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Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) Quotes

Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Frankie and Johnny completed its run in 1970.

It features Garry Marshall as producer, Marvin Hamlisch in charge of musical score, and Dante Spinotti as head of cinematography.

Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) is 118 minutes long. Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Al Pacino as Johnny, Michelle Pfeiffer as Frankie, Nathan Lane as Tim, Kate Nelligan as Cora, Jane Morris as Nedda, and Héctor Elizondo as Nick.

Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) Quotes

Kate Nelligan as Cora

  • (Kate Nelligan) "People think I'm a tough bitch, but it ain't true. s*** like this chokes me up."
  • (Kate Nelligan) "It didn't SEEM like you came. I mean, usually a guy'll moan or somethin', you didn't even clear your throat."
  • (Kate Nelligan) "Tino. Who do ya gotta f*** to get a waffle here?"
  • (Kate Nelligan) "Forget the waffle."

Michelle Pfeiffer as Frankie

  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I'm thirty-six."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Why do you want to kill yourself sometimes?"
  • (Al Pacino) "I want to kill myself sometimes when I think that I'm the only person in the world and that part of me that feels that way is trapped inside this body, that only bumps into other bodies, without ever connecting to the only other person in the world trapped inside of them. We have to connect. We just have to."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "What is that?"
  • (Al Pacino) "A rose. It grew in the kitchen."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Hey Jorge, the immigration."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "No. I didn't mean it."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "The man I was with -- he did this with a belt buckle. He's the reason I can't have kids. He, uh -- he knocked me around while I was -- pregnant."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I lost the baby."
  • (Al Pacino) "It's gone."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "It'll never be gone."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Why are you doing this?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Everything I want is in this room."

Al Pacino as Johnny

  • (Al Pacino) "Pardon my French."
  • (Al Pacino) "You don't have to be afraid anymore."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I am. I'm afraid. I'm afraid to be alone, I'm afraid not to be alone. I'm afraid of what I am, what I'm not, what I might become, what I might never become. I don't want to stay at my job for the rest of my life but I'm afraid to leave. And I'm just tired, you know, I'm just so tired of being afraid."
  • (Al Pacino) "I have a cousin who's gay, by the way."
  • (Nathan Lane) "Oh, most people do."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Ready."
  • (Al Pacino) "He's a really great guy."
  • (Nathan Lane) "I'm sure."
  • (Al Pacino) "He just found out he was gay a couple of months ago."
  • (Nathan Lane) "Well, I'll look him up in the directory. Under the new entries."
  • (Al Pacino) "I know I can't the make the bad go away. You're right, I can't. But when the bad comes again, I am gonna be next to you."
  • (Al Pacino) "Now, there's a man and a woman. He's a cook. She's a waitress. Now, they meet and they don't connect. Only, she noticed him. He could feel it. And he noticed her. And they both knew it was going to happen. They made love, and for maybe one whole night, they forgot the 10 million things that make people think, I don't love this person, I don't like this person, I don't know this- Instead, it was perfect, and they were perfect. And that's all there was to know about. Only now, she's beginning to forget all that, and pretty soon he's going to forget it too."
  • (Al Pacino) "So, how about you? Do you ever want to kill yourself sometimes?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Yeah, everybody wants to kill themselves sometime."
  • (Al Pacino) "Raw eggs, coming up."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Not raw. Runny."
  • (Al Pacino) "I think we should get married and have kids."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I don't like kids."
  • (Al Pacino) "I don't believe that."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I can't have any. Are you happy now?"
  • (Mr. Rosen) "New York City can be a real dangerous, hostile place."
  • (Al Pacino) "It'll be a nice change."

Jane Morris as Nedda

  • (Jane Morris) "Want some bran? You might as well eat rope and yank it through."

Héctor Elizondo as Nick

  • (Héctor Elizondo) "Come on, Grandma, we go home, we watch wrestling."

Nathan Lane as Tim

  • (Nathan Lane) "Are you expecting someone?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "No."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Hello, who is it?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Frankie?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Johnny?"
  • (Nathan Lane) "Ooh, I just got goosebumps."

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