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Getting Married in Buffalo Jump Quotes

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Getting Married in Buffalo Jump stopped airing in 1970.

It features Flora Macdonald as producer, and Eric Robertson (composer) in charge of musical score.

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Getting Married in Buffalo Jump is 97 minutes long.

The cast includes: Wendy Crewson as Sophie, Paul Gross as Alex, Kyra Harper as Annie, Murray Cruchley as Robert, Florence Patterson as Irene McCallum, Marion Gilsenan as Vera Ware, Victoria Snow as Eleanor, and Alexander Brown as Bennie.

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump Quotes

Murray Cruchley as Robert

  • (Murray Cruchley) "There are a few things you don't know about Mr. B."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Gossip is so attractive in a man."
  • (Murray Cruchley) "Grapevine has it he up and hit Greg Foley in the fist with his nose."
  • (Murray Cruchley) "You know about those Ukranian guys; with the exception of myself, of course."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Meaning what? He's after my ranch, but you're just after my body, right?"

Marion Gilsenan as Vera Ware

  • (Marion Gilsenan) "I don't see what you're going to talk about. He's not educated. Now I'm only thinking of you. Now you know I don't care, but other people -- He's --"
  • (Florence Patterson) "Ukranian."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "We're going to a movie, not breeding."
  • (Marion Gilsenan) "High heels. High-heeled shoes. I came here with one -- only one pair; the bridesmaid's shoes. The mice made a bed in them the first season."

Victoria Snow as Eleanor

  • (Victoria Snow) "Kind of makes you think of the old girl stuck in the shack waiting for her man to come home. She's lighting her little lamp; nobody to talk to but entirely unfashionable rats."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "There are no rats in Alberta."
  • (Victoria Snow) "Ah, no, any man who sticks a woman out here is definitely a rat."

Wendy Crewson as Sophie

  • (Wendy Crewson) "So I understand you were away for a while? But you came back, I guess."
  • (Paul Gross) "Yeah."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "For good?"
  • (Paul Gross) "Oh, I don't know. Four men in one house is pretty tough."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Try two women."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Listen, I'll tell you, I finally figured out who those university men wanted to date; versions of themselves with long hair and tits."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "You never get used to them, do you?"
  • (Paul Gross) "Beg your pardon?"
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Sunsets."
  • (Paul Gross) "Maybe you would if she'd ever repeat one."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "All right, Alex, how about we simply court in the traditional, time-honored fashion? Okay, we have a quick bout of nude wrestling, followed by confessions of doubt, leading to mutual rejection and if by some miracle we find it's true love, we'll cry, say we're sorry and then wrestle some more. I'm not marrying a man I don't know, Alex."

Alexander Brown as Bennie

  • (Alexander Brown) "Gift's a good idea. You want a beer?"
  • (Paul Gross) "You gonna have one?"
  • (Alexander Brown) "Hell, I'm only thirteen. I'll take the horse."

Paul Gross as Alex

  • (Paul Gross) "Why are you staying here, anyway?"
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Because I don't want to spend my life in some smoky bar wearing a sequined top playing "New York, New York" to potential heart attack victims, that's why."
  • (Paul Gross) "I know I could do something with that place of yours."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Why don't you just buy it then?"
  • (Paul Gross) "Because every rancher needs a wife."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "But should every wife have a rancher?"

Florence Patterson as Irene McCallum

  • (Florence Patterson) "Well, I for one think Robert is quite the gorgeous thing."
  • (Wendy Crewson) "Well, he's free tonight."

Kyra Harper as Annie

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