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Halloween (1978 film) Quotes

Halloween (1978 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Halloween ended in 1970.

It features Debra Hill as producer, John Carpenter in charge of musical score, and Dean Cundey as head of cinematography.

Halloween (1978 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Halloween (1978 film) is 91 minutes long. Halloween (1978 film) is distributed by Compass International Pictures.

The cast includes: Donald Pleasence as Loomis, Nancy Kyes as Brackett, Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie, P. J. Soles as Lynda, Nancy Stephens as Marion, Nancy Kyes as Annie, Kyle Richards as Lindsey, Brian Andrews as Tommy, Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Leigh Brackett, John Michael Graham as Bob, Mickey Yablans as Richie, John Michael Graham as Boy, and Brian Andrews as Tommy Doyle.

Halloween (1978 film) Quotes

P. J. Soles as Lynda

  • (P. J. Soles) "It's totally insane. We have three new cheers to learn in the morning, the game is in the afternoon, I have to get my hair done at five, and the dance is at eight. I'll be totally wiped out."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I don't think you have enough to do tomorrow."
  • (P. J. Soles) "Totally."
  • (P. J. Soles) "So Annie, are we still on for tonight?"
  • (Nancy Kyes) "I wouldn't want to get you in deep trouble, Lynda."
  • (P. J. Soles) "Oh, come on, Annie. Bob and I have been planning it for weeks."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "All right, the Wallaces leave at seven."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I'm babysitting the Doyles, it's two houses down. We can keep each other company."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Oh, terrific. I've got three choices: watch the kid sleep, listen to Lynda screw around, or talk to you."
  • (P. J. Soles) "Now, when we get inside, Annie will distract Lindsey and we go upstairs to the first bedroom on the right. Got it?"
  • (John Michael Graham) "First, I rip your clothes off --"
  • (P. J. Soles) "Don't rip my blouse. It's expensive, you idiot."
  • (John Michael Graham) "Then I rip my clothes off, then I rip Lindsey's clothes off. Yeah, I think I got it."
  • (P. J. Soles) "See anything you like?"

Nancy Kyes as Annie

  • (Nancy Kyes) "I have a feeling that you're way off on this."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "You have the wrong feeling."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "You're not doing very much to prove me wrong."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "What more do you need?"
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Well, it's going to take a lot more than fancy talk to keep me up all night crawling around these bushes."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "I-I-I watched him for fifteen years, sitting in a room, staring at a wall; not seeing the wall, looking past the wall; looking at this night, inhumanly patient, waiting for some secret, silent alarm to trigger him off. Death has come to your little town, Sheriff. Now, you can either ignore it, or you can help me to stop it."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "More fancy talk."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "A man wouldn't do that."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "This isn't a man."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Every kid in Haddonfield thinks this place is haunted."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "They may be right."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Still spooked?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I wasn't spooked."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Lies."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I wasn't. I saw someone standing in Mr. Riddle's back yard."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Probably Mr. Riddle."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "He was watching me."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Mr. Riddle was watching you? Laurie, Mr. Riddle is eighty-seven."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "He can still watch."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "That's probably all he can do."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Hey, jerk. Speed kills."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "God, can't he take a joke?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "You know, Annie, some day you're going to get us all in deep trouble."
  • (P. J. Soles) "Totally."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "I hate a guy with a car and no sense of humor."

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie

  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Sleep tight, kids."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "We're getting nowhere. Look, the boogeyman can only come out on Halloween, right? Well, I'm here; I'm not about to let anything happen to you."
  • (Brian Andrews) "Promise?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Promise."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Oh, fancy."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "This has not been my night. I spilled butter all over my clothes, they're in the wash. I got stuck in the laundry room --"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Listen, I want you to call Ben Tramer and tell him you were just fooling around."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "I can't."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Yes, you can."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "No, I can't. He went drinking with Mike Godfrey and won't be home until late. You'll have to call him tomorrow. Besides, I'm on my way to pick up Paul."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Wait a minute --"
  • (Nancy Kyes) "If you watch her, I'll consider talking to Ben Tramer in the morning. Deal?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Deal."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "The old Girl Scout comes through again."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Tommy, unlock the door. Come here, now you listen to me. I want you to go down the stairs, and out the front door. I want you to go down the street to the Mackenzie's house. I want you to tell them to call the police and tell them to send them over here. Now, do you understand me? Go do as I say."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Well, kiddo, I thought you outgrew superstition."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Annie, look."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Look where? I don't see anything."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "That guy who passed us in the car before, the one you yelled at."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Subtle, isn't he?"
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Hey, creep."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Laurie, dear. He wants to talk to you. He wants to take you out tonight."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "He was standing right there."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Poor Laurie. Scared another one away. It's tragic, you never go out. You must have a small fortune stashed away from babysitting so much."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Guys think I'm too smart."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "I don't. I think you're wacko. Now you're seeing men behind bushes."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Was that the Boogeyman?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "As a matter of fact, it was"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Lynda, if this is a joke, I'll kill you."

