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Gosford Park Quotes

Gosford Park is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Gosford Park stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Altman as producer, Patrick Doyle in charge of musical score, and Andrew Dunn (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Gosford Park is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Gosford Park is 137 minutes long. Gosford Park is distributed by Entertainment Film Distributors.

The cast includes: Helen Mirren as Mrs. Wilson, Kristin Scott Thomas as Lady Sylvia McCordle, Natasha Wightman as Lavinia Meredith, Maggie Smith as Constance, Ryan Phillippe as Henry Denton, Kelly Macdonald as Mary Maceachran, Jeremy Northam as Ivor Novello, Clive Owen as Robert Parks, Michael Gambon as Sir William McCordle, Bob Balaban as Morris Weissman, Claudie Blakley as Mabel Nesbitt, Eileen Atkins as Mrs. Croft, Stephen Fry as Inspector Thompson, Emily Watson as Elsie, Sophie Thompson as Dorothy, Tom Hollander as Anthony Meredith, Camilla Rutherford as Isobel McCordle, Alan Bates as Mr. Jennings, Clive Owen as Albert, Jeremy Swift as Arthur, Derek Jacobi as Probert, Trent Ford as Jeremy Blond, Clive Owen as Bertha, and Kelly Macdonald as Maid.

Gosford Park Quotes

Natasha Wightman as Lavinia Meredith

  • (Natasha Wightman) "I don't care what's changed or not changed as long as our sons are spared what you all went through."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Not all. You never fought, did you, William?"
  • (Michael Gambon) "I did my bit."
  • (Unnamed) "Of course you did."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Well, you made a lot of money but it's not quite the same as charging into the cannon's mouth, is it?"

Maggie Smith as Constance

  • (Maggie Smith) "Has anyone checked her outfit? She's probably in black velvet with a feather in her hair."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Anyone care for a game of bridge after dinner? Louisa, how about you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, I don't think so. I've rather gone off cards. I've never been very lucky with them."
  • (Michael Gambon) "Me too."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Tell me, how much longer are you going to go on making films?"
  • (Jeremy Northam) "I suppose that rather depends on how much longer the public want to see me in them."
  • (Maggie Smith) "It must be hard to know when it's time to throw in the towel -- What a pity about that last one of yours -- what was it called? "The Dodger"?"
  • (Jeremy Northam) "The Lodger."
  • (Maggie Smith) "The Lodger. It must be so disappointing when something just flops like that."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Mary, I don't think I'll wear that shirt after all. The other one's warmer, that's all I care about."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Seems much more than just background music."
  • (Maggie Smith) "They're rather a mixed bunch. That Mr. Weissman's very odd. Apparently, he produces motion pictures. The Charlie Chan Mysteries. Or does he direct them? I never know the difference. Mary. I suppose it's fun having a film star staying but there's always so little to talk about after the first flush of recognition. And why has Freddy Nesbitt brought that awful common little wife of his? Isabel only asked him because another gun dropped out; that's no excuse to inflict her on us all. Mary -- Tomorrow, I'll have breakfast in bed, and then get straight up into the tweeds. What shirt have you brought?"
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "The green with the pink stripe."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Oh no dear, no. No, that's quite wrong. Always something very plain for country sports; the one I wore today will do."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "But it's soiled."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Well you can wash it, can't you?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "Bought marmalade? Oh dear, I call that very feeble."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Could you imagine someone being hanged because of something I said."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "I know. And what purpose could it possibly serve?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "Awfully long repertoire."

Clive Owen as Robert Parks

  • (Clive Owen) "I can't stop thinkin' about those girls. The ones that got, you know --"
  • (Eileen Atkins) "Well, I'm not surprised, the way you carry on. Just see it never happens to you, that's all."
  • (Clive Owen) "Can't a man hate his own father?"
  • (Clive Owen) "Here we go again."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "That's just it. I've never done a real houseparty before. Not properly anyway."
  • (Unnamed) "How come you got taken on as a countess lady's maid if you've got no experience?"
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "She wants to train me. She said she didn't care about experience."
  • (Unnamed) "She didn't want to pay for it, you mean."
  • (Clive Owen) "My name is Parks -- Robert Parks."
  • (Clive Owen) "Ooh. I've been wanting to do that ever since I first set eyes on you."

