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Good News (1947 film) Quotes

Good News (1947 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Good News stopped airing in 1970.

It features Arthur Freed as producer, Conrad Salinger in charge of musical score, and Charles Schoenbaum as head of cinematography.

Good News (1947 film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Good News (1947 film) is 93 min. long. Good News (1947 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Joan McCracken as Babe Doolittle, Loren Tindall as Beef, Patricia Marshall as Pat McClellan, June Allyson as Connie Lane, Peter Lawford as Tommy Marlowe, Tom Dugan as Pooch, and Ray McDonald as Bobby Turner.

Good News (1947 film) Quotes

Tom Dugan as Pooch

  • (Tom Dugan) "Psychology. It's black magic, leave it alone."
  • (Tom Dugan) "And another thing -- the boys don't understand a thing you're saying. They're waiting for the signals, you give them the signals; but they're in French."
  • (Peter Lawford) "Guess I can't help it, Poochy. Language comes easy to me. I've only been in class five days and already I speak like a native. I don't know of what country, but, ah, like a native."
  • (Tom Dugan) "Come on, Bobby, get your uniform off."
  • (Ray McDonald) "Aw, gee, Poochy. I get so little chance to wear it I like to keep it on until the last minute. Sometimes I even rub a little dirt on it just to convince myself I'm really on the team."
  • (Tom Dugan) "Don't say it. You can think it but don't say it out loud. The evil spirits don't like it."

June Allyson as Connie Lane

  • (June Allyson) "Gee, I wish someone loved me like you love you."

Peter Lawford as Tommy Marlowe

  • (Peter Lawford) "What a vocabulary. Wait until I spring this on Pat."
  • (June Allyson) "Why don't you just hit her over the head with a hockey stick?"
  • (Peter Lawford) "Pat, I don't understand it, I'm a very popular guy."
  • (Patricia Marshall) "Oh, really?"
  • (Peter Lawford) "Yes, by this time next year I'll be All-American."
  • (Patricia Marshall) "Oh, does that mean you'll be a citizen?"
  • (Peter Lawford) "They sure are blue."

Joan McCracken as Babe Doolittle

  • (Joan McCracken) "Well, Bobby, here I am."
  • (Ray McDonald) "What?"
  • (Joan McCracken) "It's time for that dance I promised you."
  • (Ray McDonald) "Go away. Beef said he'd kill anybody that came near you."
  • (Joan McCracken) "Well, wouldn't it be worth it?"
  • (Ray McDonald) "No."
  • (Joan McCracken) "Bobby, you and me are soul mates."
  • (Ray McDonald) "What?"
  • (Joan McCracken) "I won't take no for an answer. Tell me you love me."
  • (Joan McCracken) "Look at that. Goosepimples. Think it's cold? No, it's you."
  • (Ray McDonald) "Yeah? Well, look at that."
  • (Ray McDonald) "Goosepimples. You think it's you? No, it's Beef."
  • (Joan McCracken) "I've been reading that psychology you were talking about. I've got a split personality."
  • (Loren Tindall) "Well, if anyone comes near you, they'll be a split-personality."
  • (Joan McCracken) "Gee, the old place hasn't changed much. I wonder if McKinley's still president?"

Loren Tindall as Beef

  • (Loren Tindall) "I used to think I had a mother fixation -- Never did like her. I like you better."
  • (Patricia Marshall) "Oh, Beef, you're a panic."

Ray McDonald as Bobby Turner

  • (Ray McDonald) "Babe. Go away."
  • (Joan McCracken) "Is that all you have to say to me?"
  • (Ray McDonald) "No. Leave me alone."

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