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Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) Quotes

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Gone in 60 Seconds ended its run in 1970.

It features Jerry Bruckheimer, and Mike Stenson as producer, Trevor Rabin in charge of musical score, and Paul Cameron (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) is 118 minutes long. Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Scott Caan as Tumbler, Will Patton as Atley Jackson, Nicolas Cage as Memphis, James Duval as Freb, Chi McBride as Donny, Robert Duvall as Otto Halliwell, Angelina Jolie as Sara "Sway" Wayland, Giovanni Ribisi as Kip, T.J. Cross as Mirror Man, Christopher Eccleston as Raymond Calitri, Angelina Jolie as Sway, Delroy Lindo as Det. Roland Castlebeck, Timothy Olyphant as Drycoff, William Lee Scott as Toby, and Michael Peña as Ignacio.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) Quotes

Christopher Eccleston as Raymond Calitri

  • (Christopher Eccleston) "I try to learn your ways, understand your obsessions. But this baseball, it's so bleedin' boring, isn't it?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Am I an arsehole? Do I look like an arsehole?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Yeah."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "They threw us out of England, they threw us out of France, so here we are. Flourishing, really, except for the minor inconvenience of despising everything about your country."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Time's up Atley. I've got 49 cars. That's one less than required. Bring the kid and we'll settle this."
  • (Will Patton) "Which kid is that?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Oh, The Cincinatti Kid, Billy the Kid. Which kid do you think I meant?"
  • (Will Patton) "Oh gee, I think you mean Kip Raines."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Well, gee, I think you're right."
  • (Will Patton) "You know what? The funny thing happened: That little son of a bitch evaded me."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Find him, Atley."
  • (Will Patton) "What if I can't find him?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Then big brother takes the fall for the slipup. It don't matter much to me. One Raines is as good as another: It never rains but it pours."
  • (Will Patton) "Son of a;. Ju; Well, I guess you can thank your big brother. I think he just took your place under the guillotine."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Who are you?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I'm a police officer. You don't want to do that now."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Yeah, I do."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Listen to me. You walk out of here with me, you've got some options. You kill me; now you think about this, I'm a police officer; your life will be over."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "No, you've got that the wrong way around. If I kill you, your life's over. Not all bad, though. Your funeral will be on the telly. Everybody out there, pressed and dressed. Guard of honor, twenty-one gun salute, and the stars and stripes draped all over your coffin."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "It'll be the greatest day of your life --"

Chi McBride as Donny

  • (Chi McBride) "See ya tomorrow night, Eleanor, with your fine ass."
  • (Chi McBride) "Don't look at me, look at the people next to you. Nex -- Look at the --; well, turn the wheel. Pull over, pull her the hell over."
  • (Unnamed) "Asshole."
  • (Unnamed) "Learn how to drive."
  • (Chi McBride) "Don't touch nothing. You can't negotiate turns. You can't signal properly. You can't maintain speed. You can't parallel park. Hell, you can't drive, honey. s***, I can't swim, I know I can't. So you know what I do? I stay my black ass out the pool."

Robert Duvall as Otto Halliwell

  • (Robert Duvall) "We're gonna have to go old school on this. A day to shop, a day to prep."
  • (Robert Duvall) "How Many Days?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Three"
  • (Robert Duvall) "How many in your crew?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "One, but, I'm here to negotiate for a second."

