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Hogan's Heroes Quotes

Hogan's Heroes is a television program that first aired in 1965 on CBS. Hogan's Heroes stopped airing in 1971.

Hogan's Heroes lasted 6 seasons and 168 (Pilot episode-B/W; 167-color) episodes. It features Jerry Fielding as composer. Hogan's Heroes is created by Bernard Fein; Albert S. Ruddy.

Each episode of Hogan's Heroes is 25 minutes long. Hogan's Heroes is produced by Albert S. Ruddy; Bob Crane and distributed by Viacom Enterprises.

The cast includes: John Banner as Schultz, Werner Klemperer as Colonel Klink, and Larry Hovis as Carter.

Hogan's Heroes Quotes

Werner Klemperer as Colonel Klink

  • (Werner Klemperer) "Schultz, into the cooler they go. Throw away the key."
  • (Larry Hovis) "Don't we get a trial or anything?"
  • (Werner Klemperer) "This is Germany. Although I do appreciate your sense of humor."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "-- Disgraceful. Can't hold their liquor. Can't finish wars they start."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "-- No damage was done and your bombers suffered severe losses at the hands of our illustrious Luftwaffe."
  • (John Banner) "Herr Kommandant, this is Captain Müller. He barely escaped the terrible raid."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "That raid was a complete failure."
  • (John Banner) "No, Herr Kommandant. They knocked the stuffing out of the Messerschmitt factory and got away from the Luftwaffe."
  • (Hogan) "Illustrious Luftwaffe."
  • (John Banner) "Illustrious Luft --"
  • (Werner Klemperer) "Shultz."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "When I looked out the window I thought I saw a chimpanzee raking in the garden."
  • (Hogan) "Well if it makes you feel any better, sir, there IS a chimpanzee raking in the garden."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "WHAT?"
  • (Werner Klemperer) "Those prisoners will be released over my dead body."
  • (Hogan) "It's a deal."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "No prisoner escapes from Stalag 13."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "I'm afraid I cannot accommodate you, Captain. Please take your truck and its cargo some other place."
  • (Captain) "I have orders."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "The only orders that I am interested in are my own orders."
  • (Werner Klemperer) ""All ranks are ordered to extend complete cooperation, assist without question. Ahmmm. Failure -- punishment execution by firing squad. Signed General Jodl for the Führer.""
  • (Werner Klemperer) "Glad to have you with us, Captain."
  • (Werner Klemperer) "Schultz. Close the gates. The War is back on."

John Banner as Schultz

  • (John Banner) "Me send for you? I never send for anybody, not even if I need them."
  • (John Banner) "Col. Hogan if you ever escape --"
  • (Hogan) "Yeah?"
  • (John Banner) "Be a good fellow and take me with you."
  • (John Banner) "I see NOTHING. I know NOTHING."

Larry Hovis as Carter

  • (Hogan) "Answer the phone, tell him it's the wrong number."
  • (Larry Hovis) "I'm sorry, you've got the wrong number."
  • (Larry Hovis) "So what if you haven't told me who you're calling yet? No matter who you're calling it's still the wrong number because I don't even have a phone."
  • (Larry Hovis) "Hello? Oh, hi -- I didn't mean to hang up on you before but you really do have the wrong number. This is a prisoner of war camp. Who am I? I'm a prisoner."
  • (Hogan) "Carter."

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