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Grand Hotel (1932 film) Quotes

Grand Hotel (1932 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Grand Hotel ended its run in 1970.

It features Irving Thalberg as producer, William Axt in charge of musical score, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Grand Hotel (1932 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Grand Hotel (1932 film) is 112 minutes long. Grand Hotel (1932 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Lewis Stone as Dr. Otternschlag, Greta Garbo as Grusinskaya, John Barrymore as Baron Felix von Geigern, Joan Crawford as Flaemmchen, Wallace Beery as Preysing, Lionel Barrymore as Otto Kringelein, Jean Hersholt as Senf, and Rafaela Ottiano as Suzette.

Grand Hotel (1932 film) Quotes

Lewis Stone as Dr. Otternschlag

  • (Lewis Stone) "Grand Hotel -- always the same. People come, people go. Nothing ever happens."
  • (Lewis Stone) "And what do you do in the Grand Hotel? Eat. Sleep. Loaf around. Flirt a little, dance a little. A hundred doors leading to one hall. No one knows anything about the person next to them. And when you leave, someone occupies your room, lies in your bed -- that's the end."
  • (Lewis Stone) "When a man's collar is an inch too big for him I know he's ill."
  • (Lewis Stone) "Believe me, Mr. Kringelein, a man who is not with a woman is a dead man."

Joan Crawford as Flaemmchen

  • (Joan Crawford) "You know I always say that nothing should be left hanging over. And names are like that. Suppose I met you next year and said, 'How do you do Mr. Preysing?' And you said, 'That's the young lady who was my secretary in Manchester.' That's all quite propper. But supposing I saw you and yelled 'Hi baby. Remember Manchester.'"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yeah, and you were with your wife. How would you like that?"

Greta Garbo as Grusinskaya

  • (Greta Garbo) "Who are you?"
  • (John Barrymore) "Someone who could love you, that's all. Someone who's forgotten everything else but you."
  • (Greta Garbo) "You could love me?"
  • (John Barrymore) "I've never seen anything in my life as beautiful as you are."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I think Suzette, I've never been so tired in all my life --"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Can you imagine a hundred girls in the ballet school, each thinking she would become the most famous dancer in all the world? I was ambitious then. We were drilled like little soldiers. No rest, no stopping. I was little, slim, but hard as a diamond. Then I became famous and; But why am I telling you all this? Last night, I didn't know you at all. Who are you, really?"
  • (John Barrymore) "What?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "I don't even know your name."
  • (John Barrymore) "I am Felix Benvenuto Freihern von Geigern. My mother called me "Flix"."
  • (Greta Garbo) "No. Flix. Oh, that's sweet. And how do you live? And what kind of a person are you?"
  • (John Barrymore) "I'm a prodigal son, the black sheep of a white flock. I shall die on the gallows."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I want to be alone --"

Wallace Beery as Preysing

  • (Wallace Beery) "I don't know much about women. I've been married for 28 years, you know."

