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Frosty the Snowman (film) Quotes

Frosty the Snowman is a TV program that first aired in 1969 on CBS. Frosty the Snowman stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jules Bass as producer, Billy De Wolfe doing voices, and Steve Nakagawa as head of cinematography.

Frosty the Snowman is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Frosty the Snowman is 25 minutes long. Frosty the Snowman is produced by Rankin/Bass Productions and distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution. Spinoffs for this show include Frosty's Winter Wonderland.

The cast includes: Jackie Vernon as Frosty, and June Foray as Karen.

Frosty the Snowman Quotes

Jackie Vernon as Frosty

  • (The Magician) "Now, give me that hat, or else."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Or else; what?"
  • (The Magician) "Oh -- well, don't bother me with details. Give me that hat."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "I mean; I can make words. I can move -- I can juggle -- I can sweep -- and I can count to ten. One, two, three, four, five, nine, six, eight -- Well, I can count to five."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "What do you know? I'm even ticklish. In fact, I'm all livin'. I am alive. What a neat thing to happen to a nice guy like me."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Whew. Stay in here much longer and I'll really make a splash in the world."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Are you coming to the North Pole, too?"
  • (June Foray) "I'm sure my mother won't mind, as long as I'm home in time for supper."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Happy birthday."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "It's got to be all warm and snug inside for those Christmas flowers to grow so beautiful. Let's go in."
  • (June Foray) "Oh, but -- but you'll melt."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Just a little. I'll only stay inside for a minute. Besides, I've been meaning to take off a little weight, anyway."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Hocus, speak to the animals. See if they won't all pitch in and build a fire for Karen."
  • (Traffic Cop) "What's the matter? Didn't you see that traffic light?"
  • (Jackie Vernon) "What's a traffic light?"
  • (Traffic Cop) "Up there on that lamppost."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "What's a lamppost?"
  • (Traffic Cop) "You want a ticket, wise guy?"
  • (Jackie Vernon) "I'd love one. To the North Pole, please."
  • (Narrator) "Now actually, a refrigerated boxcar was a splendid way to travel. Splendid, that is, if one is a snowman or a furry coated rabbit. But for Karen --"
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Are you cold, Karen? Now that's a silly question. You wouldn't be sneezing if you weren't cold."
  • (June Foray) "Well -- just; a lit; a little."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "Happy birthday. Hey, I said my first words. But -- But snowmen can't talk."
  • (Jackie Vernon) "All right, come on now, what's the joke? Could; could I really be alive?"

June Foray as Karen

  • (June Foray) "You've got to excuse him, sir. You see, he just came to life, and he doesn't know much about such things."
  • (Traffic Cop) "Oh, well, okay, if he just came to life."
  • (Traffic Cop) "Move along."
  • (Traffic Cop) "That silly snowman. Once they come to life, they don't know nothin'."
  • (Traffic Cop) "Come to life?"
  • (Unnamed) "We're building a snowman, Karen. You make the head."
  • (June Foray) "The head is the most difficult part. Ask anyone."
  • (The Magician) "You silly children believe everything you see. When you're grown up, you'll realize that snowmen can't come to life."
  • (June Foray) "But we --"
  • (The Magician) "Silly, silly, silly."
  • (June Foray) "We'd like a ticket to the North Pole, please."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh. Wha; The North Pole? Oh. Yes, ma'am."
  • (Unnamed) "Route you by the way of Saskatchewan, Hudson Bay, Nome, Alaska; the Klondike, and Aurora Borealis. Gotta make a change at Nanook of the North, though."
  • (Unnamed) "That'll be $3,000.04, including tax."
  • (June Foray) "Oh. But -- we don't have any money."
  • (Unnamed) "NO MONEY?"
  • (Unnamed) "No money, no TICKET."
  • (Unnamed) "But you can't take that hat back. It brought Frosty to life."
  • (June Foray) "You saw it happen."
  • (The Magician) "I saw nothing of the kind."
  • (June Foray) "Look, the hat's back. Let's see if it'll make Frosty alive again."
  • (The Magician) "If that hat is magic, I want it back."
  • (June Foray) "But it's not yours anymore; you threw it away."
  • (The Magician) "Don't talk back to your elders, you -- you naughty, naughty, little girl."
  • (The Magician) "And you, stay in there, or there'll be no carrots for Christmas."
  • (Santa Claus) "Too late? Why, nonsense. Ohh, don't cry, Karen. Frosty's not gone for good. You see, he was made out of Christmas snow, and Christmas snow can never disappear completely. Oh, yet sometimes it goes away for almost a year at a time, and takes the form of spring and summer rain. But you can bet your boots that when a good, jolly December wind kisses it, it will turn into Christmas snow all over again."
  • (June Foray) "Yes, but -- He was my friend."
  • (Santa Claus) "Just watch."

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