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Go God Go XII Quotes

Go God Go XII is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Go God Go XII ended its run in 1970.

Go God Go XII Quotes

  • (Past Cartman) "Butters? Come on, we gotta go."
  • (Cartman) "No. Don't listen to me. Tell me to go screw myself."
  • (Butters) "Huh?"
  • (Past Cartman) "Come on, Butters, it's gonna get dark."
  • (Butters) "But you're telling me not to go with you."
  • (Past Cartman) "What?"
  • (Past Cartman) "Who the f*** is this?"
  • (Cartman) "Aw, dammit, just listen to me. If you freeze yourself, you're going to die."
  • (Past Cartman) "Suck my balls."
  • (Cartman) "No, you suck my balls. Just listen to me for one minute."
  • (Past Cartman) "Okay, you have one minute."
  • (Cartman) "Right before you left for Butters' house, you drank a bunch of Ovaltine and put Clyde Frog so nothing would happen to him, right?"
  • (Past Cartman) "Are you spying on me?"
  • (Cartman) "No, I am you, you stupid asshole."
  • (Past Cartman) "f*** you, asshole. You can go f*** yourself."
  • (Past Cartman) "Come on, Butters, we're going."
  • (Butters) "Oh, all right then."
  • (Cartman) "God, I hate that guy."
  • (Cartman) "I'm back. Wow. I'm back."
  • (Liane Cartman) "There you are, Eric."
  • (Cartman) "Mom. Mom, they did it."
  • (Liane Cartman) "Eric, you have to come home. You can't just wait here for that game to come out."
  • (Cartman) "No, I know. You're right, Mom. I need to learn to be patient. I think I can wait three weeks for the Nintendo Wii to come out."
  • (Liane Cartman) "But, honey, it's only September."
  • (Liane Cartman) "That -- Nintendo Wii doesn't come out for two months."
  • (Cartman) "What? No."
  • (Cartman) "Nooo."
  • (Cartman) "You sent me back too far. Hey. Do it over."
  • (Liane Cartman) "Who are you talking to, muffin?"
  • (Cartman) "I can't wait two months."
  • (Cartman) "I can't. There has to be a way around this."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, kid, somebody's on the phone for ya."
  • (Cartman) "Hello?"
  • (Future Cartman) "Hello? Hello? I know what you're thinking. Do not do it. You just need to be patient and wait the two months. Do you hear me?"
  • (Cartman) "Oh, suck my balls, Kyle."
  • (Kyle) "Hello?"
  • (Cartman) "Hello? Kyle?"
  • (Kyle) "Hello?"
  • (Cartman) "Yes. Hello, Kyle. It's Eric. Uh, how's it going?"
  • (Kyle) "What do you want?"
  • (Cartman) "Kyle, you are the smartest guy I know, so I think maybe you're the only person who can understand this. You know how earlier today I asked you to help me freeze myself?"
  • (Kyle) "I'm not gonna help you freeze yourself, Cartman. It's a stupid idea."
  • (Cartman) "No, see, I know it's a stupid idea. Because I actually did freeze myself and -- you were right, Kyle. It backfired and I was frozen for 500 years, and now I'm calling you from the future."
  • (Kyle) "-- Uh huh."
  • (Cartman) "No, really, Kyle, I'm, I'm seriously. Here, talk to my robot dog."
  • (Unnamed) "Bark bark. Hello, Kyle. Bark bark."
  • (Kyle) "I'm hanging up now."
  • (Cartman) "No, Kyle, listen. Please. I think right about now, I'm in my mom's freezer."
  • (Kyle) "Suck my balls, fatass."
  • (Cartman) "I will. I will suck your balls, Kyle. Just stop me from freezing myself, and I will get down on my knees, and I will suck your balls. I'll suck 'em dry, Kyle."
  • (Kyle) "Aw, goddammit, now you've made me miss my ride. My whole day is screwed up because of you."
  • (Past Cartman) "Hello?"
  • (Cartman) "Hello?"
  • (Cartman) "Are you there?"
  • (Past Cartman) "Who is this?"
  • (Cartman) "No, no, I have me."
  • (Cartman) "All right, all right, listen. Listen to me carefully. You need to be patient."
  • (Past Cartman) "What? Who the hell is this?"
  • (Cartman) "It's me."
  • (Past Cartman) "Me who?"
  • (Cartman) "Me you."
  • (Past Cartman) "What?"
  • (Cartman) "I'm you in the future. You have to be patient and wait for the Nintendo Wii to come out, or else you'll wake up in the future and have to deal with a bunch of sea otters."
  • (Past Cartman) "Oh, very funny, Kyle."
  • (Cartman) "It's not Kyle, it's you."
  • (Past Cartman) "Yeah? Well, you can go f*** yourself."
  • (Cartman) "I'm trying to do you a favor, dumbass. Just listen to me."
  • (Past Cartman) "Listen to this."
  • (Past Cartman) "Dickhead."
  • (Cartman) "What an asshole."

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