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High Sierra (film) Quotes

High Sierra (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . High Sierra ended in 1970.

It features Mark Hellinger as producer, Adolph Deutsch in charge of musical score, and Tony Gaudio as head of cinematography.

High Sierra (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of High Sierra (film) is 100 minutes long. High Sierra (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Humphrey Bogart as Roy Earle, Ida Lupino as Marie Garson, Henry Hull as 'Doc' Banton, Eddie Acuff as Bus driver, Donald MacBride as Big Mac, Cornel Wilde as Louis Mendoza, Robert Strange as Art, and Jerome Cowan as Healy.

High Sierra (film) Quotes

Donald MacBride as Big Mac

  • (Donald MacBride) "Times have sure changed."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Yeah, ain't they? You know, Mac, sometimes I feel like I don't know what it's all about anymore."
  • (Donald MacBride) "I got a swell parley for you tomorrow, 'Doc'."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Still a sucker for the ponies eh?"
  • (Donald MacBride) "Hello Roy, old-timer."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Hello Mac."
  • (Donald MacBride) "You're a sight for sore eyes."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Yeah, I am sure glad to see you, too. Thanks for the spring. I was just getting ready for another crash-out. What's the matter, Mac?"
  • (Donald MacBride) "I don't know. I can't eat. Just not hungry and I can't sleep. 'Doc' Banton says it's my past life catching up with me."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "'Doc' Banton, is he out here now?"
  • (Donald MacBride) "Yeah, I was expecting him when you came in. He's running one those health services under a phoney name. Help yourself to a drink. Well Roy, how does it look and what do you say?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I can't see nothing wrong with it. If the boys don't blow up on me, it's a cinch. But Mac, it's gonna make an awful big noise in the newspaper."
  • (Donald MacBride) "Well, that's your headache, not mine. The jewlery that's all I'm interested in. look my friend, once you get your mitts on it, keep your mitts on it. Deliver it right here. If you're hot, telephone. This caper means a lot to me. i spent a pile of dough setting it up and I'm in deep. So don't let me down Roy."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I never let nobody down, Mac. You know that."
  • (Donald MacBride) "Oh I know, I know. But I've been dealing with such a lot of screwballs lately, young twerps, soda-jerks and jitterbugs. Why it's a relief to talk to a guy like you. Yeah -- all the A-1 guys are gone. Dead or in Alcatraz. If I only had four guys like you Roy -- this knock-off would be a waltz. Yup -- times have sure changed."

Humphrey Bogart as Roy Earle

  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I wouldn't give you two cents for a dame without a temper."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Listen to this: "Police are hot on his trail. He's traveling with a woman called Marie and a little white mongrel dog who answers to the name of Pard""
  • (Ida Lupino) "Mendoza?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Yeah, he squawked. i should have taken care of him when he followed me out. Look at the tag they hung on me? "Mad Dog" Earle, them newspaper rats."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "$500's okay with me. When I need help, I need it bad, and I'm willing to pay for it."

Jerome Cowan as Healy

  • (Deputy) "What's the idea you? get back where you belong. Anybody else tries they'll get run in -- see?"
  • (Jerome Cowan) "What are you up to sister? Why did you try to get through this line? What did you mean to do? have you a little dog in that basket? A grey and white dog?"
  • (Jerome Cowan) "Boy."
  • (Deputy) "What's the matter with her?"
  • (Jerome Cowan) "Roy Earle has been traveling with a girl called Marie."
  • (Deputy) "Sure I know that. what about it?"
  • (Jerome Cowan) "Meet Marie."

Henry Hull as 'Doc' Banton

  • (Henry Hull) "Roy, this is the land of milk and honey for the health racket. Every woman in California thinks she's either too fat or too thin or too something."

Cornel Wilde as Louis Mendoza

  • ('Red') "I almost forgot, Mendoza brought us a present and Roy, I guess you're the engineer. Here."
  • (Cornel Wilde) "Big Mac gave me the machine gun. You know how to work it? Red doesn't, and neither does Babe."
  • ('Red') "That's a good one, that is."
  • (Cornel Wilde) "What's so funny?"
  • ('Red') "Does he know how to work it?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Yeah. Say, you know that gun reminds me of one time, 9 or 10yrs ago. We was getting ready to do a job back in Iowa -- when one of the guys got the shakes. Pretty soon we found out that this guy with the shakes had talked too much -- and a bunch of coppers were waiting for us at the bank. But we don't say nothing. Lefty Jackson goes out and gets his gun. He comes back and sits down and holds it across his knee."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "The guy with shakes is sitting right across the room from him."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Pretty soon Lefty just touched the trigger a little -- and the gun went"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "like that. The rat fell out of the chair dead and we drove off and left him there. Yeah -- the gun went"
  • (Cornel Wilde) "Well, I better be getting back. I have to go on duty at 8:30."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "What's your stint? You stick right through the whole job don't you?"
  • (Cornel Wilde) "Oh sure, I stand behind the desk and act like I'm scared. When you fellows get through, I telephone the police."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "We don't want no slip-ups Mendoza."
  • ('Red') "Boys and girls, I got the idea that our boyfriend here is no cream puff. How did you like the little bedtime story about the gun that went"
  • ('Red') "Did you get the idea?"
  • (Cornel Wilde) "Do you suppose he meant it that way?"
  • (Ida Lupino) "Try talking and find out."

Robert Strange as Art

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Ida Lupino as Marie Garson

  • (Ida Lupino) "Yeah, I get it, 'ya always sorta hope 'ya can get out, it keeps 'ya going."

Eddie Acuff as Bus driver

  • (Eddie Acuff) "Just like all dames -- she don't know whether she's coming or going."

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