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Her Private Affair Quotes

Her Private Affair is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Her Private Affair completed its run in 1970.

It features David Abel (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Her Private Affair is recorded in English and originally aired in USA. Each episode of Her Private Affair is 70 minutes long. Her Private Affair is distributed by Pathe Exchange.

The cast includes: Ann Harding as Vera Kessler, Lawford Davidson as Arnold Hartmann, Kay Hammond as Julia Sturm, Arthur Hoyt as Michael Sturm, John Loder as Carl Weild, and Harry Bannister as Judge Richard Kessler.

Her Private Affair Quotes

John Loder as Carl Weild

  • (John Loder) "You certainly have changed a lot lately. You've become kinder; more human, somehow."
  • (Ann Harding) "I'm trying to be; human."
  • (John Loder) "How real you are, Vera. I won't refuse you. I'll do it."
  • (John Loder) "A man called Hartmann, Arnold Hartmann."
  • (Ann Harding) "Hartmann?"
  • (John Loder) "Yes. We used to be friends. I haven't seen him for ages. He turned out to be pretty much of a rotter."

Kay Hammond as Julia Sturm

  • (Kay Hammond) "Happy New Year."
  • (Arthur Hoyt) "Happy New Year."
  • (John Loder) "The old year is gone."
  • (Arthur Hoyt) "With good riddance."
  • (Harry Bannister) "Gone; and forgotten."
  • (Kay Hammond) "So, he was a gigolo. I knew it."
  • (John Loder) "Whatever he was, he was a rotter."
  • (Harry Bannister) "Well, he's made love to one woman too many."
  • (Kay Hammond) "Michael, if you must yawn, don't swallow them in that annoying manner."
  • (Arthur Hoyt) "They're good for my digestion. I had a hard day at the office."
  • (Kay Hammond) "Office? Its nothing but matrimony. You've been sleepy ever since you married me."
  • (Arthur Hoyt) "No, it started with our; engagement."
  • (Kay Hammond) "Well, pleasant dreams."
  • (Kay Hammond) "You know, a woman like Vera might seem strong and proud; but, even the strongest woman needs her man to be just a little stronger."
  • (Arthur Hoyt) "My dear, that lecture of yours needs colored slides."
  • (Kay Hammond) "I knew you'd like it here. Life and color; that's what you need."
  • (Ann Harding) "It's very gay."

Harry Bannister as Judge Richard Kessler

  • (Harry Bannister) "I am your husband and; I love you."
  • (Ann Harding) "You love me?"

Arthur Hoyt as Michael Sturm

  • (Arthur Hoyt) "That makes it unanimous. We're all going to have a good time, no matter how hard a time we have doing it."

Ann Harding as Vera Kessler

  • (Ann Harding) "Well, do you; do you want to give me my letters now; or must I pay Cash On Delivery?"
  • (Lawford Davidson) "You needn't quite make me out a blackmailer."
  • (Ann Harding) "I don't blame you for thinking me a fool after the way I behaved in Italy. But, I'm not altogether an idiot. You asked for a loan, you hinted at a threat. There was really no mistaking what you meant."
  • (Ann Harding) "Give me some more wine. Let's drink. Let's be gay. I want to have lots of fun. I want to laugh. It's been so long since I've laughed."

Lawford Davidson as Arnold Hartmann

  • (Lawford Davidson) "You know, your new role as the faithful, loving wife, I must say, is rather amusing."

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