Kelly Macdonald as Mary Maceachran

  • (Kelly Macdonald) "They said Sir William was planning to cut Lady Sylvia out of his will in favour of Miss Isobel."
  • (Unnamed) "That's nothing. In the new will, Sir William left Lady Stockbridge 100,000 pounds. Sylvia thinks it's a huge joke, especially since she won't have to pay it."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Nobody can stab a corpse and not know it."
  • (Clive Owen) "Really? When was the last time you stabbed a corpse?"
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "What do I do with her Ladyship's jewels?"
  • (Unnamed) "This way. George is in charge of the safe, he's the first footman and you want to watch where he puts his hands."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Her Ladyship says Sir William loves his shooting."
  • (Emily Watson) "Yeah, he does. Can't hit a barn door but he does love it. Sweet, really."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "What's Lord Stockbridge like?"
  • (Clive Owen) "He thinks he's God Almighty. They all do."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Mr. Parks --"
  • (Clive Owen) "Robert."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Robert. When you said you'd surprise me, you didn't mean anything by it, did you?"
  • (Clive Owen) "Why? Don't you like surprises?"
  • (Unnamed) "Are any of the others getting up for breakfast? The women, I mean."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "I think Lady Lavinia may be."
  • (Unnamed) "That settles it. Come back at half past eight. I'll get dressed. It's the greatest bore, of course, but I don't want to miss anything."
  • (Unnamed) "So what's the gossip in the servant's quarters?"
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Um, nothing my lady."
  • (Unnamed) "Nonsense. Come on, out with it."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Well, is it true that Sir William could have married Lady Stockbridge if he'd wanted to?"
  • (Unnamed) "Is that what they're saying?"
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Only that Lord Carton was after Sir William for one of them but he didn't care which."
  • (Unnamed) "What would you say if I told you, they cut cards for him."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Where's Mrs Croft?"
  • (Unnamed) "Always eats with her own staff."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Does she take her pudding to Mrs Wilson's room? Our cook does that."
  • (Unnamed) "Fat chance, they hate each other."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "What was her family like?"
  • (Emily Watson) "What you'd expect: toffee-nosed and useless. Her father was the Earl of Carton, which sounds good except he didn't have a pot to piss in."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."
  • (Unnamed) "At least I know that gives me room for manoeuvre."
  • (Kelly Macdonald) "What will Lady Sylvia do now?"
  • (Unnamed) "If I were her, I'd set up in London as a glamorous widow with all the gentlemen chasin' me for my money."

Ryan Phillippe as Henry Denton

  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Who is it?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, I'm ever so sorry, sir."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Sorry for what?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm supposed to get the fire lit without waking you."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Why does everyone treat me as if I were one of these stupid snobs? I spent half the week downstairs with all of you."
  • (Unnamed) "You can't be on both teams at once, sir."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "I have a date with a hot glass of milk."

Eileen Atkins as Mrs. Croft

  • (Eileen Atkins) "He was a hard-hearted randy old sod."
  • (Eileen Atkins) "He's very full of himself, I must say. Doesn't eat meat. He's coming to a shooting party and he doesn't eat meat."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Now now Mrs Croft. We don't want to be thought unsophisticated do we? Mr Weissman's an American. They do things differently there."
  • (Eileen Atkins) "Don't cry, Jane. They'll hear you."
  • (Eileen Atkins) "Come on. You did what you thought was best for him at the time. I see that now."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Lizzie -- I've lost him, Lizzie. I've lost him, he'll never know me. My boy --"
  • (Helen Mirren) "Oh, my boy."
  • (Eileen Atkins) "At least your boy is alive. He's alive. That's what matters."

Stephen Fry as Inspector Thompson

  • (Unnamed) "Sir, someone's traipsed a load of mud in down here."
  • (Stephen Fry) "Not now, Dexter, please."
  • (Stephen Fry) "I'm Inspector Thom --"
  • (Stephen Fry) "Well, you see, this is why we have rules and regulations, isn't it?"
  • (Unnamed) "Inspector, there's a broken coffee cup down here."
  • (Stephen Fry) "Dexter, they have people to clear these things up. You get on with your own job."

Jeremy Swift as Arthur

  • (Jeremy Swift) "George has had his revenge on Mr. Denton- hot coffee in the lap."
  • (Jeremy Swift) "Something funny about that bloke."
  • (Unnamed) "His accent for a start."

