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Hang 'Em High Quotes

Hang 'Em High is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Hang 'Em High ended its run in 1970.

It features Leonard Freeman as producer, Dominic Frontiere in charge of musical score, and Richard H. Kline as head of cinematography.

Hang 'Em High is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hang 'Em High is 114 minutes long. Hang 'Em High is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Clint Eastwood as Jed Cooper, Bruce Dern as Miller, James MacArthur as The Preacher, Ben Johnson as Marshal Dave Bliss, James Westerfield as Prisoner, Inger Stevens as Rachel Warren, Bob Steele as Jenkins, and Dennis Hopper as The Prophet.

Hang 'Em High Quotes

Clint Eastwood as Jed Cooper

  • (Clint Eastwood) "Well, I don't care how you slice it; whether there's nine men out in the plains with a dirty rope or a judge with his robe on in front of the American flag; those boys are going to be just as dead as if they'd been lynched."
  • (Judge Adam Fenton) "That's right, Cooper, just as dead; but they won't have been lynched. They would have been judged. And if you can't see the difference, you'd better take off that star right now."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I'm gonna have to carry ya, huh?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "They'll be no hanging here."
  • (Unnamed) "These men killed my father and brother. They're gonna get what's coming to 'em."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "They're gonna get what the law says is coming to 'em."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Seems like you're a man trying to give away money and don't have too many takers."
  • (Judge Adam Fenton) "You sound like a man protesting the pay is too high. Don't."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "You're lynching those boys. Why?"
  • (Judge Adam Fenton) "Why? Because of you, Cooper. Because of that beautiful, that magnificent journey you took to bring three killers to justice. Because if the law didn't hang them, the next posse that goes out will say, "Hang 'em and hang 'em high, there's no justice in Fort Grant." And if there's no justice in Fort Grant, Cooper, there will be no statehood for this territory."

James Westerfield as Prisoner

  • (James Westerfield) "Always uses top grade hemp, Schmidt does. He oils it so it slides read good. Snaps your neck like a dry twig."
  • (Schmidt, the Hangman) "You haff last request?"
  • (James Westerfield) "Sure would like me a chaw of tobacco. Whats the matter, hangman; afraid I'll choke to death and you'll lose your hangin' fee?"
  • (James Westerfield) "Umm. Put it in my pocket"
  • (James Westerfield) "Umm. Umm."

Ben Johnson as Marshal Dave Bliss

  • (Ben Johnson) "Some people call this hell, but you're still in Oklahoma Territory -- Save your breath. I don't know who hung you or why, but if you're innocent, the judge will set you free. And if you're not, we'll have to take the trouble to hanging you again."

Bruce Dern as Miller

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Inger Stevens as Rachel Warren

  • (Inger Stevens) "We all have our ghosts, Marshal."

Bob Steele as Jenkins

  • (Bob Steele) "Are we going to hang him or beat him to death?"

James MacArthur as The Preacher

  • (Francis Elroy Duffy, Prisoner) "Now Preacher?"
  • (James MacArthur) "You may say your piece now."
  • (Francis Elroy Duffy, Prisoner) "You're now looking, for the last time, at the mortal body of Francis Elroy Duffy, born to John and Edna Duffy, good, God-fearing folk. Who raised me up to be a good man and a good Christian, and I was a good Christian, a good husband to my beloved wife, good father to my children, who I leave behind, hoping that they, and all you, will learn this here lesson which I leave you with. When you take the devil into your mouth, you're doomed. For he is lying there in wait for you inside that bottle of whiskey. Waiting for you to take him into your mouth. Waiting to get down into your guts where he can do his devil's work. Liquor is the most foul, evil thing in this here world. It destroyed good men like myself. It'll destroy you too. Beer is not much better; it's slower, cheaper. So take these words of advice. And remember, you heard them from a poor sinner, got no more cause to lie, 'cause he's going to meet his Maker. Now he's ready. Well that's all I've got to say."

Dennis Hopper as The Prophet

  • (Dennis Hopper) "They've come to kill the Prophet."

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