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Frequency (film) Quotes

Frequency (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Frequency stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gregory Hoblit as producer, Michael Kamen in charge of musical score, and Alar Kivilo as head of cinematography.

Frequency (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Frequency (film) is 118 minutes long. Frequency (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Dennis Quaid as Frank, Jim Caviezel as John, Jim Caviezel as John Sullivan, Shawn Doyle as Jack Shepard, Dennis Quaid as Frank Sullivan, Elizabeth Mitchell as Julia Sullivan, Dennis Quaid as Fred, Andre Braugher as Satch, Michael Cera as Gordo Hersch, and Melissa Errico as Samantha Thomas.

Frequency (film) Quotes

Dennis Quaid as Frank Sullivan

  • (Dennis Quaid) "You want black? Sugar?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "It's all good."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You'll get black"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You're kidding. You mean, like those big field radios they use in the army?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "No, no, it works off of a satellite. You carry it around in your pocket."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I'm still here, Chief."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I'm not a cop, I'm a firefighter."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Why don't we tame this bronco, huh? You and me, spirit and guts."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I don't know who you are, I don't know why you're doing this, but let me tell you something, asshole, you stay away from me and my family."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Listen, I don't know how this is, but it's me, little Chief."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Hey, hey, I am warning you, you touch my kid, I'll hunt you down 'til the day I die."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "But you already died."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "The Buxton fire."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Oh, and when did that happen, 30 years ago?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "October 12th, 1969."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "That's tomorrow, I ain't dyin in no fire tomorrow or any other day, you got that?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You gotta listen to me, it was an abandoned warehouse. Butch always told Ma it wasn't your fault, you went with your instincts. If you've just gone the other way, you could've made it."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "John, say hello to my wife Julia."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Hi."
  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "Hi John. Frank tells me you're a cop."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Yeah, that's right."
  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "My six year old keeps telling us he wants to be a policeman right after he retires from the majors. We just bought him a badge and a whistle for his birthday."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Yeah, I remember I used to play cops and robbers all the time, and y; my mom wouldn't let me have a toy gun."
  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "Sounds like your mom and I would get along."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Yeah, she's pretty special. I'm real proud of her."
  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "I bet she's proud of you too, being a cop and all."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I hope so. I hope she knows how much I love her."
  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "She knows. Mom's always know how much their kids love them, even if they don't tell them all the time. Well I gotta go. It was good talking to ya John."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You too."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Well I just knew. She melted my heart. You got anybody?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Yeah, kinda. Something I gotta work out, but she's worth it."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You go ahead and get some rest. I'm tired too."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I almost don't wanna click off here. Maybe we won't get this back."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "We will."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Ok. I'll be here tomorrow."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I know."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I love you son."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I love you too dad. I missed you so much."

Elizabeth Mitchell as Julia Sullivan

  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "What's going on here, Satch?"
  • (Andre Braugher) "Frank says that he talks to Johnny, little Johnny on the radio in the future, and this guy claims to be your son."
  • (Elizabeth Mitchell) "Well, I talked to him too, once. He's a cop."
  • (Andre Braugher) "You talked to the guy on the radio?"

Jim Caviezel as John Sullivan

  • (Jim Caviezel) "Do exactly what I say ok?"
  • (Michael Cera) "Bull hicky. You can't tell me what to do."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Don't screw with me you little pisher, I know everything about you. I have complete knowledge of the universe."
  • (Michael Cera) "That's not true, only God knows --"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Oh, yeah well who put rubber cement in the coach's jockstrap, or who put the frog in Melissa Gluckman's locker and lets not forget about grandpa's laxative in the sweet potatoes last Thanksgiving. You did all that."
  • (Michael Cera) "What do you want Mister?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Ok --"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "So, that's it, Samantha?, You're just walking out?"
  • (Melissa Errico) "l have been walking out for six months, John. You just didn't notice or care."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You're right, we should have quit a long time ago. l am sorry, l know it's my fault, l can't change, Sam. l wish l could, but l can't."
  • (Melissa Errico) "No, John, it's that you won't change, and that's what hurts so much. Goodbye, Chief."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You gotta be more careful, cause I can't lose you again. Not like that."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You won't John. You won't. I swear to God, no matter what. You got it? You hear me?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I hear you."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "So how old are you?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I'm 36."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "36. You're all grown up. You must be married and everything."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "No, I'm not married."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What? Too busy playing ball?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "It didn't work out. I gave it up."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What happened?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I blew my arm out senior year. Didn't have a shot."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Oh, I'm sorry Johnny. I know that had to hurt."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Thanks."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "So what did ya wind up doing? You join the department?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Actually I went the other way. I'm a cop."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What? You're 3rd generation fire fighter. Come on I thought you were gonna grow out of that cop thing."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Well you got Satch to thank for that one."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You're kidding me huh. Satch? He was always crazy about you ever since you were born. You're still my little chief, right?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Yeah, I'm trying to be. I'm trying."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You went down 30 years ago pal you just don't know it yet."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "I may not know who he is, but I know where he's gonna be and how he's gonna get there."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "You changed your mo cause if they knew your mother was a nightingale, they would'a looked at the family. They would'a looked at you."
  • (Shawn Doyle) "What are you lookin at?"
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Stealin your life away."
  • (Jim Caviezel) "Shoulda, woulda, coulda, pal."

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