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Grizzly Man Quotes

Grizzly Man is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Grizzly Man stopped airing in 1970.

It features Kevin Beggs, Billy Campbell, Phil Fairclough, Andrea Meditch, Erik Nelson, Tom Ortenberg, and Jewel Palovak as producer, Richard Thompson (musician) in charge of musical score, and Peter Zeitlinger as head of cinematography.

Grizzly Man is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Grizzly Man is 104 minutes long. Grizzly Man is distributed by Lionsgate Films.

Grizzly Man Quotes

  • (Timothy Treadwell) "-- If that hat's in the den, I'm gonna f***in' explode."
  • (Werner Herzog) "I believe the common denominator of the universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility, and murder."
  • (Werner Herzog) "What remains is his footage. And while we watch the animals in their joys of being, in their grace and ferociousness, a thought becomes more and more clear. That it is not so much a look at wild nature, as it is an insight into ourselves, our nature. And that, for me, beyond his mission, gives meaning to his life and to his death."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "Nobody friggin' knew that there are times when my life has been on the precipice of death."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I'm in love with my animal friends. I'm in love with my animal friends. In love with my animal friends. I'm very, very troubled. It's very emotional. It's probably not cool even looking like this. I'm so in love with them, and they're so f-ed over, which so sucks."
  • (Himself - Coroner) "I mean, these are human beings. And the question I ask is first of all: Who are you, Timothy? Who are you, Amie? And what happened to you?"
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "Animals rule. Timothy conquered. f*** you, Park Service."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "You can see the bond that has developed between this very wild animal, and this vary, fairly wild person."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "We're gonna need more rain. We need more rain. Downey is hungry. Tabitha's hungry. Melissa is eating her babies."
  • (Werner Herzog) "I think you should not keep it, you should destroy it. I think that's what you should do, because it will be the white elephant in your room all your life."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I've had my troubles with the girls. Yeah, yeah. And I'll tell you something, if Saturn was a female human, I can just see how beautiful she is as a bear; I've always called her the Michelle Pfeiffer of bears out here."
  • (Sven Haakanson Jr. - Alutiiq Museum Director) "He tried to act like a bear, and for us on the island, you don't do that. You don't invade on their territory -- For him to act like a bear the way he did, to me it was the ultimate of disrespecting the bear and what the bear represents."
  • (Werner Herzog) "But he tried to protect the bears, didn't he?"
  • (Sven Haakanson Jr. - Alutiiq Museum Director) "I think he did more damage to the bears -- when you habituate bears to humans, they think all humans are safe -- If I look at it from my culture, Timothy Treadwell crossed a boundary that we have lived with for 4,000 years."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I would never, ever kill a bear in defense of my own life; would not go into a bear's home and kill a bear."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "They come here to Alaska and hear about Treadwell in the bush, and they want to go find him. Well, they can't. I'm hidden down below. No one knows where I am. Even I don't know where I am."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I'm sure gay people have problems, too."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I'm out in the prime cut of big green. Behind me is Ed and Rowdy, members of an up-and-coming sub-adult gang. They're challenging everything, including me. Goes with the territory. If I show weakness, if I retreat, I may be hurt, I may be killed. I must hold my own if I'm gonna stay within this land. For once there is weakness they will exploit it, they will take me out, they will decapitate me, they will chop me into bits and pieces. I'm dead. But so far, I persevere. Persevere."
  • (Unnamed) "It was on his wrist."
  • (Willy Fulton - Pilot) "Now the long horns are gone And the drovers are gone The Comanche's are gone And the outlaws are gone Now Quantro is gone Stan Watie is gone And the lion is gone And the Red Wolf is gone"
  • (Willy Fulton - Pilot) "And Treadwell is gone --"
  • (Marc Gaede - Ecologist) ""A bear diet consists of liberals and Dems and wacko environmentalists that think the spotted owl is the most important thing in the world. We need to somehow drastically increase the number of bears in America, especially in such key spots as the Berkley campus.""
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I've always wished I was gay, it would have been a lot easier. You know, it's just Bing. Bing. Bing.; gay guys, no problem. They go to restrooms and truck stops and perform sex, it's like so easy for them and stuff. But you know what? Alas, Timothy Treadwell is not gay. Bummer."
  • (Sam Egli) "That bear, I think, that day, decided that he had either had enough of Tim Treadwell or that something clicked in that bear's head that he thought 'Hey, you know, he might be good to eat.'"
  • (Unnamed) "Here is Timothy's watch. I think you should have it."
  • (Jewel Palovak) "Thank you. Oh my gosh. It's still ticking. It's like a circle. I can't believe it still ticks."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "My tent crushed in and I love it. It's pathetic, but I love it."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I am the Lord's humble servant. I am Allah's disciple. I am the Floaty Thing's go-for boy. There has been a miracle here. There has been an absolute miracle. It has rained 1.65 inches of rain today."
  • (David Letterman) "We're not going to open a newspaper one day and read about you being eaten by a bear, are we?"
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "Oh my gosh. The bear, Miss Chocolate, has left me her poop. It's her crap. It was just in her butt and it's still warm. This is a gift from Miss Chocolate."
  • (Timothy Treadwell) "I will die for these animals, I will die for these animals, I will die for these animals."

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