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Hannibal (film) Quotes

Hannibal (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Hannibal ended in 1970.

It features Hans Zimmer in charge of musical score, and John Mathieson (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Hannibal (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hannibal (film) is 132 minutes long.

The cast includes: Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling, Francesca Neri as Allegra Pazzi, Gary Oldman as Mason Verger, Željko Ivanek as Cordell Doemling, Frankie Faison as Barney, and Ray Liotta as Paul Krendler.

Hannibal (film) Quotes

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter

  • (Anthony Hopkins) "You see, the brain itself feels no pain if that concerns you, Clarice."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) ""Io fei gibetto de le mei case." I made my own home be my gallows."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "I came halfway around the world to watch you run, Clarice. Let me run, eh?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "As your mother tells you, and my mother certainly told me, it is important, she always used to say, always to try new things."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Are you by any chance trying to trace my whereabouts, you naughty girl?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Good evening, Clarice. Just like old times."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Shut up."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Have you met my friend Mason Verger?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Yes"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Face to face, so to speak?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Face to face"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Attractive, isn't he?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Given the chance, you would deny me my life, wouldn't you?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Not your life."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Just my freedom. You'd take that from me."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "This is really gonna hurt."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "People don't always tell you what they are thinking. They just see to it that you don't advance in life."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Tell me Clarice, would you ever say to me "Stop. If you loved me, you'd stop"?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Not in a thousand years."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) ""Not in a thousand years" -- That's my girl."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Dear Clarice, I have followed with enthusiasm the course of your disgrace and public shaming. My own never bothered me except for the inconvenience of being incarcerated, but you may lack perspective. In our discussions down in the dungeon it was apparent to me that your father, the dead night watchman, figures largely in your value system. I think your success in putting an end to Jame Gumb's career as a couturier pleased you most because you could imagine your father being pleased. But now, alas, you're in bad odour with the FBI. Do you imagine your daddy being shamed by your disgrace? Do you see him in his plain pine box crushed by your failure; a sorry, petty end of a promising career? What is worst about this humiliation Clarice? Is it how your failure will reflect on your mommy and daddy? Is your worst fear that people will now and forever believe they were indeed just good old trailer camp tornado bait white trash and that perhaps you are too? By the way I couldn't help noticing on the FBI's rather dull public website that I have been hoisted from the Bureau's archives of the common criminal and elevated to the more prestigious 10 Most Wanted list. Is this coincidence, or are you back on the case? If so, goody goody, cause I need to come out of retirement and return to public life. I imagine you sitting in a dark basement room bent over papers and computer screens. Is that accurate? Please tell me truly, Special Agent Starling. Regards, your old pal Hannibal Lecter, M.D. P.S. Clearly this new assignment is not your choice rather I suppose it is a part of the bargain but you accepted it Clarice. Your job is to craft my doom. So I am not sure how well I should wish you but I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun. Tata, H."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Bowels in or bowels out?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Okie dokie, let's drag these down. They must be as heavy as bodies."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Is this coincidence, or are you back on the case? If so, goody-goody."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "See ya 'round."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Is this Clarice? Why, hello Clarice."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Are You Confused?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Come on Clarice. No. That's a good girl. Good."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Paul, remember what I said. If you can't be polite to our guests, you have to sit at the kiddies' table."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "On a similar note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought -- to eating your wife."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Your job is to craft my doom, so I am not sure how well I should wish you. But I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun. Ta-ta, "H.""
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "-- would they have you back, you think? The FBI? Those people you despise almost as much as they despise you. Would they give you a medal, Clarice, do you think? Would you have it professionally framed and hang it on your wall to look at and remind you of your courage and incorruptibility? All you would need for that, Clarice, is a mirror."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Mason, would you like a popper?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Dear Clarice, I have followed with enthusiasm the course of your disgrace and public shaming. My own never bothered me, except for the inconvenience of being incarcerated. But you may lack perspective."

