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Gumshoe (film) Quotes

Gumshoe (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Gumshoe completed its run in 1970.

It features Michael Medwin as producer, Andrew Lloyd Webber in charge of musical score, and Chris Menges as head of cinematography.

Gumshoe (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Gumshoe (film) is 88 minutes long. Gumshoe (film) is distributed by Columbia-Warner Distributors (UK).

The cast includes: Bill Dean as Tommy, Wendy Richard as Anne Scott, and Albert Finney as Eddie Ginley.

Gumshoe (film) Quotes

Bill Dean as Tommy

  • (Bill Dean) "We're closed."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Got your coat?"
  • (Bill Dean) "Yeah."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Put it on."
  • (Bill Dean) "Who are you?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Board of Trade."
  • (Bill Dean) "Well, what do you want?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "We have Powers Of Search."
  • (Bill Dean) "You don't look like the Board Of Trade to me."
  • (Wendy Richard) "We're changing the image. Would you sit down please. Oh, wait. You've got something on your eye. No, don't touch it, don't touch it. Leave it to me. Relax."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Close your eyes."
  • (Bill Dean) "I'm Anne Scott."
  • (Wendy Richard) "I'm all shook up."
  • (Bill Dean) "What's your name?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Modelling. Clay Modelling."
  • (Bill Dean) "I don't think I fancy you, Modelling."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Work on it."
  • (Bill Dean) "I like tall men."
  • (Wendy Richard) "The Seven Dwarves got Snow White."
  • (Bill Dean) "Only cos they crowded her."
  • (Wendy Richard) "You'll have to go on your knees then."
  • (Bill Dean) "On this floor?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "I'll put a cushion down."
  • (Bill Dean) "I couldn't."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Why not?"
  • (Bill Dean) "I stoop to conquer, I don't kneel."

Wendy Richard as Anne Scott

  • (Wendy Richard) "I'd rather fight than switch."
  • (Albert Finney) "So you'd rather fight? What weight are you?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Bantam."
  • (Albert Finney) "I'm heavy."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Ooh. You've got the weight, I've got the speed."
  • (Albert Finney) "I sometimes hit below the belt."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Hit below the belt, do you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "And I've got a long reach."
  • (Wendy Richard) "That's no good in a clinch."
  • (Albert Finney) "Keep your guard up, don't lead with your chin, and keep throwing out those lefts."
  • (Wendy Richard) "What for?"
  • (Albert Finney) "You could get a crack at the title."

Albert Finney as Eddie Ginley

  • (Albert Finney) "Mrs. Blankers-Cohen?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Not expected."
  • (Albert Finney) "Where can I find her?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "49 Faulkner Square."
  • (Albert Finney) "Does she live there?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Yes, but not for long."
  • (Albert Finney) "How come."
  • (Wendy Richard) "She's leaving. Tomorrow."
  • (Albert Finney) "What time?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "7am."
  • (Albert Finney) "How?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Boat. Hoskinson's Dock."
  • (Albert Finney) "You're a Londoner?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "You're a bright kid, Modelling."
  • (Albert Finney) "What you doing up here?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Old story. With a dancing troupe. Manager cleared off with the money, I was stranded."
  • (Albert Finney) "In Liverpool?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "In Liverpool. So I got a job in this office."
  • (Albert Finney) "Don't be embarrassed when we're out together; I could walk behind you."
  • (Albert Finney) "Oh no."
  • (Albert Finney) "Why not?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "I like to hold hands in the street. I'd feel like I was taking you out for a walk."
  • (Wendy Richard) "I'm basically conservative."
  • (Albert Finney) "Switch sides."

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