Jean Hersholt as Senf

  • (Jean Hersholt) "Hello? Hello? Hello, is that the clinic? Uh this is Senf; the head porter, Grand Hotel. How's my wife? Is she in pain? Isn't the child coming soon? -- Patience? Would you have patience?"
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "Uh this is Otto Kringelein. I-i-is that you Heinrich? Oh Heinrich listen, I've got to talk very quickly; with every minute costs two Marks ninety. Y-ya know that will I made before I had my operation? Well I want you to tear it up -- Huh? W-e-I came to Berlin to see a great specialist about that old trouble of mine; y-you know Heinrich, i-it's pretty bad. Uh he says I haven't long to live -- I say he says I won't live much longer --. No, it isn't nice to be told things like that. You plague and bother and save and all of the sudden you're dead. I want to get something out of life. Listen Heinrich, I'm never going back to Frieveshof, never. I-I'm staying here at the Grand Hotel; it's the most expensive hotel in Berlin. Y-eh all the best people stay here, even our big boss Preysing is staying here. I'm going to tell him someday just exactly what I think of him."
  • (Wallace Beery) "Hello? Hello, miss? This is General Director Preysing. I want my home in Frieveshof, please. Hurry, yeah -- Hello. Hello. Is that you mama? How are da children? What news have you found at da factory dear? -- Ya. Is your papa there? -- Good. Hello papa, is that you? -- Ya. The conference with the Saxonia company's set for tomorrow morning papa -- Ya, ya. If the merger does not go through, ve are in very bad shape papa -- Ya, ya. Everything depends upon news from Manchester. If the deal with the Manchester Cotton Company does not go through, we are facing a very bad situation papa."
  • (Rafaela Ottiano) "I'm Suzette; Suzette: Madam Grusinskaya's maid. Madam will not dance today. No she will not go to the rehearsal; she did not sleep all night. There is something preying on her mind -- No, I give her a tablet of degranol. She is sleeping now."
  • (John Barrymore) "This is Baron von Geigern. Look here, I need money or I can't stay at this hotel much longer. Well I've layed the groundwork, know the exact position of her room, and I've made friends with her ballet master Pimenov."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "Listen Heinrich, I've taken all my savings; everything; and I'm going to enjoy spending it, all of it. I-it's terribly expensive here Heinrich, oooohh but it's wonderful."
  • (Jean Hersholt) "I can't, I'll lose my job. It's like being in jail."
  • (Wallace Beery) "Rely on me papa. I will make this merger go through, I never fail."
  • (Rafaela Ottiano) "Oh poor Madam, her mind is tortured. I'm afraid she will --"
  • (John Barrymore) "I don't need advice, thanks very much; I need money."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "-- music all the time; oh it's wonderful."
  • (Lewis Stone) "Grand Hotel: people coming, going -- nothing ever happens."

John Barrymore as Baron Felix von Geigern

  • (John Barrymore) "Oh, you're a little stenographess?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yes, I'm a little stenographess."
  • (John Barrymore) "Fascinating. I don't suppose you'd, uh, take some dictation from me sometime, would you?"

Lionel Barrymore as Otto Kringelein

  • (Lionel Barrymore) "Mr. Preysing, I am not taking orders from you here."
  • (Wallace Beery) "What is this insolence? Please go away."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "You think you have free license to be insulting? Believe me, you have not. You think you're superior, but you're quite an ordinary man. Even if you did marry money, and people like me have got to slave for you for 320 marks a month."
  • (Wallace Beery) "Will you go away, please. You are annoying."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Mr. Preysing, please."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "You don't like to see me enjoying myself. When a man's working himself to death, that's what he's paid for. You don't care if a man can live on his wages or not."
  • (Wallace Beery) "You have a very regular scale of wages, and there's the sick fund for you."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "Oh, what a scale, and what a fund. When I was sick for four weeks, you wrote me a letter, telling me I'd be discharged if I was sick any longer. Did you write me that letter, or did you not?"
  • (Wallace Beery) "I have no idea of the letters that I write, Mr. Kringelein. I know that you're here in the Grand Hotel, living like a lord. You are probably an embezzler."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "An embezzler?"
  • (Wallace Beery) "Yes, an embezzler."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "You will take that back, right here in the presence of this young lady. Who do you think you're talking to? You think I'm dirt? Well, if I'm dirt, you're a lot dirtier, Mr. Industrial Magnate Preysing."
  • (Wallace Beery) "You're discharged. Get out."
  • (Joan Crawford) "You can't do that to him --"
  • (Wallace Beery) "Oh, I don't know the man. I don't know what he wants. I never saw him before."
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "I know you. I've kept your books for you and I know all about you. If one of your employees was half as stupid in a small way as you are in a big way --"
  • (Wallace Beery) "What do you mean"
  • (Wallace Beery) "You're discharged. You're discharged, you hear?"
  • (Lionel Barrymore) "Wait. You can't discharge me. I am my own master for the first time in my life. You can't discharge me. I'm sick. I'm going to die, you understand? I'm going to die, and nobady can do anything to me anymore. Nothing can happen to me anymore. Before I can be discharged, I'll be dead."

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