidding with you."
  • (Tamara Podemski) "It means Rabbit."
  • (David) "Rabbit -- good. I'm David, I have no idea what that means. David, I guess it just means David, or David and Goliath maybe."
  • (Cody Lightning) "He told me the other day he never wanted to be buried. He said funerals ain't nothing but a big circus."

Mike Randleman as Sonny

  • (Mike Randleman) "See I've always dabbled in Native American arts. You know, nothing big just, just little things -- see I'm a half-breed. Well, actually, I'm one-eighth Cherokee. It's the best thing I've ever done. I mean, you know, I find art comes natural to our people, don't you?"

Jeri Arredondo as Cora Smallhill

  • (Jeri Arredondo) "When I first met you daddy, I thought he was it. It was at a party, my first. The girls and I, we snuck out of boarding school over to this birthday party in Eufaula. He was slinking off in some corner, the shadows, and I did everything to get his attention. I kept staring at him, he never so much as looked at me. Finally I got the nerve, I went up to him and I said, 'Hey, cvpon, what's your name?' He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, said in that quiet voice of his he said, 'Four Sheets to The Wind.' And I said 'what?' He said, 'that's my name.' Those were his first words to me. Mom was so pissed when we got married. She always wanted me to marry a rich white man. And I ran off and married the first poor Indian I could find."
  • (Jeri Arredondo) "Just don't go letting it be a sex thing. You'll never make it."

Jon Proudstar as Jim

  • (Jon Proudstar) "I remember this one time, he'd been drinking all afternoon and there was this tornado warning. And I was freaking out, crying and s***. And he came over to me and told me not to worry. That he knew a dance that was going to protect us from the tornado. And he went out into the front yard, started dancing and singing and s***. And that tornado, it never came. When I was older, your mom told me he was watching the weather channel with Gary England. He knew that tornado was never coming."

Laura Bailey as Francie

  • (Laura Bailey) "Cufe Smallhill. Can I tell you that's the coolest f***ing name I've ever heard?"

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