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Higher Ground (TV series) Quotes

Higher Ground is a TV program that first aired in 2000 on ABC Family. Higher Ground completed its run in 2000.

Higher Ground was on for 1 seasons and 22 episodes. It features George Horie as producer, Jim Guttridge and Daryl Bennett (composer) as theme composer, and Ferocious Fish as composer. Higher Ground is executive produced by Frank Girusta. Higher Ground is created by Michael Braverman.

Higher Ground is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Higher Ground is Approximately 43 minutes (per episode) long. Higher Ground is produced by Crescent Entertainment.

The cast includes: Terence Kelly as Peter Scarbrow, Garwin Sanford as Scott Barringer, Kett Turton as David Ruxton, and Jim Byrnes as Frank Markasian.

Higher Ground Quotes

Terence Kelly as Peter Scarbrow

  • (Sophie Becker) "I've met some tough kids in my life, but Shelby? Man, she's as hard as concrete."
  • (Terence Kelly) "Reinforced concrete."
  • (Terence Kelly) "Scott, tell me, what's the difference between nature and human nature?"
  • (Garwin Sanford) "I don't know, bugs?"
  • (Terence Kelly) "Brought them home in style. Filthy, dead last, and smiling. Good work."
  • (Terence Kelly) "How's Juliette doing?"
  • (Hannah Barnes) "Um -- Shelby's in talking to her."
  • (Terence Kelly) "Shelby. That's like shock therapy, isn't it?"

Garwin Sanford as Scott Barringer

  • (Shelby Merrick) "Hey -- you missed out on a really good time."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "Is that why Ezra looks so happy? He took my place?"
  • (Shelby Merrick) "You don't know anything."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "We're not even losers until we cross the finish line. We sit here and we're nothing. We move, then we're a team. At least we're that."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "You're not gonna tell, are you?"
  • (Shelby Merrick) "No, I won't tell."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "Thanks."
  • (Shelby Merrick) "Yeah, well, we'll see what you say when you get my bill."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "You're like a stalker or something."
  • (Shelby Merrick) "I only stalk the very best."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "I wonder why he didn't leave a note?"
  • (Ezra Friedkin) "Yeah, really I'd leave a note."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "You'd leave a book."
  • (Shelby Merrick) "Why'd you come back?"
  • (Garwin Sanford) "Because -- 'cause I love you."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "She's not a skank. She's a woman, and she's my friend -- Three things I can no longer say about you."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "I always thought that if anyone ever found out about my step mom, about what happened, I thought if I ever told anyone, I'd never be able to look at them again."
  • (Shelby Merrick) "You can look at me, can't you?"
  • (Garwin Sanford) "You're beautiful."
  • (Garwin Sanford) "For the first time in so long, I feel like I can breathe."
  • (Shelby Merrick) "There're only two words I ever want to hear from you, "I'm sorry.""
  • (Garwin Sanford) "I don't know why you're --"
  • (Shelby Merrick) "Wrong words."

Kett Turton as David Ruxton

  • (Kett Turton) "Um, I should warn you, I don't 'group' well."
  • (Kett Turton) "You can't mess with a mess, man. It's, like, redundant."

Jim Byrnes as Frank Markasian

  • (Jim Byrnes) "Daisy."
  • (Daisy Lipenowski) "Bite me."
  • (Laura) "Dais'."
  • (Daisy Lipenowski) "You too."

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