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High School U.S.A. Quotes

High School U.S.A. is a Comedy that was first aired in 1983 on NBC. High School U.S.A. ended its run in 1970.

It features Alan Eisenstock as producer, Tony Berg as theme composer, and Jack Whitman (director of photography) as head of cinematography. High School U.S.A. is executive produced by Leonard Hill (producer).

High School U.S.A. is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of High School U.S.A. is 96 minutes long. High School U.S.A. is produced by Hill-Mandelker Films and distributed by NBC.

The cast includes: Crispin Glover as Archie Feld, Michael Zorek as Chuckie Dipple, Michael J. Fox as Jay-Jay Manners, Nancy McKeon as Beth Franklin, Anthony Edwards as Beau Middleton, Tom Villard as Crazy Leo Bandini, Todd Bridges as Otto Lipton, Cathy Silvers as Peggy, Lauri Hendler as Nadine, Angela Cartwright as Miss D'Angelo, and Dana Plato as Cara Ames.

High School U.S.A. Quotes

Angela Cartwright as Miss D'Angelo

  • (Angela Cartwright) "Cara, a little more energy? You want us to lose to Tech?"
  • (Dana Plato) "Who cares? This is so -- high school."
  • (Angela Cartwright) "Then why do it?"
  • (Dana Plato) "I happen to look stunning in the uniform."

Crispin Glover as Archie Feld

  • (Crispin Glover) "Nice going, Chuckie. Now who's the bigger lame-o? You or me?"

Cathy Silvers as Peggy

  • (Cathy Silvers) "We'll take a nature shot. The ultimate nature shot. I'm talking au naturelle."
  • (Lauri Hendler) "Oh no. I'm not taking my clothes off. No way. I once took my clothes off at the drive-in for Eddie Hansen. He went to get popcorn and he never came back. I'm never taking my clothes off again in front of anybody. Not even my husband, unless he's Burt Reynolds. Maybe Richard Gere. Possibly --"
  • (Cathy Silvers) "Nadine? May I finish what I was trying to say?"
  • (Lauri Hendler) "Who's stopping you?"
  • (Cathy Silvers) "What do you think of this? We'll take a picture of Beau Middleton's naked behind and enter that as our nature shot."

Michael J. Fox as Jay-Jay Manners

  • (Michael J. Fox) "Excuse me, I'm late for -- anything."
  • (Michael J. Fox) "Hey, Bandini, what's the matter?"
  • (Tom Villard) "I don't know. My toes are killing me."
  • (Michael J. Fox) "Uh, that's because you've got your shoes on the wrong feet."
  • (Tom Villard) "No, I don't. These are my feet."
  • (Michael J. Fox) "Learn a lesson, Otto. Eat right, get plenty of sleep, and don't drink your chemistry set."
  • (Michael J. Fox) "Do you know Beth Franklin?"
  • (Todd Bridges) "Yeah. She's goin' out with Beau Middleton. So unless you got twenty-five million dollars and a lifetime supply of Brut, forget about it."
  • (Michael J. Fox) "I'll pick you up after the party. Let's see, there'll be all that deep preppy conversation, preppy dancing, piles of preppy fun. Party starts at nine, I'll pick you up at nine fifteen."

Nancy McKeon as Beth Franklin

  • (Nancy McKeon) "I think he's kinda cute."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Who's kinda cute?"
  • (Nancy McKeon) "You, of course. Especially when you're angry. Your dimple twitches."

Lauri Hendler as Nadine

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