Donald Pleasence as Loomis

  • (Graveyard Keeper) "Yeah, you know every town has something like this happen -- I remember over in Russellville, old Charlie Bowles, about fifteen years ago -- One night, he finished dinner, and he excused himself from the table. He went out to the garage, and got himself a hacksaw. Then he went back into the house, kissed his wife and his two children goodbye, and then he proceeded to --"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Where are we?"
  • (Graveyard Keeper) "Eh? Oh, it's, uh, right over here --"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Hey. Hey, Lonnie, get your ass away from there."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Oh. Jesus."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "Are you all right?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Yeah."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "He's gone. He's gone from here. The evil is gone."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Ever done anything like this before?"
  • (Nancy Stephens) "Only minimum security."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "I see."
  • (Nancy Stephens) "The only thing I can't stand is their gibberish -- how they keep ranting on and on."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "You haven't anything to worry about. He hasn't spoken a word in fifteen years."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes -- the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply -- evil."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Hey -- What is that?"
  • (Nancy Kyes) "A dog."
  • (Nancy Kyes) "It's still warm."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "He got hungry."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "You've fooled them, haven't you Michael?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "But not me."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "You've got to believe me, Officer, he is coming to Haddonfield -- Because I know him. I'm his doctor. You must be ready for him -- If you don't, it's your funeral."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Death has come to your little town, Sheriff."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "You've fooled them, haven't you, Michael? But not me."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "He came home."

Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Leigh Brackett

  • (Charles Cyphers) "All right, I'll stay with you tonight. Just for the chance that you are right. And if you are right, damn you for letting him go."

Nancy Stephens as Marion

  • (Nancy Stephens) "Since when do they let them just wander around?"
  • (Nancy Stephens) "What do I give him when we take him in front of the judge?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Thorazine."
  • (Nancy Stephens) "He'll barely be able to sit up."
  • (Donald Pleasence) "That's the idea."
  • (Nancy Stephens) "Don't you think it would be better if you referred to "it" as "him"?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "If you say so."
  • (Nancy Stephens) "Your compassion's overwhelming, Doctor."
  • (Nancy Stephens) "You're serious about this, aren't you?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "Yes."
  • (Nancy Stephens) "I mean, you really never want him to get out?"
  • (Donald Pleasence) "No, never, ever -- never."

Brian Andrews as Tommy

  • (Brian Andrews) "But I saw the boogeyman. I saw him."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Okay, what did he look like?"
  • (Brian Andrews) "Umm -- the boogeyman."
  • (Brian Andrews) "I don't like that story anymore."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I thought King Arthur was your favorite."
  • (Brian Andrews) "Not anymore."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Why do you keep them under there?"
  • (Brian Andrews) "Mom doesn't like me having them."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Laser Man, Neutron Man. I can understand why. Tarantula Man --"
  • (Brian Andrews) "Laurie, what's the Boogeyman?"
  • (Brian Andrews) "It's the boogeyman. The boogeyman's outside."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Oh, Tommy, stop it. You're scaring Lindsey. There's nobody out there. Now, if you don't stop this I'm going to have to turn the TV off and send you to bed."
  • (Brian Andrews) "Nobody believes me."
  • (Kyle Richards) "I believe you, Tommy."

Kyle Richards as Lindsey

  • (Kyle Richards) "I'm scared."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "There's nothing to be scared of."
  • (Brian Andrews) "Are you sure?"
  • (Brian Andrews) "How?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I killed him --"
  • (Brian Andrews) "But you can't kill the boogeyman."

Mickey Yablans as Richie

  • (Mickey Yablans) "How is our witch?"
  • (John Michael Graham) "Yeah, our pumpkin?"
  • (Brian Andrews) "Leave me alone."
  • (Unnamed) "He's gonna get you, He's gonna get you, He's gonna get you, He's gonna get you."
  • (Mickey Yablans) "Boogeyman is coming."
  • (Brian Andrews) "Leave me alone."
  • (John Michael Graham) "He doesn't believe us."
  • (Mickey Yablans) "Don't you know what happens on Halloween?"
  • (Brian Andrews) "Yeah. We get candies."
  • (Unnamed) "Boogeyman, boogeyman, boogeyman."

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