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Goliath and the Dragon Quotes

Goliath and the Dragon is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Goliath and the Dragon completed its run in 1970.

It features Gianni Fuchs, and Achille Piazzisfn, Kinnard, Crnkovich, 2017, p=70 as producer, Alexandre Derevitskysfn, Kinnard, Crnkovich, 2017, p=70 in charge of musical score, Mario Montuorisfn, Kinnard, Crnkovich, 2017, and p=70 as head of cinematography.

The cast includes: Mark Forest as Ercole, Broderick Crawford as King Eurystheus, Wandisa Guida as Alcinoe, Federica Ranchi as Thea, Giancarlo Sbragia as Tindaro, and Leonora Ruffo as Dejanira.

Goliath and the Dragon Quotes

Giancarlo Sbragia as Tindaro

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Broderick Crawford as King Eurystheus

  • (Timocleo di Medar) "With Goliath gone, you've got a hungry jailer in those caverns. That dragon."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "That's right. No one can stop us."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Fool. What now?"
  • (Giancarlo Sbragia) "Promises are made to be broken. I still want Alcinoe and you need Thea to reign securely."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "But Alcinoe may talk."
  • (Giancarlo Sbragia) "She won't. I promise you that."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "How can you be so sure?"
  • (Giancarlo Sbragia) "I'll have her tongue cut out, Eurystheus."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "At first it was the woman, now this boy's upsetting your plans."
  • (Giancarlo Sbragia) "I can't understand it."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "You can't understand anything. You've never understood that it's destiny that guides us. And after this morning, I'll forbid you to work on any of these plots that don't make sense, you moron. From now on, I'll do the deciding. And I say Illus will die. That's how I'll challenge Goliath."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "I didn't send for you to listen to your doubts and fears."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "What else?"
  • (Wandisa Guida) "The name Goliath scares you."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "And suppose I decide to kill you right now?"
  • (Wandisa Guida) "You have that right, Eurystheus, but then Goliath will live for only I can give Illus the filter."
  • (Timocleo di Medar) "Every man here is your ally, but Medaran walls are liable to fall unlike yours which are attacked in war so often. Those of Medara are not so strong and our men cower. They tremble at the thought of Goliath."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Goliath, a dead man. They fear the vengeance of a dead man."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "You mean you're afraid like the rest of them?"
  • (Giancarlo Sbragia) "No, Eurystheus. I just use my wits. But you don't depend on your brain. You're only a mass of fat and muscle; full of violence and brutality."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Goliath will not return from my cave. No one is mighty enough to try to overcome the dragon that I've placed there. No. He won't return. And Thebes, without Goliath, is nothing. I'll vouch for it. Give my word. Thebes will fall without a fight."

Leonora Ruffo as Dejanira

  • (Illo) "It's true that I'm sad, but don't ask me to explain it. I've got to bear it by myself. I don't want you suffering too."
  • (Leonora Ruffo) "But what suffering is greater than seeing you so unhappy?"
  • (Leonora Ruffo) "Where's Illus?"
  • (Emilius the Goliath) "I just tied him to a tree."
  • (Leonora Ruffo) "Help, please."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Did you hear that, Goliath? You like snakes, Dejanira? Snakes. They're waiting for their dinner. And they haven't been fed today, and so you'll make a good meal. Take a look at that pretty face. I'm afraid it won't be so pretty after my snakes get through with it. Oh, no. Too bad."
  • (Emilius the Goliath) "Why make her suffer, Eurystheus?"
  • (Broderick Crawford) "I'll tell you. I've waited for this. I want to see you down on your knees, PLEADING for your wife. Yes, pleading with me. Pray to me or I'll throw her to the snakes. On your knees and pray, Goliath. Is your pride to strong to kneel to me? Pray to me. Beg me. Beg me."
  • (Illo) "He's always been hostile to the idea of Thea and me."
  • (Leonora Ruffo) "Her father killed your parents. Isn't that sufficient?"

Wandisa Guida as Alcinoe

  • (Timocleo di Medar) "Alcinoe, don't leave. I could have you set free to begin a new life if you treat me better."
  • (Wandisa Guida) "But you know I'd rather stay a slave to Eurystheus and be able to hate you. I prefer that at any price."
  • (Emilius the Goliath) "You're very lucky. You're not even scratched. I just arrived in time. What a shame to spoil that pretty face. I hope your fright hasn't cost you your voice."
  • (Emilius the Goliath) "Then say something."
  • (Wandisa Guida) "I'm grateful for all you've done."
  • (Emilius the Goliath) "If I hadn't, your beautiful face would have haunted me."

Mark Forest as Ercole

  • (Mark Forest) "Collapse like my shattered dreams."

Federica Ranchi as Thea

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