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Freak Strike Quotes

Freak Strike is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Freak Strike completed its run in 1970.

Freak Strike Quotes

  • (Maury Povich Announcer) "Do you or someone you know have a difigurement or disability we can exploit on the Maury Povich Show? If so, call one five-five-five Hey-Maury."
  • (Man with Terrible Skin Condition) "We will split up into groups and form picket lines. The first group will be lead by Incredibly Obese Black Man."
  • (Incredibly Black Obese Man) "Excuse me; I'm not Incredibly Obese Black Man, I'm Incredibly Black Obese Man."
  • (Man with Terrible Skin Condition) "Oh, right; my bad."
  • (Butters) "Wait; Butters' chin? Well, that's me."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "Yeah."
  • (Butters) "I'm Butters."
  • (Stan) "We know, you're the one doing it, Butters, who'd you think we were talking about?"
  • (Butters) "Well, hold on just a second, you guys --"
  • (Eric Cartman) "Hey, I know how we get the balls on Butters' chin. Those Star Trek dorks down the street. They're always making crazy masks and special effects for their dumb movies."
  • (Butters) "Hang on now --"
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "Yeah. I bet they can make a fake set of balls. Come on, Butters."
  • (Butters) "Wait; why does it have to be me?"
  • (Stan) "It has to be you, Butters, think about it."
  • (Eric Cartman) "Yeah."
  • (Butters) "But, fellas, if I go on Maury Povich with my balls on my chin, my parents are gonna be really mad."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "We'll just tell your parents we're going on a camping trip with my parents. They'll never know."
  • (Butters) "I'm sorry, but the answer is ut-ah. Ut-ah, ut-ah."
  • (Stan) "Kenny would have done it."
  • (Butters) "So? I told you guys before: I'm not Kenny."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "We know, believe me, we know. We're reminded every day you're not Kenny, 'cause Kenny was cool."
  • (Eric Cartman) "Yeah, God, I wish Kenny was still alive. He'd put balls on his chin. He was such an awsome friend."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "Well, come on, guys. If Butters won't even put balls on his chin for us, I guess we know where we stand."
  • (Eric Cartman) "Yeah."

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