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Garbo Talks Quotes

Garbo Talks is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Garbo Talks ended its run in 1970.

It features Burtt Harris as producer, Cy Coleman in charge of musical score, and Andrzej Bartkowiak as head of cinematography.

Garbo Talks is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Garbo Talks is 103 minutes long. Garbo Talks is distributed by MGM/UA Entertainment Company.

The cast includes: Anne Bancroft as Estelle Rolfe, Ron Silver as Gilbert Rolfe, Howard Da Silva as Angelo Dokakis, Betty Comden as Garbo, Catherine Hicks as Jane Mortimer, Harvey Fierstein as Bernie Whitlock, Hermione Gingold as Elizabeth Rennick, and Mary McDonnell as Lady Capulet.

Garbo Talks Quotes

Harvey Fierstein as Bernie Whitlock

  • (Harvey Fierstein) "What about you -- what are you looking for? We're all looking for something."
  • (Ron Silver) "You're not going to believe me. I'm looking for Greta Garbo."
  • (Harvey Fierstein) "You're looking for the Garbo?"
  • (Harvey Fierstein) "I saw her once, last summer, walking along the beach. She was wearing a big hat and sunglasses and a long flowing cape. Yeah, she was, she was walking along in a light rain, without an umbrella. I don't think anybody even knew who she was. Then, all of the sudden, she just, a, disappeared into a house and I never saw her again."

Catherine Hicks as Jane Mortimer

  • (Catherine Hicks) "Hi. I'm going for a sandwich. Do you want to come?"
  • (Ron Silver) "I probably should tell you, Jane; I'm married."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "I just invited you to eat a sandwich."
  • (Ron Silver) "Oh, eh, okay."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "I think elevators are very sexual. Don't you? I have this fantasy that I'm in an elevator, all alone with this man, that I've never met before in my life. And he just keeps staring at me. All of the sudden, he reaches out and he touches my breasts. Well, I think it is very inappropriate; but, I don't stop him. The elevator's moving really slowly. We're at the World Trade Center and he just keeps on touching me. We're at the 30th floor and he's feeling my waist. The elevator keeps going up, his hands keep going down. By the time we're at the 70th floor, we're actually having relations and he just leaves without even telling me his name."

Anne Bancroft as Estelle Rolfe

  • (Anne Bancroft) "We didn't have anything to do. So, I bought a newspaper. "Anna Christie" was playing. It was the only movie of yours I hadn't seen. Garbo Talks. "Give me a whiskey, ginger ale on the side. And, don't be stingy, baby.""
  • (Anne Bancroft) "Walter and I got a divorce. The world's a crazy place to live in, isn't it? He thought I was eccentric."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "I wanna meet Garbo."
  • (Ron Silver) "Why?"
  • (Anne Bancroft) "Why shouldn't I? I'm dying."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "Do you care anything about basketball? The Knicks are out of the playoffs and I'm not entirely happy about that. The world is full of injustices. They either bother you or they don't. Me; they bother."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "I don't know. You love somebody. You have a child. And then its over. Why? I don't know. It's crazy."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "You know, I know everybody's gotta die, but I really thought I was gonna be the first exception."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "Could I see that picture of Garbo in the window?"
  • (Unnamed) "Ha ha, it's from Grand Hotel."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "It's from Mata Hari."
  • (Unnamed) "Grand Hotel, I own the shop."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "No, it's from Mata Hari, it's the scene in the prison cell, where she has a reunion with Rosanoff, just before they take him to the firing squad to be executed. Look at the costumes, it's "Mata Hari"."
  • (Unnamed) "That's 35 dollars."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "This isn't rare, I've seen it before."
  • (Unnamed) "Then buy it before. The frame makes it higher."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "I'll take it without the frame."
  • (Unnamed) "I don't sell it without the frame. That's 35 dollars."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "It's Mata Hari, go to the movies."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "If your head's in the toilet, don't blow bubbles."
  • (Anne Bancroft) "I turned on the TV. They were playing "Queen Christina". That close-up of you at the end, I thought it would never end. I mean it just went on and on and on. Oh, God, how I hated you. I really hated myself. I thought if I looked like you, if I had that face, if I had those eyes, I wouldn't be so alone."

Ron Silver as Gilbert Rolfe

  • (Shepard Plotkin) "I'm very busy now, Gilbert."
  • (Ron Silver) "I have to talk with you, Mr Plotkin."
  • (Shepard Plotkin) "Later, Gilbert."
  • (Ron Silver) "I have to talk with you now. Shepard, I'm leaving. I am not saying this because I am upset. Well yes I am upset. Of course I'm upset. I'm very upset. You've took my office away and you gave me a depressing, little room. It's, it's not your fault. I allowed it to happen. The light fixture buzzes. There's a dull hum, all day long. Well, you know, you wouldn't fix it for me, no matter how many times I asked. S'okay. You reduced the staff and you gave me enough work for three people to do, and if I didn't finish I got that speech about consolidating more time -- Don't worry about it. It is not your problem. I sat there, and I listened, didn't I? You deducted a half-days salary because I was late. No problem. I allowed it to happen. You made me come to work at six in the morning. There was nothing to do at six in the morning and I said to myself, I said Plotkin is enjoying doing this to me. But then I said, No. Rules are rules. The man is only doing his job. That's okay. A man has to do his job. You've been great, you really have. I, I, I wish you, the best of luck. I'm not angry. I, I have no resentment to you. You've, er, you've been great. But we are who we are. I am who I am, you are who you are. So, go f*** yourself Shepard."
  • (Ron Silver) "Are you the man who took photographs of Greta Garbo?"
  • (Howard Da Silva) "She can't sue; I stood 50 feet away. You can't deprive a man of his livelihood."

Betty Comden as Garbo

  • (Betty Comden) "How do you do, Gilbert?"
  • (Ron Silver) "Fine, thank you."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "I don't believe it. Gilbert, you are something else."

Hermione Gingold as Elizabeth Rennick

  • (Hermione Gingold) "I never should have lent my name to this fiasco."
  • (Hermione Gingold) "Hello, this is Elizabeth Rennick. 555-8318. I am not at home. I'm rehearsing a new production of "Romeo and Juliet" in which I've been cast as The Nurse. I turned the part down several times. 'Cause I, well, I don't do supporting roles. Joe Papp, the brilliant producer of "A Chorus Line" kept calling me up and finally I said, "Okay, I'll give it a try." We're at the Delacourt Theater in Central Park for rehearsals, which I expect won't take more than two weeks if everyone behaves professionally. Sometimes these off-Broadway companies are a bunch of animals, smoking dope and everyone trying to get into everyone's pants. No one cares about Shakespeare. But, if all goes well --"

Mary McDonnell as Lady Capulet

  • ('Romeo and Juliet' Director) "Miss Rennick, we're ready for your scene again. Miss; Rennick. Stand over here. That's it. Right here. Fine. Good. Good. Okay. And please try not to wobble."
  • (Mary McDonnell) "Nurse, where's my daughter? Call her forth to me."
  • (Hermione Gingold) "No, by my maiden hair."
  • ('Romeo and Juliet' Director) "Maiden head. Miss Rennick. Not maiden hair."
  • (Hermione Gingold) "I want to cut that line."
  • ('Romeo and Juliet' Director) "We can't. cut it. I have tried everything i can think of. You can't remember your lines."
  • (Hermione Gingold) "I forget my lines, once."
  • ('Romeo and Juliet' Director) "You remembered them once. It's not working. Alright, everybody. Lunch. One hour."

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