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Gods and Generals (film) Quotes

Gods and Generals (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Gods and Generals stopped airing in 1970.

It features Moctesuma Esparza as producer, and John Frizzell in charge of musical score.

Gods and Generals (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Gods and Generals (film) is 219 minutes long. Gods and Generals (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Patrick Gorman as General John Bell Hood, Robert Duvall as General Robert E. Lee, Stephen Lang as Confederate, Jeremy London as Capt. Alexander 'Sandie' Pendleton, John Prosky as Brigadier General Lewis Armistead, and Martin Clark as Dr. George Junkin.

Gods and Generals (film) Quotes

Jeremy London as Capt. Alexander 'Sandie' Pendleton

  • (Jeremy London) "What is it? He's never cried before. Not for all the blood and all the death. Not for his young students from VMI. Not for his friends. Not for anyone."
  • (Johann Heros Von Borcke) "Not so, Sandy. I think he's crying for them all."

Martin Clark as Dr. George Junkin

  • (Gen. 'Stonewall' Jackson) "But if I know myself, all I am and all I have -- is at the service of my home, my country."
  • (Martin Clark) "Your country, Thomas? Your country, my country. It's all one. All one, Thomas. All one."

Patrick Gorman as General John Bell Hood

  • (Col. Tazewell Patton) "General Hood, we owe you Texas boys a debt of gratitude for putting on these shows for us."
  • (Patrick Gorman) "Colonel Patton, any man that can't carry a tune ain't fit to carry a musket."
  • (Gen. 'Stonewall' Jackson) "Tell me general, do you expect to live till the end of this war?"
  • (Patrick Gorman) "Oh -- I do not know, but -- I'm inclined to think I will. I expect I will be wounded. And you general?"
  • (Gen. 'Stonewall' Jackson) "I do not expect to live to see the end of this war. Nor can I say that without victory I would desire to do so."

Robert Duvall as General Robert E. Lee

  • (Robert Duvall) "He's lost his left arm. I've lost my right."
  • (Col. Porter Alexander) "General, they going to come at us here?"
  • (Robert Duvall) "Colonel Alexander, Federal troops amassed across that river are watching us prepare for them. If I were General Burnside, I would not attack here. I'd move back upstream, come across from above us. But Burnside is not a man with the luxury of flexibility. He's being pushed from behind by loud voices in Washington, by newspapers who demand quick action. But we're here, and so he will attack us here."
  • (Robert Duvall) "If Washington will end their side of the fighting and recall their armies, this war will be over. We must show the enemy that they can not win. If we threaten the northern cities, if we threaten to bring the blood into the North, great pressure on Mr. Lincoln to end this war."

John Prosky as Brigadier General Lewis Armistead

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Stephen Lang as Confederate

  • (Unnamed) "Have you got a lame horse?"
  • (Stephen Lang) "What do you be wantin' to trade for a lame horse?"
  • (Unnamed) "Would you take General Burnside?"
  • (Stephen Lang) "No. I guess I'll keep the horsehide."

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