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Hercules (1958 film) Quotes

Hercules (1958 film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Hercules ended in 1970.

It features Federico Teti as producer, Enzo Masetti in charge of musical score, and Mario Bava as head of cinematography.

Hercules (1958 film) is recorded in Italian language and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of Hercules (1958 film) is 107 minutes long. Hercules (1958 film) is distributed by Lux Film (Italy).

The cast includes: Steve Reeves as Ercole, Fabrizio Mioni as Jason, Arturo Dominici as Eurysteus, Aldo Fiorelli as Argos, Andrea Fantasia as Laertes, and Gino Mattera as Orpheus.

Hercules (1958 film) Quotes

Steve Reeves as Ercole

  • (Iole, Daugher of Pelias) "What's the matter? Why do you sit and stare at me like that?"
  • (Steve Reeves) "I don't know. So few women come this way."
  • (Iole, Daugher of Pelias) "And so?"
  • (Steve Reeves) "As long as your here, I might as well. I never saw a girl more beautiful."
  • (Steve Reeves) "No Jason, it's no use to go on torturing yourself. You'll never know who killed your father now Crion's dead."
  • (Fabrizio Mioni) "I wanted so badly to get at the truth, but he would never tell me. He could read my thoughts, he felt my desire for revenge."
  • (Steve Reeves) "And I see by the look in your eyes that your desire for revenge is bound to grow worse."
  • (Fabrizio Mioni) "I feel it. The desire for revenge dominates all my thinking, but the assassin has no face and I don't know his name."
  • (Steve Reeves) "I can't stand being superior. Let me experience the real things, love or hate."
  • (The Sybil) "Those are mortal states, Hercules."
  • (Steve Reeves) "If it's my immortality making me unhappy, then I'll do without it."
  • (The Sybil) "That's dangerous, Hercules. Don't you know how foolish you'd be to renounce it? To be born a man and to see everything die is not to be immortal. Stay as you are. Be a god. Don't exchange immortality for fear, pain, and sorrow."
  • (Ulysses) "That's very good, a fine jump. But next time, try to end up on your feet."
  • (Steve Reeves) "I wanted you to notice me. I want to be like you, Hercules."
  • (Ulysses) "And you will, my boy, because you have a strong will."
  • (Steve Reeves) "Don't you really want me to stay here, Ilole?"
  • (Iole, Daugher of Pelias) "It doesn't matter, just so long as you'll be with me. Oh, if you said you didn't love me and we were parted. To move alone through that house, to hear what the people say. Do stay."
  • (Steve Reeves) "I've come a long way. Seeing you was worth it."
  • (Iole, Daugher of Pelias) "How simple men are. As though I were a plant or an animal. Still, I thank you, you know."
  • (Steve Reeves) "I'm telling you the truth. Don't thank me for it."

Andrea Fantasia as Laertes

  • (Aesculapius, father of Jason) "They've all become fanatics since Hercules arrived. They seem to worship nothing but strength."
  • (Andrea Fantasia) "Their studies are neglected for the glory of the arena. Isn't that so, Orpheus?"
  • (Gino Mattera) "Yes Laertes, for the moment, poetry languishes. And my lyre will soon sing songs of nothing but heroes in battles."

Aldo Fiorelli as Argos

  • (Aldo Fiorelli) "All of you here in the arena? And have you all changed to his ways? Ha. Talk to the men, they speak only of Hercules."
  • (Andrea Fantasia) "He's won their hearts. They won't listen to me. To my way of thinking, he could start them battling against their elders."
  • (Gino Mattera) "No, Laertes. Just watch Hercules, a born master of these things. If he could fight here, he could bring defeat to our enemies. Look at him, standing with Castor and Pollux. Deceit does not go with a man of such qualities."

Arturo Dominici as Eurysteus

  • (Arturo Dominici) "I'll be going now, to my hiding place. As you promised, it was the only reward I got."
  • (Pelias, King of Iolcus) "And the gold?"
  • (Arturo Dominici) "The gold? But you need light to see it well. It's like blood on my hands. Bloody, like your brother was."
  • (Arturo Dominici) "Hercules was Chiron's close friend. He hasn't forgotten what's happened to him."
  • (Pelias, King of Iolcus) "That took place years ago."
  • (Arturo Dominici) "Hercules is honest. And honesty always finds the truth, even after many years. His purpose for coming here is to clear Chiron's name."

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