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Hobgoblins (film) Quotes

Hobgoblins (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Hobgoblins completed its run in 1970.

It features Rick Sloane as producer, Alan DerMarderosian in charge of musical score, and Rick Sloane as head of cinematography.

Hobgoblins (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hobgoblins (film) is 92 minutes long. Hobgoblins (film) is distributed by American Cinema Marketing.

The cast includes: Jeffrey Culver as McCreedy, Tom Bartlett as Kevin, Paige Sullivan as Amy, Kelley Palmer as Daphne, Duane Whitaker as Road Rash, and Kevin Kildow as Dennis.

Hobgoblins (film) Quotes

Jeffrey Culver as McCreedy

  • (Jeffrey Culver) "Come on, it's time for our rounds."
  • (Mike Nelson) "Oh, so they're doctors. Mmm, uh-huh, yeah okay."
  • (Jeffrey Culver) "If you only knew what you just did."
  • (Tom Bartlett) "But I don't understand. What just happened?"
  • (Jeffrey Culver) "The vault -- I tried to warn you -- those creatures -- the vault -- I tried --"
  • (Crow T. Robot) "Sentence fragments -- Just phrases."
  • (Jeffrey Culver) "For thirty years I've been trying to prevent this from happening."
  • (Tom Bartlett) "T-to prevent what from happening?"
  • (Jeffrey Culver) "Those creatures, why, why do you think I spent the last thirty years of my life here?"
  • (Crow T. Robot) "Low SAT's?"
  • (Jeffrey Culver) "I was keeping them from escaping -- I was young when I began to work here, and the studio was busy and prosperous."
  • (Mike Nelson) "Now I sound like Joseph Campbell."
  • (Jeffrey Culver) "Dennis. Dennis."
  • (Mike Nelson) "I wanna play tennis."

Kelley Palmer as Daphne

  • (Kelley Palmer) "See you guys later."
  • (Mike Nelson) "Okay, Olive Oyl."
  • (Kelley Palmer) "That's weird."
  • (Crow T. Robot) "I'm not having sex right now."
  • (Kelley Palmer) "Icks-nay on the ogus-nay, okay."
  • (Tom Servo) "What, bite me-ay."
  • (Kelley Palmer) "Everybody have sex tonight."
  • (Tom Servo) "Everybody throw up tonight."
  • (Crow) "Ironically no-one in the band Wang Chung had sex that night."
  • (Kelley Palmer) "Go, Nick, kick his butt."
  • (Mike Nelson) "Yeah, give him a big, rusty gash in his head, c'mon."
  • (Crow) "Can we have a law that in the future, films have to be made by filmmakers?"
  • (Tom Servo) "Is that a condom she has hanging from her blouse?"
  • (Kelley Palmer) "I'm getting so sweaty already."
  • (Mike Nelson) "So we sent our armies to the Gulf War with garden shovels and grass rollers?"
  • (Crow) "Their garden tools make little Casio sounds."
  • (Kelley Palmer) "Yeah, go for it."
  • (Tom Servo) "Yeah, really, really kill him. Please."
  • (Mike Nelson) "You know, I'd switch to the weed whacker at this point."
  • (Crow) "Throw some Miracle-Gro in his eyes."
  • (Tom Servo) "I'm gonna compost you, man --"
  • (Mike Nelson) "All the tension. Will they water their lawn?"
  • (Tom Servo) "-- wow --"
  • (Crow) "-- ever? -- I'll bet Nick can also field strip his rake blindfolded."
  • (Tom Servo) "This movie's making me nostalgic for the film 'Gymkata.'"
  • (Mike Nelson) "Oh, it just happened, did you see that? The hose out-acted them."
  • (Crow) "Yeah -- Yeah I saw. Did you know that Nick went on to play -- Pong in his underwear while drinking beer?"
  • (Tom Servo) "Hey, hooray. You ruptured his spleen, yay."
  • (Mike Nelson) "Now, I'm gonna remove your thatch."
  • (Tom Servo) "Don't let them hurt my red shorts, please."
  • (Tom Servo) "Wow, yeah."
  • (Mike Nelson) "I could watch this forever."
  • (Tom Servo) "Yeah."
  • (Mike Nelson) "Do you have a feeling I probably will be?"

Tom Bartlett as Kevin

  • (Tom Bartlett) "Where's Kyle?"
  • (Mike Nelson) "What? Did they split a keg of Robitussin? Come on, get up."
  • (Tom Bartlett) "Idiot."
  • (Mike Nelson) "This from an assistant security guard."

Duane Whitaker as Road Rash

  • (Duane Whitaker) "My bike's right outside"
  • (Mike Nelson) "Yeah, it's a ten speed"

Paige Sullivan as Amy

  • (Paige Sullivan) "I want you to show everyone that I'm not wearing any underwear."
  • (Crow T. Robot) "What, you mean under your underwear."
  • (Paige Sullivan) "I want you to treat me like dirt."
  • (Tom Servo) "Like Phil Dirt?"
  • (Paige Sullivan) "You looked really pathetic."
  • (Crow T. Robot) "Okay, grab a rake, lets go."

Kevin Kildow as Dennis

  • (Kevin Kildow) "Yoo hoo. Mr. McCreedy."
  • (Tom Servo) "I need another 'Yoo-Hoo.'"

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