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Holiday Heart Quotes

Holiday Heart is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Holiday Heart ended its run in 1970.

It features Robert De Niro as producer, Stephen James Taylor in charge of musical score, and Jan Kiesser as head of cinematography.

Holiday Heart is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Holiday Heart is 100 minutes long. Holiday Heart is distributed by MGM Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Ving Rhames as Holiday Heart, Jesika Reynolds as Niki, Alfre Woodard as Wanda, Lorena Gale as Mrs. Owens, Scott Swanson as Principal, Mary Antonini as Sarah, Johnathan Wesley Wallace as Jambalaya Blue, and Mykelti Williamson as Silas.

Holiday Heart Quotes

Alfre Woodard as Wanda

  • (Alfre Woodard) "Excuse me. Are you the principal?"
  • (Scott Swanson) "Yes."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Okay, I'm Wanda Dean. This is my daughter, Nicki Dean. Remember her name now. She is brilliant. I am delivering her to you as a happy straight-A student with an imagination. And I expect you to return to me the same way. Otherwise I can be a nighmare bitch. So, if she gets so much as a hangnail, you let me know, okay?"
  • (Scott Swanson) "I promise you. I understand. We'll take good care of your daughter."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Okay. Have a good day, Nicole."
  • (Ving Rhames) ""A nightmare bitch?""
  • (Alfre Woodard) "What? I'm just keeping it real."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "They were young and firm, quick to part but slow to learn. But my thighs are mine to keep --"
  • (Ving Rhames) "When are you going to write about something that doesn't involve your body parts?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "You know what? Remind me to never show you anything again. And you're lucky I don't show you my Sally right now."
  • (Ving Rhames) "Your what?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "My Sally."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "My SUGAR BOWL. Oh, yes."
  • (Ving Rhames) "Please, darling."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Honey, I was up and down Michigan Avenue picking up this and that for you, Niki."
  • (Jesika Reynolds) "So this one has money. Yippee. So, when does he move in, or do we go shack up with him? Or does he even have a shack? Maybe he just lives and deals in his limo. So you don't even have to go anywhere to cop. You can just go in his briefcase and grab, what you call, your little glass trick."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Oh, NIKI."

Lorena Gale as Mrs. Owens

  • (Lorena Gale) "Not a lot of work history. I told Brother Holiday we were really looking for someone with some experience."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Cool. Thank you very much."
  • (Lorena Gale) "Hey, now just hold on a minute."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Lady, I do not have a minute. I just gave you 20. I have a 12-year-old daughter is starting not to believe in me again. And I need a job. But I am not about to beg you or anyone else to work in here."

Ving Rhames as Holiday Heart

  • (Ving Rhames) "I myself believe that when it comes to matters of the heart, the only sin is turning your back on love because of what other people think."

Jesika Reynolds as Niki

  • (Jesika Reynolds) "So, are you and me gonna march in the gay parade?"
  • (Ving Rhames) "Oh no baby. I'm from the old school. I marched with King; I ain't about to start marching with the queens."
  • (Jesika Reynolds) "We're not going back, are we?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "No. No, Niki. I made you a promise. I'm not going to be around drugs anymore. No, ma'am. Unh-Unh. Not in this life. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to start my writing again. That's what I'm going to do. I can get some of my poetry together -- You know how in the back of Essence they have the poetry, and sisters sending in their stuff from all over the country? I could get my stuff in the back of Essence. Hey, but I will not stop working on my life story, cause that's the bestseller. Writers, you know, good writers have to go through a whole lot of stuff. I've been through it. I just have to write it down --"
  • (Jesika Reynolds) "See, Mama. Look, it ain't portable."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Isn't portable. I'm trying to get her to use correct grammar."
  • (Ving Rhames) "Oh, that's very nice. Well, I hope I say this with correct grammar, but Sister Girl, this food sure don't look appetizing."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "It's all beige, isn't it?"
  • (Ving Rhames) "Well, let's just put it this way. Holiday can burn, so let's say from here on out I do all the cooking, okay?"
  • (Ving Rhames) "What is it anyway?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I don't know."

Mykelti Williamson as Silas

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Johnathan Wesley Wallace as Jambalaya Blue

  • (Johnathan Wesley Wallace) "Wanda is one of those microwave bitches. She wants everything quick."

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