Nicolas Cage as Memphis

  • (Nicolas Cage) "The ladies are dirty. Walk away. The ladies are dirty."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Shut it off."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "You got 30 seconds to consider your options."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "SHUT IT OFF."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "One, you kill me, they kill you, your brother dies anyway."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Two, you lie, you accept the job, you run, I hunt you down, I kill you, I kill your brother, and I kill your mother for the aggravation you cause me. Three, you accept the job, you steal some cars, you make some money, and you be a big brother."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "8 a.m. Friday Morning. The cars are on the boat, or your brother's in the coffin."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "The list."
  • (Chi McBride) "Ahhh, the list. Well, I guess we gotta start beatin' the bushes trying to find out where they -- whoa. 1967 Shelby GT 500?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "I know. I know."
  • (Chi McBride) "You got Eleanor here?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "It's weird, huh?"
  • (Chi McBride) "It's -- voodoo."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Oh, nonono, no, don't, don't say that."
  • (Chi McBride) "I put a spell on you."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Oh, don't do this to me."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "I am a baaaad man."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Without disappointment you cannot appreciate victory."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Did Eleanor tell you that?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "It's ok, Eleanor. It can be fixed."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "For the next 24 hours, all your decision-making privileges have been removed. You got it?"
  • (T.J. Cross) "It's cool, man."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Obviously, they're on to us. He's sniffing real close. If anything tonight appears out of place, I want you to cut bait, get out of there, and walk away. And get rid of this god**** car."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Look."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Cop car. Uh-huh. Long as I'm in there, you're just gonna sit out there, aren't you, ai'ight?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Control, vision, determination. These are the three fundamental components of the new generation race car driver. Speed is a byproduct. Going fast. But remember: The car is you, you are the car. Okay? Let's ride."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Still looking amazing."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "While you -- still look like a bible salesman."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "You're healed."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "I just stole fifty cars in one night. I'm a little tired, little wired, and I think I deserve a little appreciation."
  • (Johnnie B.) "Raines. Memphis Raines."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Do I know you?"
  • (Johnnie B.) "Well, you should know me, considering all the business you screwed up for me in the past, baby."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Johnnie B."
  • (Johnnie B.) "That's me."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "What can I do for you?"
  • (Johnnie B.) "Well, I'll tell you what you can do for me. Get out of Long Beach, tonight."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "I'm just here for a few days, I'm here on some family business."
  • (Johnnie B.) "Word on the street is that Raymond Calitri hired you and your brother for a top order, a order that should have gone to me."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "That's not the way it went down, Johnnie --"
  • (Johnnie B.) "Hey. Get away from my car, asshole."
  • (Johnnie B.) "Got something to say before I kill you, fool?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Sphinx. Otto sent you?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "I'd like to get a -- chocolate malt."

Timothy Olyphant as Drycoff

  • (Unnamed) "Air One. we're over the pursuit."
  • (Unnamed) "Suspect has increased speed to 120."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Maintain visual, Air One."
  • (Unnamed) "140 miles an hour."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Do not lose him."
  • (Unnamed) "This is an A-Star, sir, not an Apache."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "What's up?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "What's the story with that HumVee?"
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Gone."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Cadillac?"
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Same. Where we goin'?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "The only '67 Shelby in the area is registered at a place called the International Towers in Long Beach."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Let's go to Long Beach."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "All gone, we didn't get a single one of them, and we are talking about professionals. No visible damage to locking mechanisms, steering columns, or ignitions, and as you can see, these are not Honda Civics. This is one of three brand-new Mercedes, a car they say is "unstealable.""
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "That sign said, "DO NOT ENTER"."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Ya, you noticed, huh."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Gee."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Keep your pants on."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Are you alright?"
  • (Unnamed) "I think so --"
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Are you sure? 'Cause, you just went through a wall."

T.J. Cross as Mirror Man

  • (T.J. Cross) "Damn it's cold up here, they keep these Ferrari's refrigerated? And you know black people don't like cold weather, we're tropical people. Man, when this is over I'm gonna smoke a joint, watch two hours of Roots and I'm gonna KICK YOUR ASS."
  • (T.J. Cross) "Hey Sphinx, check it out. Homeboy got "SNAKE" on the license plate. Well, Snake gon' have to slither his ass all the way to the bus stop in the morning -- I got some low-riding music for you. It's better than that cracker s*** you listen to."
  • (T.J. Cross) "Hey, Sphinx, I don't look suspicious, do I, man?"
  • (T.J. Cross) "Hey, lookie here, she's a brick -- , duh-duh-duh, house."
  • (T.J. Cross) "Now, to get this open we just --"
  • (T.J. Cross) "I'm telling you, I'm running this s***. You do that again, and I will kick --."
  • (T.J. Cross) "-- Cool, man. You don't have to take everything so damn personal."

Angelina Jolie as Sway

  • (Angelina Jolie) "It had to be a girl car."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Girl car? What kind of girl drives a Hemi 'Cuda?"
  • (Angelina Jolie) "I'll show you."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Lipstick?"
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Matches the car."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "What's next? Blush? Mascara?"
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Next time I'll pull out the, uh -- leather, high heels and pink underwear for you."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Leather, High Heels and --"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Pink Underwear."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Pink underwear works. Pink underwear works."