Bob Balaban as Morris Weissman

  • (Bob Balaban) "You're providing a lot of entertainment for nothing."
  • (Jeremy Northam) "Morris -- I'm used to it."
  • (Bob Balaban) "Hello? Is everything all right? Are you ok?"
  • (Unnamed) "Am I what ?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "How do you manage to put up with these people?"
  • (Jeremy Northam) "Well, you forget, I make my living impersonating them."
  • (Bob Balaban) "Thank you, Mr. Jennings."
  • (Alan Bates) "It's just Jennings, sir."
  • (Bob Balaban) "Then thank you, just Jennings."
  • (Bob Balaban) "What about Claudette Colbert? She's British, isn't she? She sounds British. Is she, like, affected or is she British?"

Camilla Rutherford as Isobel McCordle

  • (Camilla Rutherford) "Is Rupert here?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Yes."
  • (Camilla Rutherford) "Shall I go and say hello?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "No. I don't think so."

Helen Mirren as Mrs. Wilson

  • (Helen Mirren) "What gift do you think a good servant has that separates them from the others? Its the gift of anticipation. And I'm a good servant; I'm better than good, I'm the best; I'm the perfect servant. I know when they'll be hungry, and the food is ready. I know when they'll be tired, and the bed is turned down. I know it before they know it themselves."

Kristin Scott Thomas as Lady Sylvia McCordle

  • (Unnamed) "He's still got that vile little dog, I see."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Yes, the ones we hate last forever."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Did you have an dreadful journey?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, simply dreadful."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Oh, don't worry about him. He's just an American staying with us."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Mr Weissman."
  • (Bob Balaban) "Yes?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Tell us about the film you're going to make."
  • (Bob Balaban) "Oh, sure. It's called "Charlie Chan In London". It's a detective story."
  • (Claudie Blakley) "Set in London?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "Well, not really. Most of it takes place at a shooting party in a country house. Sort of like this one, actually. Murder in the middle of the night, a lot of guests for the weekend, everyone's a suspect. You know, that sort of thing."
  • (Maggie Smith) "How horrid. And who turns out to have done it?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "Oh, I couldn't tell you that. It would spoil it for you."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Oh, but none of us will see it."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Mrs Wilson, absolute crisis. I've just found out that Mr Weissman won't eat meat. I don't know what to do and I can't ask Mrs Croft. I simply don't dare."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Everything's under control your ladyship. Mr Weissman's valet informed us as soon as he after he arrived so we've prepared a special version of the soup, he can eat the fish and the hors d'oeuvres, there'll be a welsh rarebit for the game course, I'm not sure what we're going to do about the entree but we'll think of something."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Thank you Mrs Wilson. Ten steps ahead as always. Which one of you is Mr Weissman's valet?"
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "I am, your Ladyship."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Are you indeed. Yes. Well. Thank you for your --"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "efficiency."
  • (Unnamed) "You're all set then."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Far be it from me to contradict Louisa."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "What are you wearing?"
  • (Camilla Rutherford) "Don't you like it? You bought it."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Did I? How extraordinary of me."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Please tell me you haven't come with condolences."

Trent Ford as Jeremy Blond

  • (Trent Ford) "Face it. You're a younger son with the taste of marquess and the income of a vicar."

Derek Jacobi as Probert

  • (Derek Jacobi) "I'll murder that dog one day. Look at that. All over his waistcoat."

Tom Hollander as Anthony Meredith

  • (Unnamed) "Do you really have to go back to London?"
  • (Tom Hollander) "I am afraid so, Raymond. When you're ruined, there's so much to do."
  • (Michael Gambon) "Yes, there is, isn't there? Moan, moan, moan."

Alan Bates as Mr. Jennings

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Sophie Thompson as Dorothy

  • (Sophie Thompson) "I believe in love. Not just getting it, but giving it. I think that if you're able to love someone, even if they don't know it, even if they can't love you back, then it's worth it."

Emily Watson as Elsie

  • (Emily Watson) "Why do we spend our time living through them? Look at poor old Lewis. If her own mother had a heart attack, she'd think it was less important than one of Lady Sylvia's farts."

Michael Gambon as Sir William McCordle

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