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Get Carter (2000 film) Quotes

Get Carter (2000 film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Get Carter ended its run in 1970.

It features Mark Canton as producer, Tyler Bates in charge of musical score, and Mauro Fiore as head of cinematography.

Get Carter (2000 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Get Carter (2000 film) is 102 minutes long. Get Carter (2000 film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Miranda Richardson as Gloria Carter, John C. McGinley as Con McCarty, Rachael Leigh Cook as Doreen Carter, Sylvester Stallone as Jack Carter, Mickey Rourke as Cyrus Paice, Alan Cumming as Jeremy Kinnear, Johnny Strong as Eddie, John Cassini as Thorpey, and Michael Caine as Cliff Brumby.

Get Carter (2000 film) Quotes

Mickey Rourke as Cyrus Paice

  • (Mickey Rourke) "Hey, Jack, let it go."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Wait a minute, Jack. All of a sudden you care? All of a sudden, what are you, some f***in' goodguy? Hmm? Hey, you're the bad brother, remember?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I know who I am."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Now if you want to do this little dance here for old times sake, Jack, bring it. You're gonna end up like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest."

Miranda Richardson as Gloria Carter

  • (Miranda Richardson) "What are you doing?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "What?"
  • (Miranda Richardson) "Why do you care all of a sudden? Because he's dead? Where were you when he was alive?"
  • (Miranda Richardson) "What do you think you're gonna do? Come in here and fix things? You don't fix things, Jack. You break things. Remember?"

John C. McGinley as Con McCarty

  • (John C. McGinley) "I'm like a broken frickin' record. If you don't take care of business, the business will take care of you. The business will take care of you."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I'm taking care of business."
  • (John C. McGinley) "Oh, you simple bitch, I'm covering your ass. Do you hear me? I'm covering your ass."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You'd better cover your own ass."

Sylvester Stallone as Jack Carter

  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I gotta do something right for once."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I think he was taken out."
  • (Michael Caine) "Taken out? Richie?"
  • (Unnamed) "Sorry Mr. Carter, you're not on the list."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Nobody likes the list guy."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "ls this the part,where l'm supposed to be scared?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Nice stroke."
  • (Alan Cumming) "Who the f*** are you?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Tiger Woods."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "How you doing? I'm Jack. Richie's brother."
  • (Johnny Strong) "Oh, s***, man. Hi. I'm Eddie. I worked with him over at the George."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Eddie, let me ask you a question. Was my brother into something?"
  • (Johnny Strong) "Richie? No, man. He wasn't that type of guy."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "If you're lying to me."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Look at me. I'm gonna break every beautiful bone in your body."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "So, what's your name?"
  • (Alan Cumming) "Jeremy Kinnear. Maybe you've read about me in "Forbes"."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "No, I don't do that, Jeremy. So, what do you telling me, you're bucks up?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "No. I don't think so."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Come on, let me see your eyes. Come on."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Whatever turns you on, Jack."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Still pretty?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Yeah. Like cat-piss in the snow."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You should finish what you start."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Yeah, s*** I think you should fix your tie there."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Hello, Mr. Davis. My name is Jack Carter, and you don't want to know me."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You're a big man, but you're out of shape. For me it's a full time job."

John Cassini as Thorpey

  • (John Cassini) "Here. Take this, it's free. Alaska Airlines, first class."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "That's nice. And who do I have to thank?"
  • (John Cassini) "I've been asked to make sure you get on that plane. Tonight."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Whatever they're paying you, it ain't gonna be enough."

Michael Caine as Cliff Brumby

  • (Michael Caine) "It's been nice knowing you, Jack."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Hey, Brumby."
  • (Michael Caine) "I'm not turning around."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Suit your self."
  • (Michael Caine) "Getting yourself killed won't bring Richie back. Revenge doesn't work."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Sure it does."
  • (Michael Caine) "Jack, will you listen to me? For just a minute? I've been in it all my life on both sides of the ocean. And I'm telling you this. If you get mixed up in whatever it was your brother was into. You've got a preatty good chance of winding up exactly the same as he did."

Rachael Leigh Cook as Doreen Carter

  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "Hey, I like the new look."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Yeah?"
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "You ever shoot anybody?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You want to know what I do for a living? It's simple. People make promises and they break them. My job's to refresh their memories. That's about it. No big deal."
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "You are so freaky."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Well, we're all a little freaky, Doreen. It's those straight ones you've got to worry about."
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "Have you ever been to prison?"
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "For how long?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "How about this weather?"
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "So what do you do like for work?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "What did your Father tell you?"
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "He didn't."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "That's good."
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "Mom said you were a gambler."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Isn't that illegal?"
  • (Rachael Leigh Cook) "Are you a bookie?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Bookie? No, more like -- like a financial adjuster."

Alan Cumming as Jeremy Kinnear

  • (Alan Cumming) "Oh, don't worry about Jimmy. He's -- He's more here for decoration."
  • (Alan Cumming) "You know why I like golf, Mr. Carter? 'Cause the ball just keeps going away. The only sport where you hit that little sucker and it doesn't come back at you. I've gotta want to go after it and get it and when I get to it -- I just knock it away again. You see what I'm saying, Mr. Carter? Once I get rid of it, I never wanna see it again."
  • (Alan Cumming) "Damn right that I'm freaking out. I'm a f***ing Harvard graduate, I do not do porn."
  • (Alan Cumming) "Please slow down, you gonna kill us."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "That's the point, Jeremy."
  • (Alan Cumming) "OK. OK, you want money? You want money, just name your price. I have more money than God."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You need a drink."
  • (Alan Cumming) "You've been a pretty bad guy Mr. Carter."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You haven't seen bad yet."

Johnny Strong as Eddie

  • (Johnny Strong) "Jack, don't kill me, man."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You killed yourself."

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