James Duval as Freb

  • (James Duval) "The corner of Wiltern and Wetherley -- Tumbler messed up, he said the Porsche should be at the corner of Wiltern and Wetherly."
  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "There it is."
  • (T.J. Cross) "You're bulls***ting me, right? 9024 Wiltern?"
  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "I gotta get my tool."
  • (T.J. Cross) "Kip. He ain't bulls***ting, man."
  • (T.J. Cross) "Kip that's not a tool -- that's a damn brick. Kip, man we gonna use a brick, we may as well call prison and make reservations."
  • (James Duval) "Hey, man, that was as easy as pie."
  • (Chi McBride) "I'm a veteran, son."
  • (Punk) "Get outta the car, bitch, or I'm gonna blow your brains out."
  • (Chi McBride) "You gotta be s***tin' me --"
  • (Punk) "Do I have shoot you, dammn it?"
  • (James Duval) "Damn."
  • (Chi McBride) "You lazy, half-ass bully. Any asshole can pull a gun on somebody. You don't know the first thing about stealing a car. Boy. You need a role model."
  • (James Duval) "I can deliver more than pizzas, huh? Boosted her myself."
  • (Chi McBride) "How did you get this car?"
  • (James Duval) "Actually, the keys were in it."
  • (Chi McBride) "Well, that kinda defies the point."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "You stole a car that wasn't on the list. Why don't you just go to the police station in a red clown suit and let everybody know what we're doing here?"
  • (James Duval) "You ever feel bad about any of this?"
  • (Chi McBride) "Hell, no. I'm Robin Hood, man. I rob from the rich and give to the needy."
  • (James Duval) "You mean the poor."
  • (Chi McBride) "No, like I said, the needy. 'Cause brother, we need this car."

Scott Caan as Tumbler

  • (The Sphinx) "If his unpleasant wounding has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish beneath the glossy veneer of criminal life and inspired you to change your ways, then his injuries carry with it an inherent nobility, and a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. You say poor Toby? I say poor us."
  • (Scott Caan) "He spoke."
  • (Will Patton) "Yeah --"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Hey man, I thought you were from Long Beach."

Giovanni Ribisi as Kip

  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "Why are people shooting at us?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "'Cause I blew up their car."
  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "Hey, what time is it?"
  • (Will Patton) "Seven-thirty. I think I'm gonna have to; get you outta town or something. Your brother's the best boost in the world but I don't how if he's gonna make this one."
  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "Uh, I'm not like my brother. You know, I don't just abandon my friends."
  • (Will Patton) "Oh, man, I oughtta smack you silly, boy. You think you're brother ran away, you better get your story straight."
  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "Well, go on then. Straighten it out."
  • (Will Patton) "Your mother told him to go. She knew that if Memphis stayed, you were gonna walk his line. You were gonna join his crew. But she told him to pick up and go. And he did, thinking it was best for you. He left all of us, for you. I guess it wasn't that big a deal for him though, really. Wasn't that big a sacrifice leaving everything he'd ever known behind. Than six years later, ain't life grand? You became a car boost anyway. How 'bout that?"

Delroy Lindo as Det. Roland Castlebeck

  • (Unnamed) "He's gone."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "GOD."
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "Man this guy can drive."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "What? WHAT?"
  • (Timothy Olyphant) "It's probably mostly the car --"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "The easy way or the hard way, Raines. Easy way or the hard way."

William Lee Scott as Toby

  • (William Lee Scott) "I think that your dog ate the keys"
  • (Robert Duvall) "Wait, he usually goes for the license plate -- are you sure?"
  • (Scott Caan) "Wait a minute -- Wait a minute -- the dog ate the keys"
  • (William Lee Scott) "YES"
  • (Scott Caan) "How -- How are you gonna get them out"
  • (Chi McBride) "Not funny"
  • (Scott Caan) "Oh -- excuse me"
  • (William Lee Scott) "Whoa -- don't even think about Sphinx"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "It's all right"

Michael Peña as Ignacio

  • (Michael Peña) "That's nasty. What kind of a sicko gets their jollies from playin' with dog s*** man?"

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