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Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Quotes

Godzilla, King of the Monsters! is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Godzilla, King of the Monsters! completed its run in 1970.

It features Tomoyuki Tanaka as producer, Akira Ifukube in charge of musical score, and Masao Tamai as head of cinematography.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters! is recorded in Japanese language and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of Godzilla, King of the Monsters! is 80 minutes long. Godzilla, King of the Monsters! is distributed by TransWorld Releasing Corporation (US, West Coast of the United States).

The cast includes: Raymond Burr as Steve Martin, Frank Iwanaga as Security Officer, Akira Takarada as Ogata, Takashi Shimura as Dr. Yamane, and Akihiko Hirata as Dr. Serizawa.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Quotes

Raymond Burr as Steve Martin

  • (Raymond Burr) "This is it, George. Steve Martin signing off from Tokyo, Japan."
  • (Raymond Burr) "This is Tokyo. Once a city of six million people. What has happened here was caused by a force which up until a few days ago was entirely beyond the scope of Man's imagination. Tokyo, a smoldering memorial to the unknown, an unknown which at this very moment still prevails and could at any time lash out with its terrible destruction anywhere else in the world. There were once many people here who could've told of what they saw -- now there are only a few. My name is Steve Martin. I'm a foreign correspondent for United World News. I was headed for an assignment in Cairo, when I stopped off in Tokyo for a social call, but it turned out to be a visit to the living hell of another world."
  • (Raymond Burr) "They believe their, uh, Godzilla, is responsible for all these ship disasters?"
  • (Frank Iwanaga) "They're certain of it"
  • (George Lawrence) "Well, that's fine, but how can they use depth bombs against something they can't even see?"
  • (Raymond Burr) "Same way they look for a submarine; sonar. Oh, they'll find him all right. The big question is, will they kill him?"
  • (Raymond Burr) "The menace was gone -- so was a great man. But the whole world could wake up and live again."
  • (Raymond Burr) "George, here in Tokyo, time has been turned back two million years. This is my report as it happens. The prehistoric monster the Japanese call 'Godzilla' has just walked out of Tokyo Bay. He's as tall as a 30-story building."
  • (Raymond Burr) "I'm afraid my Japanese is a little rusty."
  • (Raymond Burr) "They're moving in an entire tank corps to point-blank firing range. I'm saying a prayer, George -- a prayer for the whole world."
  • (Raymond Burr) "George, the tanks have been wiped out by a wall of flames. Neither man nor his machines are able to stop this creature."

Frank Iwanaga as Security Officer

  • (Frank Iwanaga) "Did you hear that? Godzilla."
  • (Frank Iwanaga) "He claimed he saw a monster, a horrible monster."
  • (Raymond Burr) "If he saw a monster, he's had too much saké."

Takashi Shimura as Dr. Yamane

  • (Takashi Shimura) "They are so wrong. Godzilla should not be destroyed. He should be studied."

Akihiko Hirata as Dr. Serizawa

  • (Akihiko Hirata) "The Oxygen Destroyer cannot be used."
  • (Akira Takarada) "If we don't defend ourselves from Godzilla now, what will become of us?"
  • (Akihiko Hirata) "And what will become of us if a weapon, such as I now have, falls into the wrong hands?"
  • (Akira Takarada) "Then you have a responsibility no man has ever faced. You have your fear which might become reality. And you have Godzilla, which is reality."

Akira Takarada as Ogata

  • (Akira Takarada) "Then you have a responsibility no man has ever faced. You have your fear which might become reality. And you have Godzilla, which is reality."

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