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From Here to Eternity Quotes

From Here to Eternity is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . From Here to Eternity stopped airing in 1970.

It features Buddy Adler as producer, George Duning in charge of musical score, and Burnett Guffey as head of cinematography.

From Here to Eternity is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of From Here to Eternity is 118 minutes long. From Here to Eternity is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes, Donna Reed as Alma, Burt Lancaster as Sergeant Milton Warden, Frank Sinatra as Angelo Maggio, Jack Warden as Cpl. Buckley, George Reeves as Sergeant Maylon Stark, and Tim Ryan as Sgt. Pete Karelsen.

From Here to Eternity Quotes

Tim Ryan as Sgt. Pete Karelsen

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Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes

  • (Deborah Kerr) "Why don't you tell the truth, you just don't want the responsibility. You're probably not even in love with me."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "You're crazy. I wish I didn't love ya; maybe I can enjoy life again."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I never knew it could be like this. Nobody ever kissed me the way you do."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Nobody?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "No, nobody."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Not even one? Out of all the men you've been kissed by?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Now that'd take some figuring. How many men do you think there've been?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "I wouldn't know. Can't you give me a rough estimate?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Not without an adding machine. Do you have the adding machine with you?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "I forgot to bring it."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Are these really important?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Yes, but not important they get signed today. Tomorrow's okay."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "I have copies at the office, so it won't be much work to fix 'em up."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "That's what I like about you, Sergeant: you have confidence. It's also what I dislike about you."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "It's not confidence, ma'am; it's honesty. I just hate to see a beautiful woman going all to waste."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Waste, did you say? There's a subject I might tell you something about. I know several kinds of waste, Sergeant. You're probably not even remotely aware of some of them. Would you like to hear? For instance, what about the house without a child? There's one sort for you. Then there's another -- You're doing fine, Sergeant. My husband's off somewhere, and it's raining outside, and we're both drinking now. You've probably only got one thing wrong. The lady herself. The lady's not what she seems. She's a -- washout, if you know what I mean -- and I'm sure you know what I mean."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "You going to cry?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Not if I can help it. What are you doing?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "I'm leaving. Isn't that what you want?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I don't know, Sergeant. I don't know."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "If you're looking for the captain, he isn't here."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "And if I'm not looking for him?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "He still isn't here."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Don't try to be gallant, Sergeant. If you think this is a mistake, come right out and say so -- Well, I guess it's about time for me to be heading home, isn't it? -- Well, isn't it?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "What's the matter? What started all this, anyway? You think I'd be here if I thought it was a mistake? Taking a chance on 20 years in Leavenworth for making dates with the company commander's wife? And her acting like; like Lady Astor's horse, and all because I got here on time."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Well, on the other hand, I've got a bathing suit under my dress --"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Me too."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Come back here, Sergeant. I'll tell you the story; you can take it back to the barracks with you. I'd only been married to Dana two years when I found out he was cheating. And by that time I was pregnant. I thought I had something to hope for. I was almost happy the night the pains began. I remember Dana was going to an officers' conference. I told him to get home early, to bring the doctor with him. And maybe he would have -- if his "conference" hadn't been with a hat-check girl. He was drunk when he came in at 5 AM. I was lying on the floor. I begged him to go for the doctor, but he fell on the couch and passed out. The baby was born about an hour later. Of course it was dead. It was a boy. But they worked over me at the hospital, they fixed me up fine, they even took my appendix out; they threw that in free."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Karen --"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "And one more thing: no more children. Sure I went out with men after that. And if I'd ever found one that --"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Karen, listen to me, listen."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I know. Until I met you I didn't think it was possible either."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "You certainly chose a lovely spot for our meeting. I've had three chances to be picked up in the last five minutes."

Donna Reed as Alma

  • (Donna Reed) "Prew, it's true we love each other now, we need each other, but back in the States it might be different."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "That ain't the real reason."
  • (Donna Reed) "You're right, it's not."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "What is the real reason?"
  • (Donna Reed) "I; I won't marry you because I don't want to be the wife of a soldier."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "Well, that -- would be about the best I could ever do for you."
  • (Donna Reed) "Because nobody's going to stop me from my plan. Nobody, nothing. Because I want to be proper."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "Proper."
  • (Donna Reed) "Yes, proper. In another year I'll have enough money saved. Then I'm going to go back to my home town in Oregon, and I'm going to build a house for my mother and myself, and join the country club and take up golf. Then I'll meet the proper man with the proper position, to make a proper wife, and can run a proper home and raise proper children. And I'll be HAPPY because when you're PROPER you're SAFE."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "You've got guts, honey. I hope you can pull that off."
  • (Donna Reed) "I do mean it when I say I need you. 'Cause I'm lonely. You think I'm lying, don't you?"
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "Nobody ever lies about being lonely."
  • (Donna Reed) "No, thanks, I don't drink."
  • (Donna Reed) "I think it's a weakness."
  • (Frank Sinatra) "I grant ya that."
  • (Donna Reed) "You don't like weakness do you?"
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "No, I don't like weakness -- but I like to drink."

Frank Sinatra as Angelo Maggio

  • (Frank Sinatra) "Let's go to a phone booth or something, huh? Where I will unveil a fifth of whiskey, I have hidden here under my loose, flowing sports shirt."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "You've been hoggin' the Whiskey Angelo --"
  • (Frank Sinatra) "Not me buddy. Its that Sandra, shes a nice girl, but she drinks like a fish."
  • (Frank Sinatra) "Hope there's a cop under that."
  • (Frank Sinatra) "I just hate to see a good guy get it in the gut."
  • (Jack Warden) "You better get used to it, kid. You'll probably see a lot of it before you die."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "Put your clothes on, alright?"
  • (Frank Sinatra) "Give 'em back to the Indians. The Indians need the clothes. All they wear is G-strings."

Burt Lancaster as Sergeant Milton Warden

  • (Burt Lancaster) "There's this girl, and she wants me to be -- wants me to be --"
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "Be what?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "An officer. Can you believe that? Can you see me as an officer?"
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "Well -- yeah, I can see you as an officer. You'd be a good officer --"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Well, you can both see more than I can. I don' wanna be an officer. I'm happy where I am."
  • (Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt) "A man don't go his own way, he's nothing."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Maybe back in the days of the pioneers a man could go his own way, but today you got to play ball."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "He'd strangle in his own spit if he didn't have me around to swab out his throat for him."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "O.K. Fatso, if it's killin' ya want, come on."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Rose, do you know why I like to have you serve me beer? So as I can watch you when you walk away."

George Reeves as Sergeant Maylon Stark

  • (George Reeves) "Leva tells me you've been eyeing the Captain's wife like a hound dog at hunting time."

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