Gary Oldman as Mason Verger

  • (Gary Oldman) "I might be able to get a cookie now, what do you think, Cordell?"
  • (Željko Ivanek) "I think it would kill you."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Cocksucker."
  • (Gary Oldman) "When the fox hears the rabbit scream he comes a-runnin' -- but not to help."
  • (Gary Oldman) "You know, I thank God for what happened. It was my salvation. Have you accepted Jesus, Agent Starling? Do you have faith?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "I was raised Lutheran."
  • (Gary Oldman) "That's not what I asked."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I guess you wish now that you fed the rest of me to the dogs"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "No Mason. No I much prefer you the way you are."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I have immunity from the Justice Department, and I have immunity from the Risen Jesus. And nobody beats the Riz."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I guess now you wish you would've fed the rest of me to the dogs."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "No, Mason, I much prefer you the way you are."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Cordell, I think you can leave us now."
  • (Željko Ivanek) "I thought I might stay. Perhaps -- I could be useful."
  • (Gary Oldman) "You can be useful seeing about my lunch."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Oh, coulda, woulda, should. I mean what do you think about the money?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "Five."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Oh, let's just toss it off like 'five'. Let's say it with the respect it deserves."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Five-hundred-thousand-dollars."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Well, that's better, but not much. Will it work?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "It'll work. Won't be pretty."
  • (Gary Oldman) "What ever is?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "You will stay for the evening's entertainment, won't you, Cordell?"
  • (Željko Ivanek) "If it's all the same to you, I think I'd rather not."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Rather not? Or will not?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Cordell, shoot him. Get the gun and shoot him."
  • (Željko Ivanek) "Go into the pen?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Yes."
  • (Željko Ivanek) "No, I'm staying out of this."
  • (Gary Oldman) "You're involved, is what you are, in all of it. Now do it."
  • (Željko Ivanek) "No."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Yes."
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Hey, Cordell. Why don't you push him in? You can always say it was me."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Now that's entertainment."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Tell me, Cordell, to you does that look like a wave goodbye -- or hello?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "So what do ya think, Cordell? Does Lecter want to f*** her or kill her or eat her alive?"
  • (Željko Ivanek) "Probably all three, though I wouldn't want to predict in what order."
  • (Gary Oldman) "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
  • (Gary Oldman) "That's entertainment."

Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling

  • (Julianne Moore) "How did he end up at your house?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "I invited him of course -- to my pied-à-terre. I came to the door in my nicest come-hither outfit. I was concerned -- that he'd be afraid of me. But he didn't seem to be. Afraid of me. That's almost funny now."
  • (Special Agent Burke) "Keep that gun down Bolton. Bolton."
  • (Red Scarf Gang Banger) "Damn dude got a piece."
  • (Evelda Drumgo's Bodyguard) "Light his ass up."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Hey it's a go."
  • (Julianne Moore) "FBI. DOWN ON THE GROUND."
  • (Julianne Moore) "This is from the Guinness Book of World Records, congratulating me on being the female FBI Agent who has shot and killed the most people."
  • (Julianne Moore) "I wasn't speaking to you, Mr. Krendler. When I speak to you, you'll know it because I'll look at you."

Francesca Neri as Allegra Pazzi

  • (Francesca Neri) "Dr. Fell, do you believe a man could become so obsessed with a woman, from a single encounter?"
  • (Anthony Hopkins) "Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her and find nourishment in the very sight of her? I think so. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him?"

Ray Liotta as Paul Krendler

  • (Ray Liotta) "Jesus, Starling, what are you doing sitting in the dark?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Thinkin' about cannibalism."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Jesus, Starling, are you writing a book or are you catching a crook?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "I don't understand why she didn't turn it in she is such a straight arrow"
  • (Gary Oldman) "She didn't turn it in because she didn't receive it, she didn't receive it because it wasn't sent it wasn't sent because he didn't write it he didn't write because I DID. So what do you think will it work?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "It'll work won't be pretty."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Whatever is?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Cocksucker."

Frankie Faison as Barney

  • (Frankie Faison) "Do you ever think he might come after you? You ever think about him at all?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Well, at least thirty seconds of everyday. I can't help it. He's always with me, like a bad habit."

Željko Ivanek as Cordell Doemling

  • (Željko Ivanek) "One's eyes adjust to the darkness."

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