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Gabriel (2007 film) Quotes

Gabriel (2007 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Gabriel ended in 1970.

It features Shane Abbess as producer, Brian Cachia in charge of musical score, and Peter Holland as head of cinematography.

Gabriel (2007 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Gabriel (2007 film) is 113 minutes long. Gabriel (2007 film) is distributed by Sony Pictures.

The cast includes: Michael Piccirilli as Asmodeus, Andy Whitfield as Gabriel, Andy Whitfield as Uriel, Samantha Noble as Jade, and Andy Whitfield as Baliel.

Gabriel (2007 film) Quotes

Michael Piccirilli as Asmodeus

  • (Michael Piccirilli) "Have I done something to offend you Gabriel?"

Andy Whitfield as Gabriel

  • (Andy Whitfield) "Gabriel, if you are reading this, then I have failed. We are far from grace, further than I could ever imagine. You will feel things that will cloud your judgement. This enemy within is strong and unpredictable. Control these emotions or the fight cannot be won. The others have failed, learn from them but do not follow. You are the last. Michael."
  • (Unnamed) "Just say my name. I love you like a brother, I taught you everything you know. I can hear it in your thoughts, say it. Say it."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "Michael."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "Do you know who served us?"
  • (Samantha Noble) "Does he seem familiar?"
  • (Samantha Noble) "Well he's been here a long time."
  • (Samantha Noble) "That's Ithuriel, another who surrender to the fear. And after he heard of my fate, he choose exile over confrontation."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "I can't --"
  • (Samantha Noble) "Don't be so harsh to judge others Gabriel. You haven't been here long enough to earn that right."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "I don't intend to either."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "You threw me far from grace, and now I fall onto it."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "Falling is the last thing an angel feels."
  • (Unnamed) "Why Gabriel? I give you everything and you still deny me."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "Free will."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "This is a place, where even angels fear to tread."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "I love you Michael, but I hate what you've become."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "I thought you were dead -- I was right."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "Accept the dawn, and bleed with me, brother."
  • (Andy Whitfield) "I hate this place -- I hate myself -- and before I arrived, I didn't even know what that feeling was."

Samantha Noble as Jade

  • (Samantha Noble) "You dont get do you Gabe. Everything here works against us. We fall pray to the things we never knew existed. Fear, hate, all of these things, that make all of them stronger."
  • (Samantha Noble) "The city itslf is there best defence."
  • (Samantha Noble) "What are you thinking about?"
  • (Andy Whitfield) "I think I'm hungry."

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