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His Kind of Woman Quotes

His Kind of Woman is a television show that debuted in 1970 . His Kind of Woman ended in 1970.

It features Robert Sparks as producer, Leigh Harline in charge of musical score, and Harry J. Wild as head of cinematography.

His Kind of Woman is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of His Kind of Woman is 120 minutes long. His Kind of Woman is distributed by RKO Pictures.

The cast includes: Robert Mitchum as Dan Milner, Jane Russell as Lenore Brent, Philip Van Zandt as Jose Morro, Vincent Price as Mark Cardigan, Charles McGraw as Thompson, Anthony Caruso as Tony, Raymond Burr as Nick Ferraro, John Mylong as Martin Krafft, Jim Backus as Myron Winton, Marjorie Reynolds as Helen Cardigan, and Carleton G. Young as Gerald Hobson.

His Kind of Woman Quotes

Robert Mitchum as Dan Milner

  • (Robert Mitchum) "I haven't met as many rich dames as I'd like to, but I know one thing; they all have a terror of talking about their dough."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Well, you see how it is: fools get away with the impossible."
  • (Lenore Brent/Liz Brady) "That's because they're the only ones who try it."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I'll see ya all of a sudden, Sam."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I'm too young to die. How about you?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Too well-known."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Well, if you do get killed, I'll make sure you get a first-rate funeral in Hollywood, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre."
  • (Vincent Price) "I've already had it. My last picture died there."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Whenever I have nothing to do and I can't think, I always iron my money."
  • (Jane Russell) "What d'ya do when you're broke?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "When I'm broke, I press my pants."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "You know, you could be a handy thing to have around the house if a man went broke."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Do you mind if I join you?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Seems you have."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Where have you been? I looked for you all day."
  • (Jane Russell) "I stayed in bed. "Nimrod" went hunting again."

Anthony Caruso as Tony

  • (Anthony Caruso) "Take off his shirt. Stand him over there."

Philip Van Zandt as Jose Morro

  • (Philip Van Zandt) "She is beautiful as well as interesting, isn't she?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "She's beautiful; that's always interesting."

Vincent Price as Mark Cardigan

  • (Vincent Price) "I'm out of my mind to ask her -- She hates everything I do."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "She likes you."
  • (Vincent Price) "Yeh, I know, that's what I don't understand."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "If she liked me, man, I wouldn't try to understand."
  • (Vincent Price) "Now might I drink hot blood and do such bitter business the earth would quake to look upon."
  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "'Hamlet' again --"
  • (Carleton G. Young) "Mark, this is no time for histrionics."
  • (Vincent Price) "What fools ye mortals be."
  • (Vincent Price) "Well, what did you think of the picture?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Oh, it was fine. It was just a little long; about an hour and a half."
  • (Vincent Price) "Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground."
  • (Vincent Price) "This is man's work. Women are for weeping."
  • (Vincent Price) "Alas, why must I be plagued by yammering magpies on the eve of battle?"

John Mylong as Martin Krafft

  • (John Mylong) "American language I know well, but the use to which Americans put it, I'm not always able to understand."

Raymond Burr as Nick Ferraro

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jim Backus as Myron Winton

  • (Jim Backus) "Yes sir, I agree with those folks: that was one of the finest movies I've ever seen. They oughta' make 'em ALL like that. None of this nonsense about social matters. People don't go to the movies to see how miserable the world is; they go there to eat popcorn and be happy."
  • (Vincent Price) "What did you think of it?"
  • (John Mylong) "It had a message no pigeon would carry."
  • (Vincent Price) "At my studios, all messages are handled by Western Union."
  • (Jim Backus) "You know, you can't take his opinion on anything: he's an intellectual."

Marjorie Reynolds as Helen Cardigan

  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "Mark -- you're wounded."
  • (Vincent Price) "'Tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door."

Jane Russell as Lenore Brent

  • (Jane Russell) "They tell me you killed Ferraro. How did it feel?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "He didn't say."
  • (Jane Russell) "Wherever I am, I sing at the drop of a hat."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Even if you have to supply the hat?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Exactly."

Charles McGraw as Thompson

  • (Charles McGraw) "Put the gun down now. The guy behind you has a bigger one."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Let's keep it nice and polite, huh? Have him introduce himself."

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